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10 Easy Ways To Become Neat If You’re Super Messy At Home

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10 steps to become neat if you are super messy! - Everything Abode

We all know that being disorganized or just plain messy can get in life’s way…

That it can be extremely hard to find where your personal stuff is and it can even prevent our mental clarity from being able to just unwind and relax.

Also, if your home is really out of hand and you’ve developed some messy habits, it can also likely become harmful and/or unsanitary if you’re unable to control it.

Since we must all clean (at least at an appropriate rate), deciding what must be kept and thrown out can also be really intimidating.

But there are some simple ways to go from messy to clean within a short span of time.

Here are 10 helpful tips to turn tidying into a quick breeze for you, so hopefully, you can enjoy the process and have a clean home from all your effort.

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1. Make tidying up 15 minutes per day mandatory.


If you can replenish your home in small doses, this should really help you streamline your mess.

Organizing and cleaning your home every day (in little increments of 10 to 15 minutes) is a great way to develop the habit of staying neat and tidy.   

If you need to continue cleaning after that time slot, then go for it! 

This cleaning rule really is for those small cleaning duties to help you stay extra focused and orderly.

By the end of the week, you will be so shocked at how much cleaning you have done with this one habit alone.

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2. Focus on one area at a time.


To avoid feeling overwhelmed by trying to find a place for every item you own in your home.

Why not follow the popular practice using the KonMari method.

This method is very important to know if you want to turn your messy habits around. 

All you have to do is separate each mess by working on one room or one area at a time. After you are done you should be able to find a home for those special items you want to keep.

3. Make your bed immediately after getting up.

If you would really like to go from messy to neat then you must tidy up your messy bed. Sorry, but it’s really easy to make your bed every morning and no, it’s not a showroom so you don’t have to worry about it being presented to anyone.

The reason making your bed is such a great habit is that you’re going to be so surprised when all the other dirty piles in your bedroom get revealed after your bed is made.

Plus it’ll be very rewarding jumping into an already made bed when you are too tired to make it right before sleep. 

4. Don’t forget to dust and vacuum once per week.


Dusting and vacuuming once per week will indirectly influence you to stay neat and tidy.

Once you have clean floors and dust-free surfaces, you’ll enjoy the cleanliness so much, that you’ll start getting used to how neat your home looks and feels.

You’ll notice little spots on the floor and on the counters, once you spent that extra energy on making it spick and span. 

5. Make cleaning — FUN!

Many people dislike tidying because they see it as a household chore — when it’s seen this way it gives a negative spin to something that can be very fun and rewarding.

To turn this around, try to explore opportunities to have more fun with cleaning and tidying your home.

Remember that listening to something you always enjoy makes the time go by faster regardless of what you do — cleaning is not excluded.

Go and dance as you scrub and clean those dishes or listen to your favorite tunes when you are doing a deep clean for your home.  You will definitely be satisfied once you have completed all your hard work and enjoyed the process!

6. Make sure to clean out your refrigerator once a month.

If you are like most people, your refrigerator might need a good cleaning solution.

Since our refrigerator can be a cleared condiment shelter if we’re not keeping a watchful eye on it, it’s good to take all your expired foods out of your refrigerator every month. 

Give your fridge a quick clean of vinegar to one part of the water and don’t forget to always leave a new, open box of baking soda for any foods that might smell bad.

7. Don’t forget to go through your pantry.


While you’re at it, go through your pantry and discard all the things that are just sitting there. Even though pantry foods last much longer than perishable foods, they still expire eventually.

Make sure to give your pantry a quick clean once everything is out. A quick wipe of crumbs, spills, and any drops of sweet honey should be removed once you get to the top of the mess.

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8. Stay on top of your clothing every three months.


Clothing always makes our bedrooms look extra messy.  So if you’ve been guilty of having too much clothing, go through your closets, drawers, and piles of clothes every three months and get rid of any extra clothing that you don’t need. 

Don’t worry about unrolling socks and removing shirts right side out (if you’re in a rush) just purge what’s taking up valuable space and clean what’s left.

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9. Gather every ‘out-of-place’ item in one full sweep once a week.

Declutter Your Home in 10 Easy Steps myboehmteam

Image source // vmyboehmteam

If you’re dealing with a really significant mess, and you think you can manage it all at once, then it’s time to start gathering all of your ‘out-of-place’ items by placing them into one giant pile. Kind of like the dining table pictured above for instance. 

You can either use a box or Tupper wear container (to store it for later use), or you can use Marie kondo’s approach and see what item really sparks your joy while you are going through your things. 

The whole point of this step is that once you see these items away from the mess, you’ll start seeing what needs to stay and where it needs to go.

10. Get rid of all the useless things you don’t need or never use.

Lastly, most messy people tend to collect a lot of useless items that don’t serve a purpose. 

So if that’s you? Try to set aside anything you haven’t used for over a year and make a plan to get rid of them.

Remember that you can recycle and donate items you no longer need to thrift stores and charities. And for more guidance on what’s best to discard, check out these 25 household items you should get rid of to better help you keep your home from getting overly cluttered. 

If you’re messy, you’ve probably just developed a few bad habits. Know that you can always fix your mess and it’s never too late to have a clean and tidy home. Happy cleaning!

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