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7 Things Bloggers Do to Be Successful at Blogging

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7 Unique Things Bloggers Do to Be Successful at Blogging - Everything Abode

IF you’ve been discouraged and have easily wanted to give up on your blogging venture, you are not alone!

I knew from the moment I started blogging, that there would be several things that would set me apart from the rest, and that would be to never give up, to keep pushing hard, and when I will fail at something, to try even harder. 

Also, another thing that I would like to add and through my discovery, the one thing I noticed that’s common amongst all of the most successful bloggers all across the net, you know, the ones that are making well over $10,000 a month from their blogs, is they never gave up, even when they had the choice to quit!!

Not only that, but blogging takes a lot more than just mere willpower and stone-cold grit, so you don’t quit as well. 

Blogging will also bring up quite a bit of daunting situations, and there will be a couple more things to know, that you’ll need to harness, that makeup, what is known as a successful blogger.

Lucky for you, I’ll be highlighting these special qualities and skills, that most professional bloggers possess, so you can retrain your habits to become a professional blogger yourself. 

Because if you learn these traits, you might be well on your way towards becoming a professional blogger yourself.

So without further ado, here are several things you’ll want to know about, so you can start looking and feeling like a professional blogger starting today!

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7 things bloggers do to be successful with their blogs

7 things bloggers do to be successful at blogging -- Everything Abode

1. Successful bloggers are persistent.

Now, you want to be a successful blogger right?

Well if you want to emulate the successful bloggers that you see online, then you have to know that persistence will be the FIRST trait that will get you there.  Honestly, that’s why it’s number one on this list!

Blogging is not as easy as some other bloggers put it. 

You can totally make money blogging, but the overall trait that most successful bloggers possess is persistence. What’s the main reason for this?

Well for starters blogging may seem easily done but in reality, blogging is hard!

I don’t want to say blogging easy and I didn’t want to emphasize that it’s really hard, but the truth is staying consistent with blogging and growing it is the hard part. 

It’s definitely not easy being a blogger, it takes time, self-motivation, creativity, learning new skills, getting out of your comfort zone, taking ownership, building connections, learning code, learning plugins… it’s never-ending!

But even though it’s tough in all of those arenas the rewards of being a blogger are out of this world!

Being able to break the threshold of the sky’s the limit, with how much your earning potential could be, is very exciting!

You can have the opportunity to make $5,000 plus a month (or even more!) from your blog, and I think that is a very exciting goal to aim for each month. 

And that is all possible because there isn’t a glass ceiling put in place in the blogging industry. 

So know that most top bloggers went through the same hardships in the beginning too, they went through the same mishaps and the same trials that you are facing right now. 

But the one thing that had was enough persistence to get through even the hardest of days because that will be the only KEY that will get you seeing the great results, that you want to see in the long term, with your blogging goals. 


2. They DON’T shy away from important tools.

Now in order to be a successful blogger you have to have the right tools.

Know that all successful bloggers know that in order to create and grow their high traffic blogs (that actually makes them money on a consistent basis!), had help and they didn’t do it ALONE!

Alone meaning that they almost always had invested in some tools that helped them reach their goals. 

So if you take anything away from this post today, then you cannot limit yourself from having certain tools that will make a huge impact on your success!

Here are just a few tools that have helped me with my blogging journey:

    • Successful bloggers are all self-hosted! Which means that they own their blogs. Hosting sites like Bluehost allows them to be able to monetize their blogs by placing advertisements or affiliate links within their posts. This is the MOST important thing in the blogging industry! And why it’s crucial that you own your own blog. I even have a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the whole process! Pro Tip:  As a bonus, my readers get a special discounted price on hosting but only through my special link here!
    • Successful bloggers have a Pinterest Business Account, with (at the very least) 15 to 20 boards, all jam-packed with keyword-rich descriptions. You’ll need this to market your blog posts if you want to really start making money in your first year of blogging. I go into Pinterest a bit more in this group board strategy blog post here
    • Successful bloggers use Tailwind!  This tool is where the magic happens so get familiar with the software as soon as you can! It automates your pins to Pinterest so marketing your blog doesn’t take up all of your time! I also have a very detailed post that guides you through how to use Tailwind here. Tailwind takes a while to get the hang of, so at the very least start your FREE trial and learn what you can while building your blog. You can even get $15 with Tailwind here.
    • Successful bloggers have an email list that keeps on growing, whether they write to their list or not! ConvertKit is the best software HANDS DOWN to give away freebies, printables, ebooks, and courses. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t use Convertkit straight away because I have a freebie for you (at the end of this post) so you can see how easy it is to send emails/downloads using Convertkit as a beginner!

If you follow this clear path with just some of these tools, you should see some outstanding results from your efforts using them!


3. Successful bloggers know their sweet spots.

Now, when it comes to being really successful at blogging, know that the most successful bloggers have reached their success because they have figured out what their audiences love to read the most about on their blogs.

So whatever you are interested in sharing online, you first have to first figure out your own sweet spot too.

To figure out your own personal sweet spot ask yourself these questions…

    1. What are your top posts on google analytics? 
    2. Are your most enjoyable posts to write about getting enough views? 
    3. What are other successful bloggers writing about that you keep seeing pop up on the Pinterest feed that you KNOW you can write but are not?

Chances are these bloggers who are successful have gathered up enough knowledge and insight into what their readers are craving to read the MOST… Then they have targeted their content creation to support it.

Honestly, some blogger’s sweet spots are all about giving away freebies! And some are being a PRO in a specific niche…

So if you want to send and create downloadables too? Then again, Convertkit is the tool you need.

ConvertKit is the best software hands-down to give away freebies, printables, ebooks, and courses. 

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have Convertkit, take a peek at this freebie so you can see how easy it is to send your emails/downloads!

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4. Successful bloggers consider themselves wordsmiths.

Let’s face it, the more that blogging expands and evolves…

Bloggers not only have to adapt to these changes but we also have to blend so many different counterparts together in order for our voices to be heard amongst the crowd.

And that’s no different for successful bloggers.

The more and more the industry grows, the more we have to find ways to stand out and that entails writing about specific things that bring in a lot of traffic or brings in great revenue in what we are talking (aka writing) about.

So with that being said, all PRO bloggers have a way with their words…

And the truth of the matter is, is that most successful bloggers actually consider themselves wordsmiths/artists in all that they do and write about online because they have learned to create compelling content that strikes at the heart of ANY topic, that which, they are writing about.

Plus, they have also learned to entertain their audience in artistic ways such as with the catchy titles they choose, their pin headlines they create, the pin that they design, and within their newsletters with the stories they tell that hits your inbox each day.

The bottom line for being a successful blogger with writing is confidence and experience.  You have to start considering yourself an artist in the genre of writing if that’s what you want to make a living with online.


5. They produce original high-quality structured content, which actually helps people.

By considering themselves as artists in the genre of writing, successful bloggers also put in the work and they show up every day and they write as if their mortgages rely on it (because for some of them they most likely do!).

Successful bloggers not only write content that helps people but they create original high-quality content that compels people to buy or read.

And writing original high-quality content isn’t as hard as it sounds… It’s actually much easier than you think it is.

They just write content that helps people. That’s it.  They write content that’s easy to read, easy to understand, and that makes sense to what they are teaching or explaining. 

So start creating helpful content that helps your readers first. Don’t think about you and what you can get from your content. Create content for your readers and grow from there. 

Figure out a solution to a problem and solve it (in your own writing style of course!).


6. They interact with other bloggers within their niche.

Now some bloggers are completely all about their blogs and their readers and do not interact with other bloggers.

But the most successful bloggers (that I see) all carve out a special amount of time each week to read and interact with other people and other blogs in line with what they write about.

The reason for this is is that there is a lot that these bloggers still don’t know.

And they know that interacting with other bloggers is the best way to get around this so that they can be a sponge and learn more. 

Also if you consistently comment and support other bloggers, they may comment and support you too.

And that might sound self-serving but it’s not! It’s growing and reaching out and allowing others in your field to know that you and your blog exists and are ready to grow just like them!

There’s no better way to let others in the industry know that you are here to stay if you don’t read their blogs and engage with them.

Let’s face it, blogging can get really LONELY, so interacting with the people that are doing the very same work as you are, should feel rewarding in and of itself.

That’s why the pros have usually built great bonds as they built their own blogs. 


7. They post consistently and within certain times.

Lastly, this last tip is for the Google algorithm. I don’t know why posting at certain times is a thing, but I heard about this in a Facebook group and did some research on it, and here is what I found.

Now some writing gurus have offered advice on the most ideal times to post and press publish but the evidence is hard to dispute because no one really knows the best times to post.

But according to Blog Tyrant, the best days of the week to post your brand new blog articles are during the day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

And in my experience from observing the successful bloggers that I personally idolize, I’ve even noticed that these bloggers seldom post on weekends or in the evenings. They post their new articles earlier on in the mornings, afternoons, and throughout the midweek.

This could be a coincidence but I know that I am taking note of this one because any Google tip that helps your blog posts reach more EYES and readers in the Google feed is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

WordPress even has a scheduled time to publish your content that makes it just that much easier to stick to, and that’s why again you need to own your blog that’s with WordPress, over any other platform. 


If you don’t have a WordPress blog yet? My readers get a special discounted rate on hosting here!

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There you have it!

All successful bloggers have figured out their sweet spots for creating and maintaining their high traffic blogs and they stayed persistent at the worst of times even when they wanted to quit!

Not only that but good bloggers write clearly with all their messages refined, solely for their ideal customer/reader, and they aren’t afraid to use certain tools that will help them reach their goals. 

To create compelling high-quality content, don’t be afraid to add your own artistic flair (remember you’re an artist), write content that helps people and there should be no stopping you!


Now before we end it here, I just have to say that starting this blog was my side hustle and I couldn’t be happier with it. I explain in more detail WHY and HOW I started my blog here!

But before you go, I want you to know that below are some more of my favorite tools that help me every SINGLE day with growing my blog to where it is now, I hope you take advantage of them! 🙂


More Favorite Blogging Tools:

Bluehost – My first hosting company. They are reliable, fast, and more importantly affordable. Check out my SUPER easy step-by-step guide: How to Start a WordPress Blog in under 20 mins here!

Tailwind – This is a blogger’s best friend and their MOST favorite scheduling tool for sharing content on Pinterest because Tailwind saves SO much time and increases your traffic and followers. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

ShareASale – This is a great place to find TONS of affiliate programs so you can start earning money on your blog with affiliate sales! THIS IS MY TOP EARNER for affiliate marketing!

ThemeForest – Blog themes are super important to retaining and keeping your blog’s traffic on your blog. ThemeForest has TONS of beautiful blog themes & is compatible with WordPress if you take my start a blog guide. You can go and view some samples here!

ConvertKit – This is the MOST popular email newsletter provider. Many bloggers love using Convert Kit to grow their email list! It’s totally worth the monthly fee because it’s super easy to create email courses AND give away freebies in just a few quick simple clicks.

Take a peek and check out this free Convert Kit guide below!


I’ve listed a few of my favorite blogging articles that you can always check out for more inspiration: 

Now I want to hear from you!

How’s your blogging journey going so far?  I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below 🙂 

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