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How to Live Your Best Life: 10 Habits That Work

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You might be wondering how to live your best life, and it can certainly happen! Here are 10 ways to live your best life starting today!

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You can live your best life!

But most women have a clouded concept of what it means to be a successful woman and live a good life.

Does it mean having a well-paying job? Having a successful business or social life? Or perhaps raising a happy family?

Well, a woman can have all these aspects in her life, all of which are considered a success.

And despite the difference in most people’s definition of the best life, there are everyday habits linked to a successful and happy one.

Some of these habits come naturally, others are gained from exposure in life, while others you just pick over time.

We’ll discuss these habits and how they affect a woman’s life positively, so you can live your best life starting today!

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10 Habits to Live Your Best Life

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1. Always Challenge Yourself.

To live your best life, successful women are comparable to iron, a case example of Margaret Thatcher, also known as The Iron Lady.

Successful women are not known to settle for less, but they always try to be better than yesterday.

Whether mentally, physically, or psychologically, successful women who are living their best life possible are always trying their best to stretch their goals to the limit.

Once they achieve something, they always set new targets and begin following them up.

If you wish to emulate the strong women you see around, it is good to challenge yourself so you can reach new limits.

This will not only make you strong, both mentally and physically but will help you go through life’s harshest days without blinking twice.


2. Practice Self-care.

practice self-care. how to live your best life, how to live my best life, live your best life

If you are asking yourself ” how to live my best life?”, you might want to practice self-care

Despite the urge to keep going and achieving goals, a successful woman knows the importance of taking good care of herself.

Our bodies are our most significant assets, and it is necessary to ensure they are always well taken care of, both physically and psychologically.

Plus, to live your best life, there are several ways to take care of your body, from meditation for good mental health, yoga for strength, and walking for good physical health, plus always eating right.

Moreover, if you find the perfect balance of work, play, and self-care, you can focus on your goals and become unstoppable.


3. Read.

always read, how to live your best life, how to live my best life, live your best life

The benefits of reading are so many that successful women who are living their best life will always be eating into a book or journal.

Reading exposes you to the outside world, making you more knowledgeable about the ways other people do things.

And since a woman who reads regularly can learn new things, making her an unstoppable force, both in business and social life.

There should be no surprise that reading will enhance anyone who wants to live their best life possible. 

So, whenever faced with a challenging situation, don’t be afraid to research it. Pick up a good book and have this be a skill adopted today for your best life possible. 


4. Take the Initiative.

Among a successful woman’s favorite phrases are ‘I can’ and ‘I will.’

So if you want to adapt to your best way of living, you must think these thoughts as well. 

Don’t give up on a task and repeat negative phrases that don’t support your best life.

And whenever people around you seem to be sluggish, thereby reducing the chances of you achieving your set goals, take up the responsibility of making things move faster and always take initiative. 

You have the opportunity for developing the life of your dreams, and a strong woman is always going to be on her feet to grab life with both hands.


5. Don’t Compare.

They don't compare themselves to others. Habits of women who are livnig their best life - Everything Abode

One of the easiest ways to dim your confidence is by making comparisons of what you have achieved to others’ success.

Know that comparing yourself to other people, gives them the power to influence how you behave, too.

Success demands confidence, which can only come with self-appreciation.

There’s a famous saying that says “you can be anything, but you cannot be everything.”

Comparing oneself to others has profound effects, most of which ruin the chances of success and ruins the chances of anyone wanting to live their best life possible.


6. Beam with Confidence & Smile. 

Did you know that smiling is not only meant to make you look pretty but successful women know that when they smile more, it makes them feel good about themselves and that feeling helps them beam confidence and win the trust of people around them.

So if you wish to emulate your best life possible, you need to know the advantages of confidence paired with smiling.

To learn more on how to be your most confident self? Check out these 10 ways to bring your inner confidence out. 

After all, despite knowing the advantages of confidence, a successful woman knows when to smile and when to have a straight face. It’s all about timing.


7. Have a Life Away from Work.

They have a life away from work. Habits of women who are living their best life - Everything Abode

Every successful woman who is beaming from ear to ear, and living their best life every single day, knows the power of having a strong social life and balance.

They appreciate that work is essential for them to achieve their dreams but also see the importance of taking time off work to connect with friends and family.

So if you would like to be a powerful woman that is living her best life possible? You have to learn to switch away from work, forward your emails, go for vacations, and re-energize yourself.

Some time off will give you the time and space to re-strategize. And striking a balance is key to living a life worth living. 


8. Be Kind and Selfless.

Successful women appreciate the fact that success is not a competition, but a destination.

A lot of people tend to forget that, especially for those who are not living their life to their fullest.

So, whenever someone approaches you for help, always spare some time and help to the best of your ability.

It is folk wisdom that a candle never lost its glow after lighting another, and this is the mantra used by most successful women.

And to top it off, the advantages of kindness are proven scientifically as well!


9. Know your Finances.

Among other quantifiers of a good life, finances are among the top.

Women who are living their best life are always aware of what is going on in their bank accounts.

Financial awareness is very important and can help you plan for your future, as long as finances are concerned.

Moreover, if you know your finances and financial situation, you are more likely to be successful, since you know when to make an investment or save the money.


10. Always be Ready for the Worst.

They are always ready for the worst. Habits of women who are living their best life - Everything Abode

In life, you should always hope for the best but be prepared in case the worst comes along.

This is a successful woman’s mantra, which can also help you if things go south, so you can recover fast.

Whether it’s about business or social life if you always have a plan ‘B’ if the initial plan ‘A’ fails, your odds of living your best life will be greater.

This is not about pessimism rather, it’s about being realistic so you can live the best life humanly possible for yourself and your loved ones. 


Have you been feeling down lately because you don’t think of yourself as a success yet? Do you think you need wealth in order to live your best life still?

I hope these tips help you work on how you feel about yourself. Always appreciate your smallest achievements, since we should be our biggest cheerleaders anyways! 

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