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How To Do A 30-Day Mental Health Challenge

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How To Do A 30-Day Mental Health Challenge - Everything Abode

Starting a 30-Day Mental Health Challenge is vital. 

Self-care is so vital to living a life of purpose and ease, that the mere fact of neglecting your mental health can lead to devastating consequences and actually cause physical health problems as well.

Taking a 30-day mental challenge is the best way to regain your peace and tackle life refreshed and renewed.

You’ll soon realize why you need this and how you can implement the challenge day by day!

Here is the 30-day mental health awareness challenge.

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First, Here are some Signs You Need a Mental Break

Signs You Need a Mental Break - Everything Abode

1. Restlessness.

If you are finding it hard to relax, settle down or sleep, you may be in need of a mental break. When the mind is cluttered and filled with anxious thoughts, it is hard to get adequate rest. If you find yourself staying up late and waking up early or being unable to simply relax, it is a surefire sign you need a break.

2. Changed Eating Habits.

Many people who are experiencing mental burnout find that their eating patterns have changed. They may eat more than usual or skip meals altogether. An otherwise healthy person may start eating unhealthy foods that make them sluggish and fatigued. If your eating habits have gone totally off the rails, it’s a sign that you may need to take some mental break time for yourself.

3. Lack of Motivation.

If you find yourself no longer enjoying your favorite activities or not being motivated to do anything, you may be suffering from mental burnout. This lack of motivation can manifest itself at work, with family members, or in daily living activities.

Many people who burn out stop performing well at work or skip out on social activities. A lack of motivation is also a sign of depression so it pays to get on top of things if you feel this way most days of the month.

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Starting a 30-day Mental Health Challenge

Starting a 30-day Mental Mood Health Challenge - Everything Abode

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A 30-day challenge is a goal that you set that you will perform over the next month.

Each day of the month will be dedicated to one task that will improve your thinking and lead to a higher quality of life. You can tailor each day to your own needs and modify them if necessary.

When embarking on this challenge, it helps to write down the daily goals to make them more concrete in your mind. It can also help to carry out the challenges with friends who will keep you accountable.

Day 1: Deep Breathing Exercises.

How often do you pay attention to your breathing? People who are stressed often do not breathe deeply, and this affects both their body and mind. For the first day of the challenge, focus on your breathing, and make sure to take deep, refreshing breaths that will open up your lungs and release tension in the body.

Day 2: Catch Up With a Friend.

Do you have a friend with who you can share fun memories with? Or perhaps, someone, you have been out of touch with for a while? Take day two of your challenge to call or visit them. Make today all about positivity. Share old photos or old stories. Laugh and catch up with them. Have a nice, healthy meal or go for a walk together. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as your interaction with them is positive.

Day 3: Plan or Enjoy a Healthy Meal.

Day 3 Plan or Enjoy a Healthy Meal - Everything Abode

If your eating has been off track, this is your chance to get it back. Cook your favorite healthy meal or enjoy one at a restaurant. Sit down and savor the food, enjoying it as it nourishes your body. Make up your mind to make eating well a new habit that you will continue after the challenge is complete.

Day 4: Listen to Music You Love.

Do you have a playlist of your favorite tunes? On the fourth day, take some time just to listen to music that moves you. Don’t do this while rushing off to a stressful situation, like commuting to work. Instead set aside a few minutes of self-care time just to hear and enjoy the music.

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Day 5: Go to Bed Earlier.

If you have been burning the candle at both ends, now is the time to stop. Tonight, go to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do. Take the time to wind down before bed and get those extra minutes in. You will be surprised at what a little extra sleep does for the mind and body.

Day 6: Plan Something to Look Forward To.

Think ahead a bit today and plan something that will bring you joy in the future. It can be a birthday party, a class or just a walk in the park. The key here is to enjoy envisioning a future that includes something positive or fun.

Day 7: Do a Good Deed.

It can be small or large, but just do something good. Treat someone to coffee at your local coffee shop. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen. Compliment a random stranger on your way to work (be careful with this one) or buy a can of cat food for the local stray. The key here is to do something good for someone else and boost your spirits in the process.


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Now that the first week of the challenge is complete, it’s time to continue the trend. Take this week as your first victory in the step toward overall better mental health.

Day 8: Knock Something off Your To-Do List.

You have been meaning to make an appointment with your dentist. Do that today. Picture yourself scratching it off your list and watch your mood boost.

Day 9: Go Outside.

Weather permitting, a trip outside may be just what the doctor ordered. A short walk on a sunny day can do wonders for your mental mood. Try getting out for at least 15 minutes and enjoying the outdoors.

Day 10: Have a Friend Over.

Having a friend over for coffee or tea or to watch your favorite sporting event can boost your mood instantly. The key here is to choose a friend who will make you feel better, so no Negative Nancy is invited. Make this activity low-key. Don’t stress yourself with elaborate hosting and cooking. Just a simple time to enjoy each other’s company.

Day 11: Turn Off Your Phone.

Day 11: Turn Off Your Phone

This one is a difficult one for many people. Turning your phone off for an entire day is not feasible for most people, but if you can turn it off for an hour or two, it can help boost your mental mood and health.

Day 12: Drink Water.

Have you been getting your daily recommended intake of water? Dehydration can cause headaches and mood swings, so drink up today!

Day 13: Watch a Movie.

It can be an old classic or a first-run movie. Just find something you enjoy and immerse yourself in the story. This is a great escape and an excellent boost.

Day 14: Practice Your Hobby.

Do you enjoy knitting? Photography? Writing? Painting? Today is the day to engage in your hobby for at least one hour.


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You have made it through the first half of the 30-day challenge, congratulations! The second half is about starting habits that will extend beyond the 30 days and help you enjoy better health overall.

Day 15: Take Something Off Your Plate for Good.

Delegate, delegate, delegate. If there is a task that is causing you undue daily stress, take it off your plate today. Have your laundry sent out or assign one of your chores to your spouse. The key here is to find what is causing you mental stress and take steps to mitigate that stress.

Day 16: Declutter Your Space.

A cluttered space can cause a cluttered mind. Donate some old clothes to charity, reorganize your shelves, pack away clothes that are out of season, do a general cleaning, and purge at least one thing today. 

Day 17: Listen to or Watch Positive Content.

Turn on a TED Talk about positive thinking or listen to a podcast on happiness. Getting positive feedback from experts is one way to boost your mood and give your brain some happy thoughts.

Day 18: Set Boundaries.

Tell your family that you will designate time each day for yourself. It can be five minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. During this time, they are not to bother you, except in an emergency.

Day 19: Make a List of Your Best Qualities.

Compliment yourself! Write down what you love about yourself or some things you have accomplished.

Day 20: Treat Yourself.

This could mean going to a spa, getting a haircut, going for a bike ride or simply watching your favorite show. The key here is to do something you love

Day 21: Silence Your Inner Negative Thoughts.

Whenever you have a negative thought, shut it down instantly. Practice doing this daily and watch your mood improve

You’re two-thirds of the way there, good work! This last week is going to be about reinforcing the first three weeks.

Days 21-25.

Reinforce your habits from weeks 1-3. Get more sleep, eat healthier, connect with friends, get outside, scratch something off your to-do list.

Days 26-30.

Use this week to change your thinking. Continue to write down positive affirmations, listen to positive content, and learn to delegate.


When it comes to undoing the stressors that can drag down your mental health, embarking on a 30-day challenge (like this one) is a great idea.

Remember the month may be over, but you can always revisit to make it a lifelong practice. Start your challenge today and let me know in the comments how it went for you!

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