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6 Habits That Will Help You Be More Mindful At Home

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How to be more mindful at home? If you put mindfulness at the core of your home habits you will become a more mindful person at home and in life!

How to be more mindful at home? If you put mindfulness at the core of your home habits you will become more mindful at home and in life!

There’s no doubt there’s a growing interest in becoming more mindful nowadays.

Everybody wants to know how to eliminate distractions and stay in the present moment so they can live their best lives.

That’s where being mindful comes into play.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation and state of awareness that focuses on being fully aware of what you are feeling and sensing at the moment without judgment or interpretation.

However, when life is constantly changing from a day-to-day basis, being more mindful can seem like a hard thing to do.

Nevertheless, there is no better time like the present to get serious about how mindfulness will benefit you, your family, and your life’s path.

This is why it is extremely important and vital to be aware and more mindful of everything that you do.

And becoming more mindful at home is a great starting point to expand your consciousness and awareness so you can begin to look at the other various aspects of your life so you can make the necessary adjustments that will continue to serve your highest self.

So let’s expand your perception so you can become a little bit more mindful with these six key points to living a more mindful life at home.

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6 Habits That Will Help You Be More Mindful at home

6 Habits That Will Help You Be More Mindful at home - Everything Abode

1. Meditate.

If you would like to learn how to be more mindful at home, then start practicing mindful meditation. 

Mindfulness can be practiced through guided imagery and breathing techniques and meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

This is exactly why meditation is a great way to start expanding your awareness.

Mindfulness meditation also helps remove emotions and thoughts that relate to the past or the future by harnessing the present moment. 

And at the end of the day, the present moment is really all that we have.

So consider getting some guided meditation apps such as Headspace and Calm that will help you learn the basics of meditating so you can build upon your mindfulness practice gradually from there throughout the year.

However, meditations or not, mindfulness is always available to us.

Meditation on mindfulness made simple.

Here’s how to practice a mindfulness meditation:

Relax and be comfortable – It will be far easier to fall into a state of mindfulness if you are more comfortable with the room’s temperature and the clothing you wear than if you are cold or uncomfortable.
You want to be in a peaceful space – The fewer distractions, the better.
Take a deep, relaxing breath and close your eyes.
Now, breathe – Inhale through your nose for 7 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Then exhale through your mouth.
Keep your focus on the task at hand – Focus only on your breathing, letting all your thoughts be fleeting.


2. Ditch the phone.

We all know that it’s hard to be mindful, especially since we almost always have our phones in our hands.

So to be more mindful with your attention consider putting your phone out of reach when socializing with your family members at home.

Whoever you are with deserves your total attention, and when your phone lies in front of you or on your lap, you simply cannot be properly engaged to connect with them fully if you happen to get a message or phone call.

This will allow you to be completely engaged with everyone you’re with.


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3. Practice mindfulness right after you wake up.

Practicing mindfulness in the morning will be your best bet to creating it as a habit.

By practicing mindfulness first thing in the morning, it will help set the tone of the prefrontal lobe for the rest of the day, thus raising the possibility of having more aware moments throughout the day.

To help you out, try setting a timer, start with one minute, then slowly increase the amount of time from there. 

When you exercise mindfulness in your heart, note how your body feels, how you personally feel, and concentrate, again, on being in the present moment.


4. Consume Mindfully.

Whether you’re browsing online shopping at home or you can end up falling into those big buying sweeps like Amazon Prime Day, you could regret your decisions if you’re not being mindful of what you are doing. 

So the next time you want to purchase anything, ask yourself, “do I really want this? Or am I just trying to stop or avoid a feeling of depression, frustration, anger, or loneliness?”

You’re going to be shocked when you ask yourself these informed questions. Additionally, becoming more aware might just encourage you to be more attentive before searching for your wallet.

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5. Don’t multitask.

Multitasking is not being mindful, in fact, it’s the opposite because only two percent of us are actually able to juggle multiple tasks at once.

If you try to get multiple things done at once, you may also be left feeling less productive, less creative, and feeling even more frustrated. 

So to really focus on what you’re working on, try eliminating potential interruptions, keep your space really clean, and encourage yourself to address only one thing at a time.


6. Avoid the Comparison trap.

Skimming through social media frequently allows our minds to wander into negative spaces. 

This happens because you will see the influencers you follow and your peers living their wonderful lives and size up your own experiences to what they’ve already achieved.

When we do this, this constant comparison overwhelms our minds and makes us feel less than.

So to avoid the comparison trap and to help you stay more mindful in the present moment, try to limit the time you follow others on social media or unfollow anyone that you are really comparing your life to.

This way you can be more aware of where you want to go, what goals you are attempting to accomplish, and not have any distractions that are comparing your results in your very own home. 


We can all use a little more ways to start being more mindful and what’s better than mindfulness? Intentionally creating the life that you crave!

To learn more, check out 10 easy ways to intentionally create your life here!


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