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8 Hidden Beauty Tricks Models Can’t Live Without

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8 Hidden Beauty Tricks Models Don’t Want You to Know - Everything Abode

Nobody knows more about beauty than the models that sell it themselves.

After all, beauty sells and that’s the business they are in.

So it makes complete sense to freshen up your look with some beauty tips with the help of models who know all the tricks of the trade themselves.

Moreover, such beauty tips are considered standard for most models in the beauty industry and they will be a great starting point to get that fresh and youthful glow you are striving for, not to mention in a fraction of the time to acquire it.

So if you are looking for some fast industry-standard beauty tricks, here are eight clever skincare and make-up tips from the models that swear by them and can’t live without them!


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8 Hidden Beauty Tricks Models Can’t Live Without

8 Hidden Beauty Tricks Models Know That You Don't

1. Apply a hair mask once a week.

It is time to start applying hair masks once a week as most models know this is the secret to obtaining incredible hair.

Models realize that if they have a hair mask for their hair, and leave it to clean for the next morning, their hair will be a lot smoother and become rescued almost immediately from any damage their constant hair styling leaves for them to fix.

If you have extremely thick tresses or if your hair is dry and frizzy, particularly in severe season changes, that will be the best time to start giving your hair the extra TLC it deserves.


2. Always wear sunscreen.

It’s always going to be a great idea to wear sunscreen on your face, hands, and any part of your skin that is exposed to the sun, regardless of the season or climate in which you live.

All models know that using preventative sunscreen will help protect their sensitive skin from sunburns, eliminate the appearance of discoloration and dark spots, and help smooth out any leathery or sagging skin. 


3. Moisturize at bedtime.

The biggest explanation for why it’s extremely important to hydrate your skin at night is because your skin heals and regenerates when you are sleeping. 

And while there are many overnight beauty treatments, the best one to look and feel youthful is always going to be hydrating your skin at night.

So, the next time you go to bed, think like a model before you go to sleep, and hydrate your skin by moisturizing, particularly around the eyes, to keep your youthful glow.


4. Improvise when you run out of beauty products.

It’s pretty darn safe to say that models never leave the house (without knowing what to do) especially when they run out of their favorite products, like their tinted moisturizers. 

All you have to do is place a small drop of liquid foundation and a tiny quantity of a normal moisturizer in the palm of your hand, combine the two and presto, you’re going to have your own hydrating tinted moisturizer with no new products required.


5. Stay hydrated.

The secret of model-like clear skin is to always remain hydrated.

And since we already touched on why moisturizing helps the skin remain moisturized and healthy, did you know that staying hydrated also increases your metabolism, retains energy levels, and provides that youthful glow?

So the best thing you can do is to drink plenty of water. Try keeping a water bottle with you at all times (like this one). You can easily and regularly refill it, to drink water throughout the day wherever you go.

And you can also take it a step further and spritz water on your face, particularly in the summer, to keep your skin feeling youthful and extra refreshed.



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6. Take your makeup off before workouts.

When it comes to wearing make-up, models know it’s a part of their jobs, but they avoid wearing makeup while exercising. 

Since blood circulation improves while exercising (to make you sweat) it also increases oil production. When you combine the increased production of oil with your foundation ingredients, you’ll have a nightmare formula for your skin. 

Makeup also covers our sweat glands, and it can block pores and cause acne or skin irritation, and it is just not worth it, for the sake of your skin


7. Always take vitamin D.

Vitamins are extremely important for someone who lives in the city or who is on a strict diet.  And since most models are city dwellers and are always on a strict diet, they take their vitamins. 

If you reside in a place that doesn’t get enough sun, you will need to add vitamin D to your daily intake.

For skin defense and rejuvenation, vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin. It contributes to the growth, repair, and metabolism of skin cells due to its active ingredient called calcitriol (also used to treat calcium deficiency).

It also strengthens the immune system of your skin and helps kill free radicals which can lead to early signs of aging.


8. Never touch your face.

Lastly, you bet, you can transfer dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands to your face by rubbing your eyes or simply touching your face with your unwashed hands.

Moreover, since models make money from their looks, not touching their faces with their dirty or unwashed hands is always going to be at the forefront of their minds.

So if you have a habit of touching your face throughout the day, know that it can lead to blocked pores and skin breakouts and this bad habit is simply something that you must try to avoid at all costs. 

After all, a clear and glossy look takes awareness and that means making sure your hands are free of oil and other pollutants before you grace the skin of your beloved face. 

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There you have it. These are industry beauty standards, so try to do your best with what you have and know and you could quite possibly get discovered yourself! 


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