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How to Stay Attractive: 8 Habits To Enhance Your Beauty

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8 Simple ways to instantly feel more attractive- Everything Abode

What makes people really attractive?

How do they act? How do they feel? What do they feel?

Well for starters, we all know that beauty doesn’t just have a lovely face. 

That when it really comes down to it, true beauty lies beneath the surface of what one can see with the naked eye and that attraction is far more than physical.

By saying that, there are certain things that one can do to enhance those beautiful traits and characteristics.

There are a few things you can do to feel more dynamic, unforgettable, and of course, appealing to the eye, too. 

It all depends if you are ready to develop your own charisma and establish a beauty that’s unique to who you are…

Because you can take constructive measures to boost your own inner confidence and here are 8 healthy habits to look and feel more attractive!

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How to Stay Attractive: 8 Habits To Enhance Beauty

8 Habits That Attractive Women do to Enhance Their Beauty --- Everything Abode

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Did you know a healthy body is considered one of the most attractive attributes one can attain?

Think about it, when someone is just glowing with radiant skin and has healthy hair it just magnifies their beauty for all to see. 

Staying healthy really is one of the best ways to look and feel more attractive.

No, it doesn’t mean you have to be a strength trainer or a marathon runner to get the same results. 

But you should start making simple healthy lifestyle decisions.

If you keep it up, the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle will also display maturity, accountability, and self-love which are all desirable features not only for yourself but to inspire others.


2. Relax & live in the present moment.

Did you know that chronic stress speeds up aging?

In recent studies, psychologists advised those who are living with a lot of anxiety and stress to try their hardest to live their daily lives in the present moment. 

The reason for this is, is chronic stress speeds up premature aging by reducing our DNA telomeres.

When this happens the stress that is caused by such things as non-treated depression, social isolation, long-term unemployment, and anxiety attacks will accelerate the aging process by shortening the telomeres of each of those strands of DNA.

Since anxiety and stress not only wreak havoc on our immune systems, aging really is one of beauty’s worst enemies. 

So try to live in the present moment and concentrate on your breathing when you are feeling anxious. Doing so will really help keep your hormones regulated, relax your facial muscles, and help you appear more confident and self-assured to others. 


3. Feed your beauty with strategic beauty-enhancing foods.

8 Habits That Will Make You a More Attractive Person. Everything Abode

Obviously, healthy nutritious food will always help our bodies function efficiently and help maintain our inner strength.

But if you would like to eat your way to feel more beautiful and look more beautiful, you are in luck!

In fact, there are certain foods that’ll boost our attractiveness from the inside out.

Here are a few cosmetic benefits from food:

  • Plain Greek yogurt. Contains probiotics and amino acids, which can repair skin and even reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.
  • Strawberries. contain alpha hydroxyl oil, which is gentle on teeth enamel, but removes stains.
  • Blueberries. High in both vitamins C and E. These antioxidants work together to brighten skin, even out redness and uneven skin tones.
  • Carrots. contain carotenoids, which reduce your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays.
  • Avocados. Contain the fatty acid oleic, which helps skin retain moisture, giving it a softer, younger look.
  • Walnuts. Repairs split ends and give hair a natural sheen from the omega fatty acids it’s loaded with.

Start adding these foods to your daily wellness, and you’ll not only have the nutritional benefits listed above, but you can also enjoy a healthier immune system, glowing skin, better-balanced hormones, and even more radiant hair!

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4. Make sleep a top priority.

Make sleep a priority

Did you know that scientists have now shown that “beauty sleep” is, in fact, a real thing!

This recent study, where participants were kept awake for 31 hours, showed that sleep deprivation really did take its toll on the participant’s appearance.

The physical side effects of lack of sleep in the study included swollen eyelids, bloodshot eyes, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, and droopy corners of the mouth.

But in order to look and feel more attractive, one must make their sleep cycle a very important priority of theirs.

So make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep, by keeping track of your most optimal sleep hours or using handy sleep apps for extra assistance. There is no doubt that you will look stunning for it!

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5. Harness good relationships with others.

A beautiful woman knows that without her word, she has nothing to stand on. And that’s because having strong values is not only a beautiful thing to witness but even science backs up!

A group of psychologists found that our words hold a lot of weight on how others view/perceive us.  That if our actions aren’t matching up with what we are saying, that can be the perfect recipe to brew mistrust and bad relationships with others.

Bad relationships can affect how others view us but they can also add way more stress to our lives than needed.

So try keeping your word as it will be the best approach to stand out from the crowd and look and feel more attractive. 


6. Don’t waste a good sense of humor.

They don't waste their sense of humor - Everything Abode

Humor as a whole will always be widely regarded as a complex form of communication. Complex meaning it can be viewed in so many ways!

However, when it comes to being viewed as an attractive individual, humor is a more engaging way to easily convey information to others.

In fact, according to this study, there is actually a link between humor and sexual attraction that has a lot to stand on!

If conveyed right, humor has the ability to draw people closer and make people more approachable and likable, which is a form of attraction like no other.

Plus, since many people like to laugh, if you can learn how to make people laugh in a genuine way, you will automatically increase your social value and thus have others feel more attracted to you. A win-win!

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7. Smile – It is so much better than make-up. 


According to psychologists who analyzed a study on how people viewed photos of people who were smiling vs others who were not… The study concluded that smiling stole the show, especially when it came to looking aesthetically pleasing to others. 

In fact, the research showed that; “NOT smiling isn’t a good idea if you want to be perceived as attractive because our perceptual systems are always on the lookout for individuals with a smiling appearance”.

So if science says that happier resting faces are often seen as healthier, attractive, and better able to connect with others… Smile, even when you want to frown.


8. Be different. 

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, but another great way to get around that is to use someone’s first name when speaking with them!

A group of psychologists found when they were studying the brain, that a totally different portion of our brain activates when someone simply hears their first name spoken out loud.

The study showed that the brain emitted dopamine when the most important word in their personal vocabulary was spoken and heard of — their first name!

So take advantage of this. Use people’s first names in conversations and see how it’s perceived. 🙂


How to stay attractive final thoughts.

I don’t know about you but isn’t it nice to learn new ways to look and feel more attractive without having to wear more make-up and get abs of steel. 

Also, if you haven’t realized it yet, especially after you read this ‘how to be more attractive’ article, you are so much more beautiful than you think!

We are always going to be our worst critics but hopefully, you found a few fun ways to feel more attractive in your own eyes. 

Thanks for reading!

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Kimberly @ petals bloom

Monday 11th of November 2019

Great insights, Rebbca! Too often, beauty is only equated to PHYSICAL attractiveness. But as you rightly pointed out, those 8 habits Are Forgotten beauty secrets.


Tuesday 12th of November 2019

Yes so true, they HAVE been forgotten beauty secrets. Thank you, Kimberly, for putting that so eloquently!