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7 Health Benefits Of Living The Vegan Lifestyle

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Health Benefits Of Living The Vegan Lifestyle - Everything Abode

Ready to know what the great benefits of going vegan are?!

With the popularity of veganism growing exponentially fast every single year, there surely has to be some benefits in doing so!

In fact, there are so many benefits I’ve personally experienced myself and I thought I would make up a list for all the “non-believers” out there, because yes, there are plenty of benefits to leading a plant-based lifestyle.

So, whether you are striving to lead a vegan lifestyle for health reasons, or purely for the sake of saving more animals, you might just experience a few of these positive benefits of eating this very special way yourself!

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7 Health Benefits of Living The Vegan Lifestyle

7 Benefits of Being a Vegan!

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1. Stronger nails and healthier hair.

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful shiny hair and stronger nails? 

When it comes to eating a vegan diet, many people report experiencing strong, healthy nails and faster hair growth. The reason for this is, fresh vegetables and fruit both have huge amounts of nutrients and antioxidants that help strengthen nails and hair growth, so naturally, this is a great ‘beauty’ benefit for living the vegan lifestyle.  

2. Decreased menstrual pain.

7 benefits to going vegan

Get ready to say goodbye to your monthly pain plan, because your menstrual cramps and PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms may benefit from eating a vegan diet as well. 

The vegan diet is, again, loaded with fruits and veggies, and these are the two best culprits you can have that help relieve natural pain and inflammation.

There is a wide range of vitamin B6 foods in nuts and veggies, that accommodate the vegan lifestyle well including green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, bananas, and watermelon.

Vitamin B6 has been shown to also help relieve PMS symptoms in combination with magnesium, so you’ll definitely notice a decrease in menstrual symptoms almost straight away (hopefully in your first month) if you add a lot of these vegetables to your lifestyle.

Also if you happen to suffer from cramps very badly each month, consider eating more foods like bananas, oranges, brown rice, almond butter, broccoli, spinach, and even dark chocolate, as they are amongst the best foods you can eat and are highly recommended to alleviate pain and mood swings that are associated with PMS. 

3. Clear Skin & complexion.

Clear skin

If you’re already on your vegan diet for a couple of weeks, you’ve probably already noticed your skin becoming brighter and healthier, and there’s no coincidence with this result either!

The reason you’ll notice clearer skin (almost immediately) is because of the lack of dairy that you are consuming. Remember, dairy is filled with added hormones that interfere with the skin’s ability to retain water, and less water retention can result in premature aging. 

In fact, cow’s milk and dairy products contain casein and whey protein that are estimated to boost levels of a specific hormone (insulin-like growth factor-1, or IGF-1), which is correlated with the increasing output of our skin’s oily substance sebum, in turn, this is linked to acne development. 

Also, fruits and vegetables are high in essential vitamins and antioxidants (and since you’ll be eating more of them) they are also the building blocks for radiant skin. 

So naturally, you are already in a good place if you are heading for clearer skin by going plant-based. 

Tip: Always have avocados in your diet as they help to provide fatty acids that keep your skin stay hydrated, strong, and extra supple. 

4. A healthier gut.

Typically, when people are transitioning over to a plant-based diet they will most likely experience having to go to the bathroom more frequently than ever before. 

Just know that this is a good sign and it is very normal when transitioning to the vegan lifestyle. Since the body is consuming a lot more produce (aka vegetables), produce contains high amounts of fiber and that fiber is the best natural flushing agent that aids in having an overall healthier gut. 

5. body odor smells better.

body odor smells great

Who knew that the food we eat affects how we smell, but it most certainly does!

Meat has added hormones and those hormones can chemically alter the way we smell, so you’ll notice a better body odor when you first suddenly break out into a sweat and smell something that’s far less pungent than before. 

This is because your smell won’t be half as strong as it used to be by the mere result that you are eating fewer meat proteins.

Moreover, fruits and vegetables simply don’t have hormones that can affect how you smell, so your body odor will start smelling more and more natural when you start eating the vegan diet. Go on, give yourself a whiff and see for yourself when you are two weeks in!

6. Taste-buds change for the better.

Taste-buds change for the better

Another great benefit of leading a vegan lifestyle is when you transition over to the vegan lifestyle, your body will actually start to crave more of the good stuff (aka those good natural foods) because you’re slowly changing your food pallet over.

You’ll be able to taste things so much better than ever before as if your previous meat buds will have worn away, and your actual sense of taste has been restored. 

7. Afternoon fatigue disappears.

Afternoon fatigue disappears

Lastly, let’s talk about your vitality levels because you might not be aware that living a vegan lifestyle will leave you feeling more energized and playful after you eat!

This is one of the primary benefits you’ll notice once you move to a lifestyle that is based on more plants and veggies. 

You’ll also notice this since you aren’t eating any fatty and greasy animal products and your body will be spending less energy on digestion and more energy on your wellness.

This, in turn, should take away your fatigue or your “after-dinner slump” and give you more energy after you eat. 

Now, if you’re considering becoming a vegan or if you happen to experience unusual fatigue while following a vegan diet, consider supplementing with Vitamins B12 and Iron. These two vitamins are amazing and you’ll also credit them for boundless energy.


Now, this is what living a natural lifestyle is all about. I hope these vegan benefits help you make the decision to try veganism out — as you can see it’s well worth it!


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