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5 Effective Ways to Combat Morning Dread

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5 Powerful & Effective Ways to Combat Morning Dread

Do you struggle with feeling really down in the mornings?

Or is your anxiety worse in the mornings, making the start of your day a huge challenge for you?

If so, you may also have that familiar sense of doom that is ever-consuming just after you wake up. 

And as a consequence of your mindset, your mind is either speeding into the future or regretting the past, making you regret that you have woken up in the first place. 

If you can relate to any of the above? You may be suffering from more than just a bad mood or morning dread, because depression can grab hold of us at any moment, and in most cases, the morning time can seem to be the most dreadful.

So first of all, you are not alone in your feelings and you can turn this around, hopefully, these five little morning habits can help you uplift your spirit and make you feel a little bit better. 

But before we start, please seek the help of a doctor, over anything else that you read today, if you are depressed and need help. There is no shame in seeking professional care. 

And if you would like to take charge of your dreadful feelings in the mornings, here are 5 effective morning habits to combat morning dread!

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5 effective ways to combat morning dread

5 effective ways to combat morning depression

1. Discover your reason.

What reason inside you, do you have that even on the days you absolutely feel like you can’t make it, what’s the reason that will compel you to get out of bed to seek after them?

When we’re not pursuing our dreams, all that suppressed energy and drive within us has negative consequences and as a result, it will transform us into miserable, and of course, depressed people.

Having no reason or will to get up in the mornings will create a perpetual negative loop, so discovering your reason to live each day is a great start to combat it. 

To discover the reason you’re here and to follow it as your life relies on it, don’t ever give up, do whatever is necessary for you to discover your reason and hold onto that first thing come every morning you first wake up. 

2. Set a regular wake up time, rather than a fixed bedtime.

5 effective ways to combat morning depression

Chances are if you are waking up depressed then you don’t have great sleep hygiene set in place.

If your body and mind don’t already have a regular wake time each day, this can really offset your biological system and the result can make you feel really depressed and out of sorts.

We all know that our sleep and wake times are very important to happiness and if we don’t take this seriously our sleep becomes very vulnerable.

So, if you are inconsistent with your sleep schedule right now, know that it’s much better to set your body clock to the same time every morning than it is going to bed at the same time every night.

The thing is your body clock likes a routine, so waking at the same time every morning will tell your biological system when it needs to start up for the day and this will roll over into the evenings as you’ll start being naturally more tired at earlier hours. 

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3. Pick a daily relaxation habit and stick with it.

5 effective ways to combat morning depression

Depression often results when one part of our brain demands we should make a move, yet alternate parts oppose this idea.

It’s like we are run by a negative committee and unfortunately when it comes to depression that committee usually out rules the taking action part of our brains (like waking up with a smile) because it wants to keep us safe.

How does this relate to the morning time and how we feel?

Well, if we don’t have daily sources of relaxation and/or joy OR if we go too long without help, parts of our brain will actually go on strike, and eventually, depression will ensue.

That’s why finding a daily habit that’s both unwinding and stimulating is something that you should make time for each and every day.   

Get outdoors more, walk around the block, or commit to listening to a 5 min meditation to relax the mind. Your mind needs self-care.

The more self-care and healing you provide your brain the better you can move onto bigger goals that require more self-discipline, time, and energy so you can wake up feeling not so depressed.

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5 Effective Ways to Combat Morning Depression

4. Have a word with yourself.

After you first wake up, try talking yourself into a better mood.

Studies show that if you look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself (in a positive way out loud) it’ll retrain your mind to keep out negative distractions and also remind yourself of where you would like to go and be in your life.

Make a new commitment to yourself that you’ll get out of this rut no matter what it takes, and say it out loud to yourself. 

Facing yourself shows that you are serious and that you really mean business to change this around.


5. Find a goal and stick with it.

5 effective ways to combat morning depression

What’s your main goal for your life?

If you don’t have a life goal big enough to make you look forward to getting out of bed, something that at every moment when you’re awake you look forward to working towards?

You’ll, of course, sleep in and wake up depressed. Without goals, depression will always take its space. 

So make your goals tangible and something that you can accomplish and take action every single day.

Once you start taking little steps towards your goals, you’ll start getting more and more excited in the mornings to get out of bed to conquer them.

And if you do have goals and you still lack the motivation to get up out of bed? Maybe your goals aren’t big enough? 

Remember try not to take no for an answer, don’t surrender, do whatever is fundamentally good for you to get out of this rut, and hopefully, this will help you feel more positive in the mornings. This is your life so make each morning count!

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This really helped me a lot. I didn't even know I had morning depression until I read this. Thank you so much ❤️


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Glad you found it beneficial!