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A Beginners Guide To Adaptogens (Before You Take Them!)

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A Beginners Guide To Adaptogens Before You Take Them! - Everything Abode

Would you like to discover a remedy that can revitalize you while reducing depression and anxiety?

When it comes to adaptogens, now is the right time to start considering them because their advantages are safe, healthy, and sustainable.

Adaptogens are considered to be able to deliver a strong combination in order to combat stress and depression. While current clinical research indicates adaptogens can improve adrenal function, they also have various other benefits.

Many adaptogens are becoming very popular these days, and hence this whole article is dedicated to exploring their effectiveness.

After all, adaptogens are recognized as the better alternative for energy and what we have already been accustomed to for so long, which is caffeine, and if you have been depending on coffee to give you an extra lift in the mornings, you’ll soon discover how adaptogens can improve your overall health.

They are a remedy used to ease the effects of anxiety, stress, and exhaustion, and may become your next healthier alternative to make you feel healthier.

Here is an overview of adaptogens, how they work, which will offer you a clear understanding of whether taking them is helpful to you.

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Adaptogens Guide for Anxiety + Depression

Adaptogens Guide for Anxiety + Depression -- Everything Abode

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What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are medicinal herbs in pharmaceutical form. They serve as a countermeasure against tension in the body. Stress influences the body’s chemical reactions and induces changes in the immune, endocrine and neurological systems. Adaptogens have stress-reducing properties that can reduce detrimental health consequences.

Adaptogens are used to identify plants and fungi that have adapted to stress really well, and since these medicinal herbs and fungi have adapted to stress so well, they simultaneously help you withstand your own stress.

It’s not a newfound holistic way to treat the body as well, since brewing up adaptogens has been around for thousands of years, and was commonly used in ancient healing rituals.

So, you can look at adaptogens as both herbal plants and fungi that can help you prevent stress, while simultaneously building up your stress response strength to tolerate it better. 

How do adaptogens affect the body?

These healthy herbs and medicinal mushrooms, do a fantastic job of not over-stimulating or exhausting the nervous system, whilst supplying the perfect balance of adrenaline, stamina, and strength (the same rush of energy that caffeine gives you), all while leveling out your mood and hormones, (more about that below). 

Since adaptogens help with your overall general well-being by repairing and improving your bodily functions, the two key things they do very well is, react and restore. 

That means they adapt or adjust to any type of internal or external stress in your body or environment and help your body make adjustments to them more regularly.

Once you start taking adaptogens your body will have the capacity to withstand tension and stress a whole lot better than before.

Where do adaptogens come from?

Far off the beaten path, Adaptogens grow wild in highly adverse environments such as China and Russia, these plants thrive under extremely harsh and unfavorable conditions, and they are simply adaptogens for themselves, as they experience a lot of tension in their lives.

Therefore, by simply ingesting adaptogens, you are actually ingesting the plant’s stress reduction hormones in order to fight off your own, which is pretty amazing! 

What can adaptogens help with?

A little stress is all right in your life (one cannot go stress-free through all of it), but severe stress can seriously degrade your mental health when it’s chronic and regular, so that’s where adaptogens come into play.

Adaptogens help with insomnia, muscle pain, allergic reactions, nausea, anxiety, depression, and any discomfort in the body or mind, and yes that’s a whole lot of benefits! 

Another good thing to know is that adaptogens don’t only target one organ (such as modern medicines), adaptogens will help your body get back into balance and encourage your body to maintain homeostasis while supporting your overall health.

So if you are thinking about using it to combat stress, you can also benefit from many other things that they can help with!

How do you consume adaptogens properly?

Depending on your taste-buds some adaptogens have a strong taste, so adding them to matcha, hot chocolates, and smoothies in the morning or midday is very ideal. When taking traditional herbs, you should drink it as a herb tea or mix the herb tinctures with water.

You can also cook with adaptogens but it’s advised that heating them too high can destroy some of their safety properties.

And try not to incorporate more than one or two adaptogenic at a time, for a specific recipe, because you don’t want to overload your system with too many adaptogens as they may counteract each other (more on that below).

Can you take adaptogens at night?

Adaptogens allow the body to properly control tension by retaining healthy cortisol levels in the body. Since adaptogens function in both directions, they facilitate both relaxation and restful sleep, but can also improve energy and stamina. So depending on what adaptogen you use, they are suitable to take in the morning before a workout, or as a bedtime tea.

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Why are adaptogens a good alternative to coffee?

Adaptogens provide you caffeine-like relief without the jitters, just after an hour. There is also no caffeine (but you’re going to get the same boost in energy!) and that’s vital for anyone who has adrenal fatigue.

But the bizarre thing about adaptogens is that they also have a dual effect. They can also calm you down if you have anxiety or depression, while at the same time giving you energy.

Researchers still don’t know how this happens and they still can’t find a way to duplicate the same results in conventional medicine.

Moreover, it takes the same amount of time to make coffee and has many advantages as these are all just blended herbs and fungi. 


How to take adaptogens and why you should cycle them!

Beginner's Guide To Adaptogens And How To Kick Off Coffee! #matcha #self love #coffee #powder #lifehabits

The easiest approach to use adaptogens for the first time is to consider the conditions of the day and/or week, and then select which adaptogen to use according to the specific stress or tension experienced.

Regardless of how one copes with emotional tension, one should use a certain adaptogen powder, that matches the symptoms when they need it most. 

This is where listening to the body comes into play when incorporating adaptogens into your lifestyle, as there are so many forms of adaptogens that have particular advantages, and you sort of have to listen to what the body is saying to you and go from there.

Once you do recognize what is happening to your nervous system, you will know what adaptogens to use as time goes by.

Take a look at these four suggested adaptogens below, to see what they can do for your health and nervous system!

Four Adaptogens For Anxiety + Depression

Beginner's Guide To Adaptogens And How To Kick Off Coffee! #matcha #mushrooms #superfoods

1. Astragalus.

Beginner's Guide To Adaptogens And How To Kick Off Coffee! Mood Beli

This adaptogenic is a brain fog banisher!

It features Rhodiola, Maca & Astragalus. This combination of three helps awaken the body and helps protect against the effects of physical, mental, and emotional stress. 

You can also use Astragalus to treat colds, upper respiratory tract infections, most allergies and to increase general resistance to stress and improve adrenal function.

You can get Astragalus from Mood Beli here.


2. Ashwagandha.

Beginner's Guide To Adaptogens And How To Kick Off Coffee! Ashwagandha Moon Juice

Ashwagandha is an ancient healing herb that has been used in Indian healing ceremonies for thousands of years, and the powder form that is highly recommended when taking Ashwagandha is Moon Juice. All adaptogens relieve stress but ashwagandha is known as the holy grail of the stress-relieving adaptogen. 

It can significantly reduce depression, anxiety, and insomnia and it is shown to reduce stress by 44% by reducing cortisol levels naturally.


3. Cordyceps.

Beginner's Guide To Adaptogens And How To Kick Off Coffee! Coryceps Moon Juice

This adaptogen, better known as the super mushroom is traditionally used to help the body handle stress, support a healthy immune system plus as an added bonus, aids the vascular system to sustain both energy and stamina.

Cordyceps also helps to improve energy, appetite, stamina, libido, endurance, and sleeping patterns. 


4. Reishi.

Beginner's Guide To Adaptogens And How To Kick Off Coffee! Reishi Moon Juice

Reishi is a mushroom that earned its name as the queen of mushrooms because it helps reduce stress and helps you get a better night’s sleep! 

Studies have also shown that Reishi also extends longevity by boosting immune functions and it has an anti-tumor effect. 

It also promotes liver cell regeneration and some studies were able to show that it actually reversed some chemically induced liver damage caused by alcohol.


There you have it! Adaptogens are a fantastic tool to increase your overall health by balancing out your stress levels and hormones. I hope you give them a try.

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  *As with any herbal supplements and health-related advice, always check with your health care provider before taking them!

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