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14 Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything

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14 Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything - Everything Abode

Does the cook in your life already have everything they need?!

We all know these at-home chefs (who seemingly have everything in their kitchen), seem to always have everything that they would ever need.

And it can baffle us when it’s time to get them something. But hope is not lost!

There are some clever out-of-the-box kitchen items, that they may need if they don’t have them yet!

And they are hand-picked, just for you, so you don’t have to question yourself on what to get them the next time you go shopping. 

Plus, choosing the perfect gift for foodies, can seem really hard, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Here are 14 unique kitchen items that should help you discover something new for your cherished home cook’s next gift!

14 Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything

14 Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything - Everything Abode

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1. Mason Jar Measuring Cup Set.

Mason Jar Measuring Cups Set - Everything Abode

Bring back the old antique feel to your giftee’s countertops with these mason jar measuring cups set. Stacked together, these measuring cups form a wonderful mason jar look that serves as an accent piece for any kitchen counter.

2. 12-Piece Colored Kitchen Knife Set.

12-Piece Colored Kitchen Knife Set

Help your friend or giftee out in the kitchen with this colorful kitchen knife set. These knives all have a nonstick color coating, which helps prevent food from sticking to the blade for faster, easier cutting. 


3. Steamer Insert.

Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything via @everythingabode Everything Abode

For the cook who has everything, then this is what they need. The reason this is a great gift is that it can easily fit into the pots they already own.

Plus this steamer is twice as hard as stainless steel, it’s warp-resistant which means it will last through a lot of cooking and dinners. You can get your hands on this steamer here before it runs out. 


4. Marble Baker’s Board.

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything via @everythingabode

These marble boards remain cool (below room temperature), which is super helpful for numerous kitchen tasks that your giftee might like to do, including pastry folding or serving up a delish cheese spread for their guests.

Don’t forget to tell them that the board’s cool surface helps keep the dough from sticking as they work with it.  Add it to your list before it runs out!


5. Baking Steel Sheet that lasts for a lifetime.

Gifts for the chef that already has everything via @everythingabode

Your pal may already have a pizza stone at home but it’s probably already cracking and this baking steel is a way to one-up the one they already have!


6. Copper Antique Flatware.

10 Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything via Everything Abode

Oh, you bet your foodie friend is particular about his or her flatware!  And this antique copper flatware set will not disappoint! The handles are not so narrow, that when it’s held they don’t press uncomfortably into the palm.

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7. Pan Cabinet Organizer.

6. Cabinet Pan Organizer

This cabinet pan organizer rack accommodates up to five pans with vertical installation (or four pans with horizontal installation) for whatever your friend or giftee needs to better organize their kitchen gear. Get it before it runs out!


8. Reclaimed Wood Spice Rack.

10 Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything via @everythingabode spice rack

Most at-home chefs love their four to five spices to work with and this reclaimed spice rack will be perfect for them to store them within reach. Be sure to tell your friend that each spice rack is carefully crafted and made from hand-selected reclaimed wood. Add this spice rack to your list right away!


9. Woven Produce Bags.

Wall-Mounted Onion & Garlic Baskets via @everythingabode

These woven storage bags are perfect for displaying fruit and garlic without annoying your friend with having cluttered counters while they cook. A win, win!

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10. All-In-One Avocado Tool.

10 Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything via @everythingabode

This all-in-one tool splits, pits, and slices avocados with ease. Depending on how many avocados your giftee likes, this is a cute, unique, and little gift that makes great for a stocking stuffer. 


11. The ultimate Food Processor.

10 Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything via @everythingabode

This is a marvelous present for any at-home chef! They can make all the curries and sauces like never before having this food processor on their counter. 


12. A Natural Herb Keeper.

Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything via Everything Abode

If your food-loving friend loves cooking with fresh herbs.. then this herb keeper is the ultimate gift. They can store all types of their favorite herbs that they like and you can also tell them it’s great for vegetables such as asparagus and carrots. 


13. A Polished Kitchen Toolset.

Gifts For the Cook Who Seemingly Has Everything via Everything Abode @everythingabode

Your at-home cook (who seemingly has everything), will be very impressed and slightly spoiled if you get them this steel polished mirror finish toolset for all their cooking needs. 

14. Silicone Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set.

Silicone Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set

Add a fun pop of color to your giftee’s kitchen with these Kitchen Utensils Spatula Set with Stainless Steel Stand!  It’s a great gift for anyone who loves to cook and will serve all of their needs. 




Want to take your homemaking one step further?! Check out how to create a minimalist kitchen here!

What’s your favorite?! I really hope you liked this gift guide. If you have any suggestions, please comment below! 

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