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How to Have More Energy in the Mornings? Here are 10 Habits that Work!

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If you are looking to know how to have more energy in the mornings, here are ten small but powerful ways to harness the morning energy that you wholeheartedly deserve!

10 Powerful Ways To Have More Energy In The Mornings - how to be a morning person

Are you zapped with zero energy in the mornings or feel that your morning fatigue is rearing its ugly head all too often?

Or are you also wondering what it takes to be a morning person that has loads of energy right after waking up?

First off, if you have exhaustion in the morning and are struggling to wake up feeling like your normal self, you are not alone. 

Many people struggle with the morning time, and can’t even shake an ounce of energy out of themselves, even though they’ve technically had enough sleep.

To top things off, in order to get through those long exhausting days, many people turn to caffeine, hoping that it can help them muster the energy that they are striving to have. 

So if you are struggling in this area in your own life, then it’s about time that we end this vicious cycle for good.

To help you out, here are ten small yet powerful morning tips to help you harness the extra energy, vitality, and inner strength your mornings wholeheartedly deserve. 


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10 Powerful Ways To Have More Energy In The Mornings

10 Clever ways that'll get you waking up with loads of energy - Everything Abode

1. Start the night before so you don’t have to think about the little things.

Sleep experts will say over and over again, that waking up early and becoming a morning person, doesn’t just happen in the morning time.

However, most morning people who have bountiful energy in the mornings have that energy because they prepped the night before.

They all know that getting a few things done and out of the way the night before, will help them sustain the energy that they’ve cooped up for themselves while sleeping, to be better prepared and equipped as morning people.

So to carry out a morning routine that has loads of energy for yourself, especially if you are finding it hard to feel good after you first wake up, consider starting the night prior so you have very little to no thinking to do after you first wake up. 

Layout your clothes, have breakfast ready and waiting for you in the fridge, and preset your coffee maker the night before so that when morning comes, all you have to do is flick it on with no thinking required. 

Also, if you need some more insightful night routine ideas, check out these 9-night rituals that you should consider before you go to bed each night. 


2. Wait to have your first cup of coffee.

Now that you’ve been told to preset your kettle the night before, going a bit further, sleep experts suggest drinking caffeine is totally okay, but to not rely on having it within your first hour of waking up.

If you do, you will disrupt your body’s natural wake-up hormone called serotonin and your body requires this hormone to work naturally if you would like to wake up properly. 

Not only that but if you have coffee too late in the day as well, that late caffeine kick can seriously disrupt your sleep cycle and cause you to feel all the more groggy in the mornings.

The best way to avoid this is to wait an hour after you wake up to have your first hit of caffeine and avoid caffeine at least five hours before bedtime.


3. Use handy sleep apps to track your sleep cycle.

10 really important things you need to know to wake up alert and ready to start your day.

Another effective way to wake up with energy is to make sure you get enough sleep. 

Good healthy sleep is paramount for morning people because it’s a known fact that most morning people have overcome their late nights long before they became morning people. 

Plus, even though we’re adults, it does go without saying, that we haven’t had a bedtime in many many years. However, if going to bed earlier (than your usual sleep time) means having more energy in the mornings, then it’s something to seriously consider. 

To help you out, give yourself a bedtime, stick to it and try one of these 15 sleep apps to help you track how much sleep you are actually getting. 


4. Wake up earlier in weekly increments, even on weekends.

Becoming a morning person is no different from starting any skill that you would like to be good at.

Plus we all know that waking up with loads of energy is not going to happen overnight if there isn’t a plan that’s easy to follow. 

So another great way to harness that great morning energy is to know that the first couple of weeks of waking up early will take a lot of self-disciple and self-motivation. 

However, the more you stick with it, the more energy you’ll have in the mornings, once your body starts getting used to the routine. 

The best way to see this through is to wake up gradually, 15 to 30 minutes earlier, in weekly increments. Try to also refrain from sleeping in on the weekends for faster results.


5. Create a ‘reach zone’ for your alarm.

How to Wake Up Feeling Totally Alert With Energy (2)

If you are one of those people who likes hitting the snooze button multiple times, then you have to be aware that the only way to fix this issue is by creating a ‘reach zone’.

Having a reach zone that is strictly for your alarm/phone and getting up out of bed to turn it off (when it sounds) is a sure way to know you spared yourself at least a half-hour of feeling terrible in the morning.

So find a place in your room (preferably by the door) that is the furthest away from your bed for your alarm or even better try putting your alarm in another room. 

Of course, make sure you place it where you can hear it, and then come morning time, reach for your reach zone and tirelessly walk yourself to the bathroom.

Getting out of bed and walking to your alarm will give you the power and energy you need — but only if you stay standing up! 


6. Create a morning ritual that really excites you.

Most morning people all have one thing in common — they love their morning rituals!

Their morning rituals are something little special that they all just love to do, right after they get out of bed.

Whether that be a simple morning exercise, an easy meditation, a healthy morning drink, or a delicious morning croissant, they love doing it every single morning without waver. 

Try adding something to your morning routine that excites you, (something that you don’t usually do in the mornings) and stick to that for the first week and see how your energy feels after. 


7. Make morning light your new BFF.

Having a well-lit room for that natural morning sunrise is always going to be essential for waking up with energy.

But the good news is, this doesn’t require that you have to have windows in order to benefit from it.

The only thing that matters is that there is light. So whether it’s natural or artificial, your brain can’t tell the difference! 

Plus, enhancing serotonin in the mornings is one of the building blocks of producing a healthy morning brain and light therapy is just as good as the real thing.

Consider investing in a light therapy lamp for your winter mornings or if you sleep in a dark room all year long, and see how that benefits your energy levels a few weeks after you use it. 


8. Perspire to sleep better.

10 Things to do that'll get you waking up with energy

Sleep experts say that exercise not only lowers your blood pressure, but also reduces stress and anxiety, and helps you wake up feeling well-rested.

So if you can create a morning or mid-afternoon exercise, you will feel your body naturally rest well at night, and you’ll have so much energy ready to do it the next day. 


9. Avoid long daytime naps.

The next time your body really needs a nap and you cave in, you might want to think twice about that. 

Sleep experts say that when our bodies reach the deep REM sleep stage that is usually after the first 20 mins of sleep, that’s when our bodies start the rigorous process of restoring our body’s cells.

When it does this, it takes a lot of energy to regain consciousness than if you had held off and waited for bedtime. So if you really need to nap, keep it short and under 15 minutes.


10. Eat better, sleep better, and wake up happier.

10 tips that should help you to create and harness that extra energy your mornings wholeheartedly deserve. 

Most sleep experts agree that diet and sleep go hand-in-hand.

They also say that if you’re eating junk in the evenings, your body is going to spend more energy digesting that food, then it will be rebuilding your body.

Remember, sleeping is only to rest and restore your body’s energy and shouldn’t be for anything else, and improving your diet is one of the best ways to restoring your sleep so you can wake up with all that extra energy.

You can eat better to sleep better by meal planning, taking adaptogens, drinking more water, learning to stop snacking at night, and being conscious of what you are feeding your body on a daily basis.



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