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10 Small Ways to Keep Your Home Extra Tidy

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10 Small Painless Ways That'll Keep Your Home Really Tidy - Everything Abode

Are you looking for some small creative ways that’ll help keep your home tidy?

Even though it’s difficult to keep a clean home at all times, it is absolutely possible with a few of these handy reminders. 

Keeping your home minimal is easy if you start slow and adjust to a few habits that you can stick with for as long as you can.

Plus, you’ll really make your home look clean and very organized after you know these tips. 

Here are 10 small painless ways to keep your home looking clean, minimal, and organized in a breeze.

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10 Small Ways to Keep Your Home Extra Tidy

Always make Your bed

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1. Try to always make Your bed.

This tip is really quick and easy and it is also so effective and that is to always make your bed every morning. Just by taking a couple of minutes to make your bed can make your whole room look so much cleaner and even more inviting when you get home.

Plus, if you make your bed every morning, you’re going to do the first job of the day.  And making your bed helps to enhance the value of the finer details of life. If you do the little things correctly, you will most likely do the big things correctly.

2. Have a home for every item you own.

Have a space for everything tip - three cups filled with strings and green pencils,

Marie Kondo says it best, that “every time you bring something new into your house it should be housed in its perfect place”.

She means storing that item that makes the most sense for you.

This is because the presence of an object without a home raises the likelihood that your home will again get overly cluttered.

So finding a good spot, by intentionally choosing a good home will help your whole home, stay just that much more tidy and organized. 

Also when you do clean up your house it makes it so much easier and faster to know where to put everything away.

3. Do lighter loads of laundry so you can stay on top of it.

Do smaller laundry loads tip - Girl holding three folded sweaters, pink beige and purple.

When it comes to small and large laundry loads, the energy-efficient alternative consists of a full load.

Although, doing smaller loads of laundry will help make folding and putting away just that much easier.

So before you start doing smaller loads, please pick the correct size on your washing machine.

People all too often choose “large” and never change it. 

Plus, if you are one of those people who waits till the hamper is overflowing to do their laundry? 

That’ll get you backed up and make the folding process just that much more of a pain to get to. 

So when the hamper is half full, that is a good indicator to start a load.

4. Resist temptations to buy more stuff.

Resisting triggers/temptations to bring more stuff into the home is an absolute must if you are wanting to have a cleaner home.

Triggers can be in the form of certain shopping areas or even certain moods when you feel like buying something new. 

So, whatever the case may be and if you see yourself buying more things than you really need, make sure that it accommodates your clean home first and your home will stay clean moving forward. 

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5. Invest in good smart storage solutions.

Invest in storage solutions

With things building up all the time in our homes, it’s usually due to a lack of time and storage solutions.

So if you really want to keep a tidy and organized home it just makes sense that investing in storage solutions such as containers and jars, or bins and containers, can go a heck of a long way to maintaining a really clean and organized home.

Plus, by investing in some clever storage solutions for around your house as a ‘just in case’ for any problem areas, you’ll be one step ahead of your mess. 


6. Minimalize every 3 months with three boxes.

It’s also really important to minimalize your things every three months.

That way you will have a method to organize the items you encounter as you walk through the rooms in your home.

The most common organization suggestion for this is to use the “Three-Box Strategy.”

Gather three boxes or storage containers and mark them as follows; Keep, discard, donate/sell. 

You’ll have an easier time determining what needs to stay and what needs to go because you will be going through each item one thing at a time. And doing this will ensure that you don’t end up with a bigger mess than what you began with.

Plus, this is also a great time to allow more space for better quality items or to just enjoy a more minimal home.  

7. Always keep your counters clear if you would like to have a tidy looking home.

Maintaining clear counters may seem very obvious but it’s totally worth saying. The clear counter rule applies to every flat surface space in your home that may have a chance to build up unwanted items.

So the best way to start implementing this tip is to have, again, using a small storage bin to collect every little out-of-place item that’s sitting on your counters, coffee tables, and nightstands.

The key is to always keep them clear that way your home looks tidy at a moment’s notice. 


8. Pick out your outfits the night before so your clothes don’t pile up on the floor.

Pick out your outfit the night before tip - pink sweater with jeans and white runners with girls hand on sweater, sweater reads 'love will save us all'

Are you the biggest culprit of trying on a million outfits and then throwing them on the ground leaving them for later?

If so, then this tip will really help you keep your home clean.

The best way to eliminate unwanted clothes lying around the house is to pick out your outfit the night before and stick with it.

That means not wavering from your decision. Doing this makes a world a difference in how clean your house and bedroom will stay.

And you’ll also be saving more clothes from the washer machine, due to not knowing what’s clean and what isn’t!

9. Pre Soak your dishes and then wash them straight after dinner.

Dishwasher or not, this home cleaning rule will keep your kitchen in fine order.

It is 20 times faster to clean the dishes if you do them immediately than if you were to leave them for ‘later’. The food will just come off the plates and cookware so much faster when you do them straight away.

Doing this will make a world of a difference in keeping your kitchen sparkling clean.

10. Scan your home every week and ask yourself “Do I still need that?”

Know before you buy if you need it tip- girl holding white hanger with white pants with black stripes in front of cement wall.

This is a common problem because we all hang onto unwanted stuff way too often, and honestly, it can be all those little extra knick-knacks that are really making your home look out of order and just plain messy. 

So the next time you scan your home, ask yourself “Do I still need that?”. Chances are you’ll find something that you can declutter and having this level of awareness will help you stay on top of the mess.  

Less is so much more when it comes to maintaining a clean home. 

So if you are ready to start the decluttering process now, then check out these 25 household items that are very easy to discard that’ll make the world of a difference in creating a cleaner more organized home for you. 

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