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11 Important Financial Habits of All Successful Women

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11 Important Financial Habits of All Successful Women - Everything Abode

Looking to get your financial stress in order?

Recently I talked about the Habits of Women who always stay attractive but today I wanted to address what helps them achieve their success.

I wanted to know the key points that successful women do to stay financially savvy.

Whether you are already successful or just starting out your career, these 11 financial habits of successful women will definitely remind you what key areas you need to focus on more and how to better handle your finances.


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11 Financial Habits of Successful Women

11 Financial Habits of Successful Women

1. She knows exactly what her income is.

It is essential to understand exactly where your money comes from and all successful woman knows her income like the back of her hand. They know where the money comes from and where it goes to keep their finances all in fine order.


2. She Knows All of Her Expenses and Pays the Hardest One’s First.

All successful women get really clear on their worst debts first before unhealthy habits can be formed. The first step is to determine which debts cost you the most and to clean them up as fast as you can.


3. She doesn’t live on credit.

She doesn’t live on credit

A successful woman never lives on credit. She doesn’t purchase above her means and she most certainly does not live a champagne lifestyle if she has a minimal budget. She knows exactly what she can afford and lives within those means. 


4. She Budgets Accordingly.

Budgets that are realistic and account for every known expense are something that all successful woman has under their belt.

Whether it is a financial workbook binder for the whole year or an easy printable tacked on the fridge, they seldom deviate from the financial goals that they’ve set out for themselves. Doing this helps them stay on track. 


5. She’s Savvy, Not Frugal.

Very rarely do successful women pay full price because she already knows when her favorite beauty products are on sale.  Better yet, she thinks long-term and buys what she needs in bulk to save her even more money in the long run. When she needs to fill up her gas tank, she also knows that midweek is always going to be cheaper than filling up on weekends. She’s savvy this way!


6. She rewards herself.

She rewards herself

When she achieves financial goals that enable her budget to have extra cash? She understands how important it is to reward herself first.  Even though it is as small as a manicure or a healthy lunch, it’s something that easily fits within her budget and that helps her stay motivated to keep on reaching more financial goals!


7. She Never Buys on Impulse.

Just because she can afford to buy the latest new iPhone and splurge on coffee every day? That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to. A successful woman is not only savvy with her financial plan but she knows not to buy on impulse even if she can afford it. Impulse buying is one of the best ways to get into debt and she is aware of this! 


8. She Has a Backup Plan.

A successful woman knows she needs a backup plan like a savings account or a good nest egg. She understands that sometimes there are unpredictable things that could easily leave her without an income for a period of time. For times like these, she most likely will save 10% of her income each month as a ‘just in case’ emergency fund. 

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9. She invests in her retirement.

This is one thing that most successful women have in the bag. She starts adding to her retirement funds from an early age. The earlier is always better when it comes to retirement and she knows that starting from a young age is extremely important for her finances to stay in the green. 


10. She Knows Her Value and Asks for That Pay Raise.

A successful woman knows her worth and she’s not afraid to ask for it. She lay’s out all the things that she goes above and beyond for and negotiates that pay raise she knows she oh so deserves. If she is unhappy with her job or pay structure, she knows that is a great time to evaluate if it can be improved upon. 


11. She knows her happiness does not depend on money.

She knows her happiness does not depend on money

At the end of the day, having money and finances in order is a very healthy stable way to live. But happiness shouldn’t rely heavily on how much you make.

So, if you would like to be successful and financially fit? Do what brings you joy and find a way to get paid for it!


Whether you start saving now for retirement or you start using a budget printable, it’s really up to you. It’s all about finding the right tricks to get the results you want and saving for your future is just so worth it to start doing it now.

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