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6 Good Reasons To Always Shop With A Grocery List

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The next time you go grocery shopping, make a grocery list! There are many grocery list benefits like saving you time, energy, and money!

Would you like to fast-track the way you shop for groceries?

If so, then you also would like to be more organized, and you would also like to avoid buying items you don’t really need, right?

Well, let’s just say, by incorporating a shopping list before you head out to do your grocery shopping, you are going to see great benefits!

Most importantly, you will also greatly impact your physical, mental, and financial health.

Yes, drawing up a grocery list before you head to the grocery store is definitely something that you’ll want to start doing, especially after you see this list of benefits yourself. 

Here are 6 solid good reasons why shopping with a grocery list is very important! 

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6 Good Reasons to Shop with a Grocery List

1. A grocery list will save you money.

If buying food is busting your budget, it’s time to rethink what you think you know, about grocery shopping. 

Because yes, even grocery lists can save you a lot of money!

According to research, having a grocery list can reduce your food expenses by 25-30%, but that’s only if you draw up a grocery list and remember to take it with you. 

The USDA also publishes a monthly food plan suggesting how much groceries should be with the average cost of food per month, for one person, ranging from $165 to $345, (depending on your age and gender). 

These national averages also vary based on where you live, and the quality of your food purchases, but nonetheless, if you can shave some money down by having a grocery list, all the better. 

Besides, it’ll help steer you from swaying towards unhealthier and out-of-budget food items.


2. A grocery list will save you time & energy.

When you are pressed for time, there is nothing worse than running back and forth from the grocery store all because you forgot that one special item.

Additionally, if you make some extra time to list out the items you need and also match that shopping list to how your grocery store is outlined (ie; produce, dairy, bakery), you’ll save even more time and energy because you’ll know what to grab at a moment’s notice. 


3. A grocery list will enhance your memory.

When it comes to writing out your grocery list, if you get into the habit of making a shopping list by typing it on your phone with a grocery app, or handwriting everything you need, you are also memorizing your list even better! That’s because repeating information is the best way to remember things.


4. A grocery list will help you stay in shape.

Who knew that having a grocery list would help you out with your waistline, but it certainly does!

When it comes to writing out a grocery list, that’s when we usually make healthier decisions because we’re not being tempted to write out unhealthy food options such as chips and soda.

Besides, you’ll be in and out of the store quickly, and you won’t be inclined to grab those tempting extra sweets if you stick to getting the healthy food items you initially wrote down.

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5. A grocery list will provide less mental stress.

Lists, in general, are the perfect way to make a task seem so much more doable.

The reason for this is, is that breaking down a task into smaller and more manageable tasks (like writing out a grocery list before grocery shopping) means it’ll be so much easier for the brain to process what to do thus relieving some much-needed stress.


6. A grocery list will reduce waste.

Do you buy food you think you will like but only to have it rot in the back of the fridge later?

The majority of the time, the answer is yes, but that’s only if you didn’t prepare a shopping list.

Additionally, if you buy items that you don’t have an immediate need for, there’s a greater chance that they’ll only end up in the trash.

However, you can reduce a lot of unnecessary food waste by a landslide if you have a realistic idea of what you need and a detailed shopping list that’s ready to help.

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Are you convinced to shop with a grocery list? 

AnyList is the preferred app for collaborative lists of groceries. It’s well-designed and easy to use and makes food shopping simpler, and it’s accessible for both iPhones and androids. You should definitely give it a try!

‎AnyList: Grocery Shopping List on the App Store 

‎AnyList Grocery Shopping List on the App Store


There you have it! The next time you head to the grocery store, take your grocery list with you.

It’ll help make sticking to good healthy foods so much easier. Not only that,  it’s a great habit to get into for your health, your wallet, and your time. 


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12 Easy Ways To Save Extra Money On Groceries Each Month - Everything Abode

Tuesday 24th of August 2021

[…] 6 Solid Good Reasons Why it’s Important to Shop with a Grocery List […]


Sunday 8th of August 2021

Great article!

I totally agree with number 3, it really does help me lose weight. having a shopping list keeps me stick to shopping healthy food or snacks and keeps me from picking junk foods!

stay safe and healthy!