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The Best Morning Routine For Moms: 8 Things To Do Before 8 A.M

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This morning routine for moms doesn’t require taking care of kids. This morning routine is great for busy moms who want to insert peace and relaxation into their morning routines.

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We are all familiar with the mad dash in the mornings, aren’t we?

However, for busy moms, their morning routine isn’t complete without throwing kids into the mix.

Once the little ones are up in the morning, the morning time can wreak havoc for busy moms across the nation – not even mentioning setting the tone for the rest of the day!

So it goes without saying that starting your day off right is extremely important, particularly if you’re a busy mom trying to wear all the hats at the same time with success.

If you’re a mom looking for a great routine for mornings, this is the right place for you. You want to feel refreshed and ready for your day.

Once you establish a routine for your morning, you will be able to stay on track throughout the day.

These are 8 things you can do before 8 am that don’t involve taking care of your kids or neglecting yourself!

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The Best Morning Routine For Busy Moms

morning routine for moms, mom daily routine, moms morning routine

1. Start out Warm And Cozy with “Me Time” before the kids wake up.

When you get up, one of the best things a busy mom can include in her morning routine is to indulge in some “me time”.

Your morning routine could start with a dose of warm coffee or tea. Whatever you find warm and delicious, dive right on in.

Take time to sip and just enjoy this part of your morning routine. It’s the part of the morning when no one is awake yet so you get to sit back and relax. Sit outside if it’s good weather and take slow sips.


2. Delve into some much-needed inspiration.

One of the best things busy moms can include in their morning routine for moms is a touch of inspiration.

You don’t need to read an entire book each day but if you throw in a few pages as part of your morning routine, you’ll feel so much more refreshed and ready to take on the little ones when they wake up.

You can also listen to audiobooks, or search the web every morning reading inspiring notes.

If you like to read the Bible, this is a great chance to read a few bible verses or a chapter.


3. Journal.

If you want to go a step further than reading a few pages of inspirational material in the mornings, try jotting down a few inspirational lines in a journal for more inspiration.

There are so many different types of journals if you don’t like the diary style.

You can start a prayer journal, a thankful journal, a shadow work journal, or just write out things you want to get completed for the day.

Reading and writing are important parts of therapy for our minds. They help us see things in a different light and get our minds ready to start the day on an inspiring note.


4. Meditate or Pray.

If you are a busy mom trying to incorporate some sanity into your morning routine, then you must take some time to shut out the noise of the world.

Whether you choose to meditate or pray, just sit in the silence and enjoy some inner peace. Focus on your thoughts and breathe.

This will help you sort out the day and think about things that truly matter.

Ponder whatever you feel at this time. This could be thinking about something small like what you’ll have for lunch. Or it could mean thinking of the meaning of the world.

You can simply sit and pray if you want. Talk to your higher power and reflect on the positive things in your life.

This is your time to just be. This is the time away from everyone in your house talking constantly so enjoy each minute.


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5. Knock one thing off your list that’ll set you up for the day ahead.

A powerful morning routine for moms includes choosing something you don’t really want to do and getting it done.

This could mean folding laundry, making a doctor’s appointment, or cleaning your toilets.

If you put it off, you won’t feel as accomplished but if you make it one of your morning habits to do before 8 am, this one thing you don’t enjoy doing can be out of the way from the start of the day.

Once you get it done, it’ll be off your to-do list. Remember successful people get things done including busy moms.

The earlier you attack them, the earlier you get to play.


6. Make a morning meal and pair it with vitamins.

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important part of the day – busy moms included.

But since busy moms are often busy they often forget to nourish themselves as they get breakfast ready for the kids.

However, there is a faster way to get the nourishment you need before the day begins!

It’s all about taking the time to have a little food for yourself. Eat a healthy meal, make yourself some eggs or try something as little as an apple to give you the fuel you need to get to the next meal.

You can nibble on breakfast while you read or with your morning cup of coffee.

A healthy morning routine isn’t complete without some healthy vitamins.

Here are some healthy vitamins to include in the morning:

No one said the things you do in the morning before 8 AM can’t be mixed together. Make sure you take your vitamins each morning with your breakfast. 


7. Wake your cells up to get more energy.

There is no doubt that a huge part of a mom’s daily routine includes some sort of movement.

However, getting some deliberate exercise in the morning is one of the best motivators to start a day with even more energy!

Getting in exercise doesn’t mean you need to go run a few miles every morning. It means to get moving is all.

You can do some yoga stretches, jog in one place or do a few jumping jacks. These 8 wellness trends could be included too!

If you have the time and energy, go for a jog around the block. Take the dog for a walk if you get a chance.

If you take the time to get the blood pumping throughout your body, this will give your mind a boost and get your body ready for the day.


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8. Don’t forget to do some ‘Mom Stuff’ to stay extra organized.

One of the best morning routines for moms has to include doing “mom stuff”.

After all, moms should enjoy doing their own thing for a little while, however not getting prepared at all will be a disaster once the kids are up.

Moreover, after you have finished your morning routine and you get some mom responsibilities out of the way, it will make you feel great to get things done for the kids before they wake up.

“Mom Stuff” is just anything that can get done for the day without the kids being up and bothering you.

You can get their lunches together for the day. Write a sweet note for each lunchbox. You can even start breakfast for the kids so they have a nice positive surprise to start their day.

If your kids are little, set out their clothes and have everything ready for them so they’ll get out the door on time.

Maybe you need to go through their folders from school.

Maybe you need to sign a few forms. Maybe you just need to check in on them to make sure they don’t need anything throughout the day.

Kids don’t usually realize moms work overtime for them.

Moms are always working behind the scenes to make sure the kids have a nice day.

Moms are truly unsung heroes!


Bonus* Plan Dinner to have a relaxing evening later.

Planning dinner may sound like such a weird thing to do in the morning but it’s very important to plan what you’re having for dinner each day.

This way you can stick to a healthy food budget and it won’t be so chaotic for you each night when trying to figure out what to make for the little ones.

If you need to set out meat to thaw out for later or plan in the morning time to grab something at the store later, planning dinner is a great thing to have planned, especially for busy moms.

Who knows, if you have time for it you could even spend a bit of time browsing for the perfect recipe.

If you find something great to cook, you can even start to prep it and put it in the fridge come dinner time.

Some tasks required to plan dinner in the morning are cutting vegetables, marinating meats, or putting things in containers for later.

If you are a busy mom, then there is no doubt that planning dinner ahead of time will save you so much time so you are not stuck cutting onions with people screaming for something in the next room!


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There you go! Getting in a good morning routine for moms before 8 AM doesn’t have to be hard.

Make it a part of your healthy lifestyle to get up and prepare yourself emotionally and physically for the day ahead.

Soon you won’t even notice life was ever any different. Get out there and rule the day!


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