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15 Home Cleaning Habits Neat Freaks Can’t Live Without

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How to be a neat freak: Find out how easy it is to stay neat and tidy (in your own home) with these habits all neat freaks can’t live without!

how to be a neat freak, neat freak habits

Have you ever been inside of a neat freak’s home?

If you have, you probably found that their living room had just been freshly vacuumed, they had very few dishes in the sink right after dinner and their place’s immaculateness most likely made you feel a little self-critical about your own home.

Moreover, seeing their home always looking ‘put together’ makes you wonder how you can keep your home as neat and tidy as theirs, right?

Well, you are in luck because neat freaks seem to follow a few cleaning habits by default.

And although a few of these ways to clean your home may seem difficult to establish (at first), once developed, they are very simple to maintain!

So, if you would like to be one of those people who always has their own home in perfect harmony, especially when it comes to the neat factor?

Here are 15 simple home cleaning ideas that’ll make people believe you’re a natural neat freak yourself!


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15 Home Cleaning Habits Neat Freaks Can’t Live Without

How to be a neat freak 9 ways via @everythingabode

1. They place all of their main priorities in plain view.

How to be a neat freak via @everythingabode

When it comes to being a neat freak, most neat freaks know what they need to get done and when they need to do it.

But how does someone know what to do all of the time when they are at home?

They most likely have their most important properties (aka to-do list) hanging up in plain sight. 

Having a handy to-do list and placing it on either the fridge or even tacked one up against the wall, especially when it comes to house chores like garbage days etc, will make life all the easier. 

So if you want to get more organized and become that neat freak that ticks things off daily, grab a house chores list like this one and place it where it can’t be hidden. 


2. They tie up their cables to be extra neat & tidy.

tie up their cables. neat freak habits for a cleaner home- Everything Abode

Image Source // Bustle

Most neat people have little tiny ways to clear up almost anything that annoys them. And the same goes for their cables!

So the next time your cables knot up and look like a hot mess? Neatly connect them with either tape or clips. Little tricks like these are the best way to combat little ongoing issues in your home. 

Not only that but when it comes to being a true neat freak, little details like hiding and organizing cables and cords are a big deal and will make your home look extra tidy. 


3. They have unique chore reminders.

Most neat freaks pursue their most important tasks relentlessly because they almost always manage those tasks with loads of handy reminders.

So the next time you are wondering if creating a list is all you need — think again because there are even more unique ways to stop being messy and disorganized

Try taking your reminders a step further by using the Amazon Echo

To-do lists are great but if you can make sure that you are being reminded via audio as well, doing so will help you pursue your own most important tasks (just like neat freaks)!


Pursue your MOST important tasks first via @everythingabode


4. There is no such thing as spring cleaning.

Most people think that spring is the best time to deep clean their homes.

However, neat freaks know that when it comes to maintaining a clean and tidy home, deep cleaning is not weather-dependent.

They know that deep cleaning at any time throughout the year is the best way to stay extra clean and tidy.


5. They leave nothing unattended until morning.

Most neat freaks are anxious about dishes being left in the sink too long or garbage piling up in their bins — some can’t even sleep at night even thinking about it!

This is why most neat freaks never consider leaving anything behind until the next morning.  They know it only takes a few minutes to wash those dishes or take the trash out.

So if you are able to take this cleaning rule and apply it to your own home cleaning routine, you will be so much closer to becoming a true neat freak!


6. No spills or messes go uncleaned.

Neat freaks rarely let their toilets turn another color, and they never leave messes or spills go uncleaned.

For instance, once a few drops of tea hit the floor, they don’t just walk away. They know cleaning it up straight away will save their backs come mopping day. 


7. They always notice every ‘out of place’ thing.

You can go through the day tackling your most important priorities but if you happen to see something that’s out of place OR you happen to see something that needs to be picked up, cleaned up, or put away?  Don’t wait! 

All neat freaks do it when they notice it because most neat freaks are very detail-oriented.

So when it comes to something being out of place, you bet they are picking it up and putting it away. 


8. Neat freaks never use paper.

When you have little messes all over the house, a little more here or there doesn’t make much of a difference.

But when you start thinking like that, it can quickly turn into a vicious cycle that most neat freaks stray away from.

And this is especially true when it comes to paper clutter! 

This is why neat freaks rarely use paper due to the fact that they know it will cause a mess. 

So if you can try and switch everything from your bill payments to your legal documents online, going paperless is a great way to get rid of a year’s worth of paper clutter. 


9. They are avid label users.

9 simple ways to be a legit neat freak via @everythingabode

Labels, labels, labels!  You bet that all neat freaks love them!

In fact, when you enter a neat freaks home, you’ll see labels on almost everything!

And you too can easily get your hands on labels and easily have them shipped to your front door in less than 48 hours.

Once you have them, make sure to stick those labels onto everything (that makes sense!). Labels are a great way to help you stay just that much more organized.


10. They follow the ‘something in, something out’ rule.

Whenever you do make a disaster of your home, you want to clean up the mess as quickly as you can.

But what if you purchase something new and add more to your space?

Well, that’s when neat freaks apply the ‘something in and something out’ rule. 

In fact, when a true neat freak buys something new, they are never scared to discard something old. After all, they are neat for a reason.

So what do you do when your purchase something new? Try to donate or gift something old that you’d otherwise not use anymore.

Following this neat freak rule is a great way to free up more space.


11. They always have a plan with their weekly schedules.

Nobody can see the future, not even the neatest clean freak out there.

This means that you too must be a master of thinking ahead, and this calls for some preparation!

You can easily do this by creating a weekly schedule and filling it up with something new that’ll keep your home in fine order.

You can use a calendar, notebook, spreadsheet, checklist, or anything that’s going to help you plan ahead.

Neat freaks know that writing down their obligations will be a strong tool for preparation. 

Plus it’ll also help you remember your goals to stay just that much more motivated to see all of them through. 


12. They love storage solutions.

They love storage solutions. - Habits of a neat freak - Everything Abode

Think water-sealed ziplock bags, baskets for scarves, boxes for seasonal wear, and containers for the pantry.

Pretty much anything that can be stored and stowed away is something neat freaks just can’t get enough of.

Storing a range of objects, including seasonal clothing, additional blankets, extra art, cleaning supplies, or even your essential documents all has to go somewhere.

And every neat freak knows that every container can make a difference. 

Plus you’ll know exactly where to find what you are searching for at any given time!


13. They always tidy in one swoop when they are busy.

The next time you are bound for time to tidy your space in hurry, tidy your home in one swoop!

Throw everything that looks messy and that is laying around the house into one laundry basket. 

That way after you’ve gathered all the out-of-place items, you can then categorize them into the various rooms the items belong to, later!

Most neat freaks have go-to cleaning solutions like this and you’ll save a lot of time tidying, especially if you have last-minute guests coming over. 


14. They keep the stuff they use regularly, accessible.

This may sound ridiculously easy, but it actually isn’t because a lot of people still don’t efficiently have access to the things they always use. 

However, to be a true neat freak, the things you need at all times should be easily assessable and feasible to obtain.

Otherwise, you will make a huge mess and put it back ‘later’ when searching for said items. 

These are just a few examples but common spices should be placed in front of all the spices you have in the cupboard, popular socks should be placed at the top of the drawer, your favorite mug should always be clean, mail should have its own little holding space, etc. 

The bottom line: whatever you use on a consistent and daily basis, it should be considerably easy to get so you can source it when you need it.

Placing things in your home with thoughtfulness is one of the safest ways to ensure your home always stays as clean and organized as a neat freak would have it. 


15. They always keep their high energy sustained.

Lastly, as a great way to help you stay in the right mental mindset to stay powerfully clean and organized — staying hydrated is key!

We all know that it takes a lot of energy to stay clean and tidy. Moreover, cleaning when you have the most energy will always complete those chores in record time!

Additionally, ensuring to always have water by your side will completely change your mindset because hydration brings clarity, focus and is one of the best ways to combat fatigue.


Stay hydrated - 9 simple ways to be a neat freak via @everythingabode

These habits are all a great starting point to getting everything in fine order in life and in your home.

You don’t have to apply them all, just pick a few neat freak habits and see how neat and tidy your life gets!

However, please be aware that obsessive-compulsive disorder is a true disorder and a few neat freaks may have this, so it’s best advised to not overextend yourself while you are implementing these cleaning tips.

Just give it your best one day at a time.  You’ll be a much more clean and tidy person for it! 

Thanks for reading!

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