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Marie Kondo Organizing Advice: How to Organize Your Kitchen

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Looking to reorganize your kitchen? Marie kondo organizing advice is all you need. These kitchen organizing tips will help you organize your kitchen with ease!

The BEST Kitchen Organizational Tips from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo - Everything Abode

Although many books exist on how to organize your kitchen.

Few have gained the following that Marie Kondo’s ‘The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up‘ has had in the past few years.

A legend in her own right, the professional organizer’s way of cleaning and organizing became even more popular after Netflix aired her series, showing people how to take charge of their homes and lives by decluttering.

If you need some helpful kitchen organizing ideas and don’t have the time to read Marie Kondo’s book or watch her Netflix show, don’t worry!

I’ve come up with a list of the most helpful Marie Kondo organizing ideas for you to put to good use.

By the time you finish going through the different suggestions listed in this organizing guide, you’ll know how to organize your kitchen like a pro!


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Top Marie Kondo’s Organizational tips for the kitchen

Marie Kondo's Organizational tips for the kitchen - Everything Abode

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Below are a few of Marie Kondo’s organizing tips for the kitchen. 

They will not only help get you organized but each suggestion won’t be hard to do once you implement a system that works for you. 

The main thing to remember is not to bring home any new items unless, as she says it, “they spark joy” or the item serves a purpose that you can’t do without.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are the top six organizational tips that Marie Kondo says will improve the organization of your kitchen. 


1. Get Rid Of Duplicates.

If you find yourself with more kitchen gadgets and utensils than necessary, it’s time to narrow down your selection. No one needs multiple can openers, sieves, and blenders.

Determine which items in your collection to keep and which to donate. Being able to gift another person something they need is a blessing.

It also allows you to remain grateful for the things that you do have in the kitchen and often use which is something that Marie stresses in her teachings.

You can donate your unwanted items to a thrift store, a college student, or a couple making their first home together.

Whatever you decide to do with them, first take a moment to thank the items for serving their purpose in your home.

It’s the KonMari way to express gratitude for each item you no longer want to keep for yourself.


2. Organize in a Way That Makes Sense to You.

For the items that “spark joy” in the kitchen, you’ll need to come up with a method of organization that is easily identifiable. You can opt to organize by size, shape, or color, whichever option works best for you.

The idea is to be able to find the object that you want to use instantly, without digging through drawers or cabinets. If you can identify it by sight thanks to its features, you’ll spend more time cooking and less time trying to locate a potato masher or measuring cup.

Coming up with a system that works well for you saves time and even adds to the beauty of the space.

The brain naturally wants order. You’re giving it what it craves when you’ve organized items based on their height, width, shape, and color.


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3. Think Outside the Store.


“It’s not necessary to spend tons of money on storage solutions”, Marie Kondo advises.

Instead, it pays to think outside the box store. Sure, you’ll find plenty of great tools that make organization a breeze.

They’ll cost you a lot, though, and add even more items to your newly cleared space.

Instead, focus on repurposing the things that you already have to make them fit your kitchen better.

For example, empty metal coffee cans make excellent planters for fresh herbs.

Broken china can be smashed into small pieces and used to create a beautiful mosaic backsplash in the kitchen.

You can use broken costume jewelry such as brooches to create unique and shiny drawer pulls.

The only limits that you have are your imagination when it comes to items you once loved and have a hard time discarding.


4. Set Up Different Stations in the Kitchen.

Thinking of a commercial kitchen and how it is set up to maximize efficiency can help you make better use of the kitchen you have to work with currently.

Each station inside your kitchen can be for a specific task such as to prep food or wash dishes.

If you make a commitment to using the area designated for a specific activity for it and it alone, Marie says,  “you can keep clutter away and make clean-up a breeze”.

Equipping the area with only the tools you need to get the job done is highly recommended.

For example, knives shouldn’t be stored halfway across the room when you need them to prep food.

You should also keep things where you can reach them easily.

This may entail a different way of storing such things, such as using a magnetic strip affixed to the wall, so it can make completing the task at hand faster.


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5. Choose One Step to Take, Complete, and Repeat.


“There are plenty of ways to tidy up your kitchen”, Marie says.

The suggestions listed above are mere starting points for you. Each offers a degree of difficulty ranging from simple to more complex.

Start with the task that you feel is the most approachable, build some confidence, and then tackle another area of the kitchen.

By the time that you finish tidying things up, you’ll feel like you’re cooking in a completely different home than your own.

But Marie also advises that “keeping up with tidying is imperative”.

That’s where a regular cleaning schedule is deemed necessary.

Writing it on a dry erase board where everyone entering the kitchen views helps refresh memories about what to do next.

Your partner and children can take personal responsibility for ensuring that the kitchen stays neat and tidy long after you’ve KonMaried it.


6. Go from Hot Mess to No Stress By sparking joy!

If you need help with kitchen organizing, consult the maven of managing messes, Marie Kondo, for this last bit of organizing advice.

You can apply her KonMari method to any room in your home by focusing on keeping the items that “spark joy”.

Doing so will help you free up valuable space in the kitchen to prepare your comforting and nourishing meals in.

Remember, everything has its place, and the kitchen should be as functional as it is beautiful.


There you have it! We can all use a little more ways to organize our homes, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

Marie Kondo is such a great expert to follow when it comes to purging and organizing.

And if you start intentionally organizing your home using the Konmari Method, you’ll be blown away by how uplifted your kitchen will feel!

For more organizing ideas featuring Mare Kondo? Here are 10 Ways to Organize Your Whole Home Using the KonMarie Method.


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