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7 Steps to Change Your Life (Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza)

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Are you ready to take the steps for real change? Follow Dr. Joe Dispenza with his 7 steps to help you change your life for good!

7 Steps to Change Your Life (Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza) -- Everything Abode

When you invest in yourself, you invest in your future!

Even though we all know this saying is true, sometimes life can cause us to feel self-critical.

We feel like the direction we are heading in is not right for us or that we’re tired of doing the same thing over and over again, so we long for real change in our lives.

But if you’re willing to take a leap of faith and follow the steps of Dr. Joe Dispenza, you can really transform your life.

Don’t be surprised if Dr. Joe Dispenza is new to you!

Dispenza has provided simple, straightforward methods from his teachings that will help you change your life.

He claims that you can achieve this by harnessing your true power within. This will allow you to reshape how you perceive things at the subatomic level.

We will be highlighting just some of his life-changing steps so that you can make a difference in your life, starting today.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, here are seven steps that can transform your life.

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7 Steps to Change Your Life (Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza)

7 Steps to Make Real Change In Your Life (Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza) ----- Everything Abode

1. Disconnect from your world.

We’re going to start off with one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s first steps (from his profound teachings), which is to take some time out of your busy life to disconnect from your world.

This means turning off your phone, turning off the TV, and powering down your computer.

“Your brain needs to disconnect in order to connect to its infinite source to help you,” Dispenza states.

To do this, you must lie down for a while and close your eyes.

Listen to your inner voice. Dispenza believes this is the most important step to get started on the journey to infinite change.


2. Gather your attention to the present moment.

Center your attention on the present moment. -- Everything Abode

Next, you can also make fundamental changes in your life if you practice gathering your attention!

This is where your subconscious mind can take a backseat. The more you tap in, tune in and gather your attention, the more you will open the gateway to the awareness of the person you really are.

“When you center your attention on the present moment, you are harnessing your truest power of energy. This energy has the power to create the life you desire”, Dispenza states.

Keep at it, and you will find that your daily focus is to settle back into the present moment.

If your mind wanders towards the past or the predictable future, this is perfectly normal. Instead of focusing on the past or the predictable future, try being present and making this your daily routine for real change.

Your mind wants to control you all the time. By focusing your attention on who you are, you can open up the channel to realizing that your thoughts are just thoughts.

This knowledge will allow you to move on to step 3, which is to practice being the person you want to be in every aspect of your life.

For tips to help you be present, try this:

    • Mindfulness meditations can be a great way to connect with your body. They are simple to do; you need to settle in and find some quiet space.
    • You should be comfortable, relaxed, and warm.
    • Take a deep, relaxing breath and close your eyes.
    • You can take one to four deep breaths. To connect with your body, focus on your breathing.
    • Keep your eyes on the task at hand. Your thoughts will distract you from your breath. You can practice mindful self-compassion if you feel uneasy.
    • This is the best time to show compassion and love for all that comes your way.
    • Keep your eyes on your breath and bring your awareness to your body. This will allow you to focus on the present moment.
    • Do this for at least 10 minutes each day. Daily practice will bring you the most significant benefits.


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3. Visually Rehearse Who You Want to Be.

Rehearse in your mind who you're going to be. -- Everything Abode

You are now able to disengage from the world and can focus your attention on the present moment.

Now, let’s practice these powerful moments with rehearsal!

Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “You must train yourself to rehearse your future over and over again, to make it concrete, so it can start feeling familiar!”

It is important to first understand that all of the decisions you make, the actions you take, and all of the small things you do (in-between your day-to-day activities) should be made by the person you WANT to become and not by the person you once were.

So here is where visualization comes in!

Visualization is an excellent component to use (during the open window of awareness), so you can begin rehearsing the future you want and not be the same person from the familiar past.

Through visualization you’ll be tuning in, tapping in, and being present to enable you to create the lasting change you desire.

Tap into the feelings of the person you want to be in your physical reality (through visualization) to summon up how you would like to feel in your life.

Make sure to make mental notes throughout the day as well, so you can correct your daily decisions, to become purposefully aware of who you would like to be. 


4. Teach your body emotionally.

“You must feel it to receive it”, Dr. Joe Dispenza states and you must do this every single day to get to your desired results quickly.

By teaching your body emotionally to feel the life that you are craving to live, this awareness starts to open up more and more and your visualization is going to start feeling very real for you. 

When this happens, you’ll start getting familiar with this feeling and this is where you can start the fine-tuning process for lasting change in your life.

Also, if you harness the power of feeling your way to your desired outcomes, eventually your body and mind will follow that feeling. 

But you must decide in each present moment the emotions that you’d like to feel, so you can begin to create the future that you crave.

Dispenza states, “When we become aware that we don’t have something we want, we naturally experience the emotion of lack from not having what we desire. This is how we begin creating through our imagination. It is our natural, innate propensity to be creators at play. The more we think about these things and imagine what it would be like to have them, the more our brain naturally starts creating pictures and images of what our future could look like. This is what it means to dream the dream of the future”.

So let’s put this into action!

For tips to help you teach your body emotionally, try this:

    • Let’s suppose you are angry and you want to be happy. The first thing you need to do is admit your feelings. Next, let it out by writing down your feelings or having a good cry.
    • Dr. Joe Dispenza encourages you to not sit with emotions you don’t desire for too long.
    • You can then be present with yourself by closing your eyes and disconnecting from the world.
    • Concentrate on your breathing and keep your focus on the present moment.
    • Get to the golden feeling by practicing and visualizing your ideal self.
    • Teach your body emotional things about your future. Don’t stop until you feel them in the present moment.


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5. Decide what thoughts you want to bring with you to your future.

7-Steps-to-Change-Your-Life-Decide-what-thoughts-you-bring-to-your-future-via-Everything Abode

When it comes to manifesting true change, Dr. Joe states it like this… “You can’t go into the future holding onto the biology of your past”. 

The thoughts you think play a powerful role in change, so decide what thoughts you want to bring with you to your future.

The biology of our past is also what truly binds us.  Our thoughts and memories that we hold closest to our hearts are what make up our total existence.

That means you and only you must decide today what thoughts are truly holding you back in life and what better thoughts will get you to feel more like your future self. 

Remember that if you’re thinking thoughts like; “I can’t“, “It’s too hard“, “I’ll never change“, “I’ll do it tomorrow“, “I hate my life“, “I’m too old” — these thoughts will only limit you.

So become aware of your negative recurring thoughts, (especially in your moments of awareness), then actively try to rewrite/rehearse new thoughts that are more positive and will serve your highest good.

For tips to help you retrain your thinking, try this:

    • Observe your thoughts and get crystal clear on the thoughts that are holding you back.
    • Be open to humor and see if you can find a humorous way to look at how you are currently thinking.
    • Follow a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will always help you remain in a positive state when it comes to your thinking.
    • Practice positive self-talk. Deliberately speak to yourself as your ‘future self’ would and give yourself compassion when shame and negativity start to creep in and take hold.
    • Always surround yourself with positive people. They’ll naturally rub off on you in a positive way.


6. Ask yourself important questions.

Start by asking yourself this question, “What do I want in my life?”

If you can define a vision of your future instead of recreating the memories of the past, you will be actively thinking outside the box. 

And once you begin to contemplate and think about the answer to powerful questions, whether you know it or not, you’re changing your brain.

So much of our lives are made up of the memories of the past and that is the very thing that is holding us back from creating lasting positive change.

Plus, when you make your brain fire in new sequences with new patterns and new combinations (by deliberately asking yourself powerful questions), your mind will begin to search for the answer and look for ways to help you.


7. Monitor your behaviors to nix out the bad.

7-Steps-to-Change-Your-Life-Monitor-your-behaviors-via-Everything Abode

Finally, identify the behaviors, actions, or unconscious habits that you want to change and create a plan for doing so.

In his book Becoming Supernatural Dr. Joe explains that “You can become so aware of the limiting behavior that you will never go unconscious again if it’s something you are committed to actively observing.”

This means that you can control how you talk to yourself, how you criticize, how you act, what you say, and how you react to things, all through monitoring. All of these are within your reach.

You have the ability to recognize what is holding you back and you can change it!

For more tips to change your life, try this:

    • Pay attention to your thoughts. Find out what is holding you back and how you can change it.
    • Find meaning. Spend some time figuring out what is most important in your life and why.
    • Make a dream board. As children, we used to daydream all day. However, you can still do this as an adult. Grab some magazines and take out any article that inspires you to dream even more.
    • Set goals. A goal, no matter how small or large, will always be positive in your life.
    • Be free from past regrets. To start a new life and make further changes, it is necessary to let go of the past.
    • Face your fears. Take on the fear. It’s a good idea to push beyond your comfort zone. This will allow you to make positive changes in your life.
    • Live a balanced life. Get your sleep under control, stop bad habits if you can, and start leading a more healthy lifestyle, one that you can be most proud of.
    • Accept yourself. Each star in the galaxy is unique, and so are you. You can be proud of the things you have accomplished in your life, but you must also accept where you are at this moment. If you are compassionate towards yourself, you can make a difference in your life today.


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There you have it! When you’re in the present moment, that’s truly the closest place to actively changing your life from within. And once you make this a daily ritual, you too can really be in control of your life again!

You can find out more about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s outstanding life-changing advice written in several of his books, self-help programs, or website


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