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11 Things You Didn’t Know Could Literally Slow Down Aging

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The best ways to slow down aging that work - Everything Abode

As the days go by, we all know that we’re not getting any younger.

Some millennials are well into their 30’s now. This means that this generation (and everyone really) needs to start focusing on their internal health, what they put into and on their bodies, in order to defy the aging process.

So if you would like to know the secret that women who have defied the aging process all do, you also have to make sure that these habits make their way into your regular day-to-day life.

Here are the top and best anti-aging beauty secrets that literally slow down the aging process in record time.

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11 Anti-Aging Secrets That Turn Back the Clock

11Anti-Aging Secrets That Turn Back the Clock - Everything Abode

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1. Regular Exercise.

When it comes to defying the aging process and looking and feeling a whole lot younger — an active body is a young body.

When you are consistently inactive throughout the day, your body will not move like it once used too, since it will be so used to being inactive. And you may notice simple activities being more difficult than they once were. You may also notice significant weight gain.

This is where you have to take regular exercise into account if you would like to look and feel younger. More importantly, regular exercise is great for your heart health. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and as we get older, we need to exercise to keep the heart working at top capacity.

To learn more you should check out these beginner HIIT tips and videos and these fitness hacks that anyone can apply even if they still want to be lazy.


2. Drinking Plenty of Water.

The body is made up mostly of water. This means it needs the right amount of water to function properly. Without enough water, the body can become dehydrated, especially the skin.

It can also cause fatigue, foggy thinking, headaches, and constipation. Experts suggest that women should drink 11.5 cups of water every single day and men should drink 15.5 cups of water a day in order to keep a healthy age-defying body.


3. Quitting & Reducing Bad Habits.

Many people drink and smoke and live to old age. However, that’s the exception- not the rule. The people who drink and smoke regularly aren’t doing any favors to their body or youthfulness, though.

To have healthy skin and healthy insides, you will want to limit or completely eliminate smoking or drinking if you are doing these on a daily basis. Since these substances can be highly addictive, reach out to an addiction counselor if you need help and develop a support system for yourself to help you stay on track.


4. Taking Supplements.

You need to give your body all of the nutrients it needs in order to really slow down the aging process.

On certain days, you may not get a fully balanced diet, so give your body anything it might be missing in the form of daily supplements.

In particular, you want to be sure to get vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin D. Vitamin B is important for energy and brain function. Vitamin C and vitamin E are known to enhance the immune system, keeping you from getting sick. Vitamin D helps support bone health, something that becomes ever more important as we age.


5. Eating a Healthy Diet.

Eating a Healthy Diet to defy the aging process - Everything Abode

Simply put, when we put healthy things into our bodies, it will help us look and feel younger. After all, the things we put into our bodies radiate on the outside.

So focus on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein in order to slow down the aging process.

Buy organic foods if possible and eliminate processed foods if you can. You should also try to get rid of any empty calories, such as potato chips and fries. These foods don’t give you any nutrients. And even though it can be hard not to indulge every now and then, make it a rare occurrence and eat junk food in smaller portions.

There are many healthy ways to feed the body. You can do it sparingly in intervals using the intermittent fasting method, or you can eat healthy foods that are known to help aid in weight loss

And if you are looking for a healthy energy boost in replace of coffee? You should check out the beginner’s guide to adaptogens here!


6. Religious Skincare Routine.

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body? It’s also the organ of the body that shows age first.

So you need to make a point to take care of your skin every single day with a thoughtful skincare routine. One thing to emphasize every day is moisturizer. Use it every day.

You should also look into different masks and deep cleansers. Learn about your own skin to learn if you have dry skin or oily skin. Pick products appropriately and make sure to follow your skincare routine every single day to see the effects you want.

To find out more on how to develop a skincare routine that sticks? Check out these 9 recommended beauty tips for women here!


7. Protecting Yourself From the Sun.

One of the things that will dry out and age your skin more than anything else is the sun. You should make a point to protect yourself from the sun properly. Use sunscreen on sunny days and reapply when necessary.

You should also use hats and any cover-ups at all times, even on cloudy days. If you like how a tan looks on you, try spray tan or tanning lotion instead of going out into the sun. Since the sun helps create vitamin D, make sure you get the vitamin in other ways.


8. Pay Attention to Dental Hygiene.

One aspect many people tend to forget about is their dental health because bad teeth can also make you look older.

Make a point to brush your teeth twice a day, make flossing your teeth a regular ritual, use mouth wash, and visit a dentist twice a year. This will help make you feel more confident, smile more, and look younger.

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9. Social Stimulation.

As we get older, people get busy. They tend to have a focus on their work and family instead of hanging out with friends as they once did. 

However, they may wake up one day and realize they don’t have friends as they used to. This can bring on depression and studies show that social stimulation can make you live longer.

Besides, we all need to make social interaction a top priority in order to keep feeling young, so go out once a month if you can and talk to people throughout the week. You will feel so much younger if you do, and that will show on your face!


10. Mental Stimulation.

11 Things You Didn't Know Could Literally Slow Down Aging __- Everything Abode

Did you know that mental stimulation can defy the aging process more than anything else?

So if you would like to live longer, you should make a point to read and play games that stimulate the mind on a weekly basis.

Intelligence is one of the most important beauty secrets that people tend to forget about. It makes it so, that you can have interesting conversations and you’ll also be more likely to remember things.

If you would like to learn more, check out 14 unique ways to be productive at home when you are bored


11. Care for Your Mental Health.

As we get older, the process of aging can be quite stressful and stress can lead to premature aging. 

To slow down aging, you should take care of your mental health and stress by having an active self-care routine and even going to a therapist if you find it necessary to do so.

After all, putting effort into maintaining your mental health (so it stays at its top capacity) will pay you dividends in helping you look and feel younger. 


There you have it. We all want to age slowly, so pay close attention to what you put in and on your body and focus on your mental health so it can radiate on the outside. If you put in the effort, you can skip the plastic surgeon’s office and hopefully love longer for it. 


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