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7 Simple Morning Habits to Start the Day Right

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7 Simple Morning Habits That'll Start Your Day Off to a Good Start-- Everything Abode

It is said that morning and evening routines are considered the “bookends” of our day.

Essentially, they keep life from falling apart in-between and encourage us to stay stable, so that all can be completed smoothly.

And it is obviously apparent that they are also an essential key to balance.

They let us set the stage for the day, they make it easy for us to manage our schedules from the night before, and they allow us to handle our commitments so we can make our next day the best.

So whatever occurs between your work hours and dinner, that’s totally up to you, but a part of having a strong “bookend” to our days is having an impactful morning routine.

And a great morning routine should at the very least, set you up for the day ahead, so you can start fresh and concentrate most on what lies ahead.

Here are seven morning practices that will ensure that your day starts out correctly.

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7 Morning Habits to Start the Day Right

7 Must-Do Morning Routine Hacks

1. Avoid technology for the first hour.

If your first aim after waking up is to check through your cell phone, for messages and work emails that you haven’t read, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

When you do this you are forming a ‘reactive’ state of mind, rather than creating a constructive one. The difference between the two is that it can start your day off in a defensive mentality, rather than starting from a position of inner peace that’s more constructive.

Try steering from technology for your first hour upon waking up. Give your brain a break and stop bombarding it with details it can’t cope with when it’s tired.


2. Try the Ayurvedic method & Hydrate before coffee or tea.

You know how vital water is to your wellbeing and your body. But did you know that incorporating 16 ounces of warm water in the morning can have huge health and energy benefits?

Ayurveda reveals time and time again that wellbeing isn’t costly or difficult. And having a glass of warm water with lemon, especially, after going without it for hours, can be a great way to replenish your body.

Added benefits for the day ahead also include extra hydrated skin and enhanced overall digestion


3. Try smiling and saying something optimistic.

Smile every morning and as much as you can to not only feel happier but healthier. Smiling and thinking about something positive in the morning will have tremendous benefits for your whole day. 

In fact, smiling can do all of these wonders for you:

    • Smiling activates the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine and endorphins throughout the body.
    • Smiling first thing in the morning could make you way happier during the day or turn what would have been a bad day into a good one.
    • Smiling can boost your attitude and minimize tension levels.
    • Smiling helps keep the immune system in good standing, so you can ward off infections, particularly during flu season.



4. Soak in natural sunlight.

If you don’t already know, getting natural light within an hour of waking, will provide assistance in calming the generation of melatonin, help lift the generation of serotonin, and help to relieve feelings of exhaustion so that you can feel reinvigorated and face everything the day throws at you!

Therefore, a good dose of daylight in the morning is beneficial and natural light is the most suitable, but if it permits, a sunlamp can work just as well. 


5. Make that bed of yours.

It can sound like a waste of time, unimportant or meaningless, but preparing your bed might be the easiest and insightful thing you can do before you leave the home.

When you use this tactic, you will be able to start the day feeling proud and rewarded. That’s the mood you want to set for the day right?!

Being in charge and doing straightforward activities, like making your bed, is the behavioral approach you need to take on greater and more complicated roles.


6. Get your cells moving.

If it’s a basic yoga workout, a brisk stroll with your puppy, a swift sequence of sit-ups and push-ups, or hitting the exercise center to ultimately work off dinner from last night… 

Setting up a workout regimen in the morning is going to brace you for a great day.

Determine what kind of exercise you should perform and set aside the time for it. It doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy, but it’s better if it is fluid and easy to start out with. The day ahead will be richer for it.

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7. Tackle that to-do list.

Take a few minutes to create an action-oriented to-do list. Your everyday itinerary should contain the most relevant activities for the day.

Even our brains require a little bit of time to process what we need to do, so get a general idea of how much time and what you can put in.

Actually, if you were to have 5 to 10 things on it — consider rating them in an order list to make sure you handle the key demanding tasks first.

Having a well-planned to-do list will help lower your level of anxiety and help you stay centered before you leave for work.


Bonus- Don’t forget to plan your day the night before!

If you aren’t using your nighttime routine to schedule your day then you are losing out on a vital component of your everyday routine. In fact, forgetting to plan anything the night before, you are triggering a pause in the mornings because planning the night before will save you time, 

So pack those school treats, load/unload the washing machine, put out your breakfast supplies all the night prior.  

If you do this, you are really going to outshine for the next day and really start your day off on the right foot!

There you have it! You must owe yourself a sense of reason to get up and accomplish living each and every day. 

And these morning tips really are the most actionable steps that you can take, to take back control of your life so you can start enjoying your days a little more. 


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