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How to Wake Yourself Up at 5 am & Not Feel Tired

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11 Habits to Wake Up at 5 AM Everyone Needs to Know. How to wake up early - Everything Abode

For some people, getting up early and waking up early is a sensitive topic.

Some like to wake up before the crack of dawn, meanwhile, others aren’t able to get out of bed until midday.

However, since everyone’s unique and finding happiness in one’s life will always vary, did you know between 10% and 30% of adults struggle with chronic insomnia?

Moreover, chronic insomnia can be caused by stress, life events, or other factors that disrupt sleep.

If you happen to fall within that statistic, chances are you may probably want to know how to become a morning person.

Or you may be curious, or just want to know what it is like to wake up in the early hours of the morning…

Perhaps you want to make your mornings more pleasant by getting up early to cook a healthy breakfast?

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to wake up early, here are 11 smart morning rituals to wake yourself up early while others are still fast asleep!


Quick morning rules on how to wake yourself up early.

Before we head on to the main list of “How to Wake Up Early”, It is extremely important that you get up at a reasonable time.

If you do you will achieve your goals and obligations so much better.

However, it can be difficult to get up in the morning and we are all different when it comes to our sleep habits. so here are three quick rules to follow if you want to be a morning person.

1. Make sure you get to bed early. In a normal sleep period, a person experiences four to six sleep cycles. Sleep is essential. To get up early and be able to get up in the morning, it is important to go to bed earlier.

2. Stay hydrated. Hydration is crucial for a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed. Drink water at night and wake up with it.

3. If you fail, try again. Failure is only a sign that you should try again but everyone will find their own unique ways to get up in the morning. Start with one of the suggested “how to wake up early” tips below and see if it has an impact on your life. If not, try again!

Now let’s introduce you to 11 GREAT ways to wake yourself up early in the morning!


How to Wake Yourself Up at 5 am

Have Intense Motivation

1. Have Intense Motivation.

The first reason to accomplish any goal, especially when it comes to waking up really early, is motivation. 

So let’s touch on WHY you want to wake up so darn early?!

If you’re, right now, rushing to school or work and you realize that’s no fun or you have some major fitness goals that you’re trying to achieve, or if you’re starting your own business and you need those extra hours to get your passion project started… Motivation is going to be the first key factor in helping you get there. 

I realize it seems like a challenge, but if you have enough motivation and make sure your argument is worth getting up early for, waking up early will seem far more achievable.

For example, do you want to be able to look after the kids until they go to school in the morning? Maybe there’s an upcoming test or interview that can help you achieve one of your major life goals?

Whatever motivates you, make it compelling and strong enough so the rest of the morning tips you choose will do all the work towards helping you conquer your goals by waking up at dawn each day.

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2. Go to bed early and keep an eye on your iron levels. 

In our adult years going to bed early may seem strange at first, but you’re going to get to a wonderful point in your life when you will prefer going to bed early just as much as you loved sleeping in.

Most early birds love going to bed early because they are already SO tired from waking up early, in fact, they enjoy that feeling of tiredness much more than if they had slept in. 

It’s just something that magically falls into place when you start getting into the rhythm of going to bed at a decent time and waking up at 5 am in the morning.

Another thing with waking up early is that iron deficiency also plays an important role in your sleep quality and how you feel during the morning and throughout the day.

So, if you go to bed earlier and you have insufficient levels of iron in your blood, know that this can cause you to feel more tired no matter how many hours you get! 

Of course, talk to a health practitioner to see if you need it, but iron is very important for vitality and is such a great thing to know so you can reach your morning goals by waking up at 5 am just that much sooner.


3.  Take action within the first 5 seconds, and don’t give yourself time to “think”.

How to Wake Up at 5 Am & Not Feel Tired! via @everythingabode

In order to be able to wake up when the rest of the world is fast asleep, a trick that most extremely early risers do each morning is they don’t think about sleeping in at all.

In fact, they don’t think about anything and instead, they just get up!

They know that if they give themselves time to think, they’ll also have time to snooze and our brains (when given the opportunity) will always talk us into staying in bed if we listen to it. 

When that alarm wakes you, you have to instantly turn on the lights, jump out of bed, put your dressing gown on, walk out of your bedroom — all without even thinking about it.

This may sound really silly at first because you’re like “dah if I could do that, I would do it” but when you actually try to implement it, it works insanely well.

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4. Keep your room a screen-free zone. 

Wake up at 5am with these 11 tips! via @everythingabode

Since most morning people usually stay away from technology to get their brains ready for sleep, you might as well follow suit if you would like to wake up to that 5 am wake-up call. 

So before heading to bed (hopefully at a decent hour), unless you’re reading something to help yourself go to sleep, turn off all your digital screens so you can let your mind relax properly.

Turn off that TV and tablet, put your phone away to stop the late-night scrolling, or put your phone in another room altogether so you can develop an easier way to rest your mind. 

Try lighting a candle and reading a really good old-fashioned book while you’re laying in bed. Do anything that can help you wake up easier if you wish to wake up at 5 am. You’re going to need it!

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5.  Release your daily triggers in a healthy way.

How to Wake Up at 5 Am & Not Feel Tired! via @everythingabode prepare the night before

A lot of people stay up tossing and turning into the wee hours of the night all because something minuscule had happened or something they had no control over irritated them.

When this tossing and turning happens it can flip our whole sleeping schedules upside down, making hitting that 5 am goal so much harder to reach.

And it’s totally justifiable (being triggered at night) because at the end of the day, LIFE IS HARD and all our mind is trying to do is review these events so they don’t happen again. 

So if ruminating about the past has you tossing and turning late into the night? And you’re sleeping in the next day because of it? Now is the time to release those daily triggers in a much healthier way. 

Light some candles, start relaxing, and winding down your mind, and intentionally review your day and what’s bothering you in a journal before you turn the lights out. 

By deliberately getting out what’s frustrating you from your heart to paper, you will create a harmonious feeling of release which is a feeling that you also need to wake up happy, and you can marinate in this feeling until you wake up — making waking up at 5 am so much easier.


6. Maintain a clean home to wake up with no pressure to clean.

Now when it comes to being a morning person and waking up really early, you won’t be able to relax with that messy kitchen or unattended house chores that are all around you.

In fact, if you’re making your morning tea or coffee in your already cleaned kitchen, you’ll start your day off really well. 

When you enjoy your mornings, you’ll be a lot more inclined to wake up. Waking up to a clean kitchen and enjoying your morning routine (instead of cleaning) is what most morning people already do, and it will entice you to enjoy your mornings a little more.

It just makes sense that maintaining a clean home will make it so much easier for you to relax and wake up early. 

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7. Hydrate & Reward yourself.

How to wake up at 5AM via @everythingabode

Morning people all have something in common and it’s healthy morning rituals that help them release endorphins.  

To create a healthy reward system make sure that it is something unique to you!

At the end of the day we’re all different and we all like different things, so the best way to do this is to find what makes you smile or brings you a sense of fun and enjoyment and have that be your special morning thing. 

You can eat something tasty first thing like a croissant or have your favorite tea/coffee brand that you love ready to go.

Also, since straight after you first wake up you’ll also have a lizard brain, you need to hydrate yourself because your body hasn’t received any hydration for eight or so hours.

If you hydrate and reward yourself, this system is a great motivator and it is something everyone can do.


8. Maintain your morning routine on weekends.

When it comes to waking up early, it just makes total sense that waking at the same time every day (and being consistent with it) is super important to maintain — especially on weekends.

Studies show that it can take a few short weeks to a month to master a habit but only if you are staying consistent with it.

In fact, waking up early will eventually get naturally ingrained in you if you adapt your morning time and new morning schedule for your days off as well.

It’s totally okay to have exceptions on days that you’ve stayed up late but try for the most part to keep your wake time consistent every single day of the week.  


9. Get a decent alarm clock.

11 Everyday Habits to Wake Up at 5 AM

If your alarm system is failing you, it is strongly encouraged that you get a decent alarm clock if you would really like to bust your butt in the mornings like an army sergeant.

Now even though for the lucky some that don’t need an alarm clock that tricks them into waking up, if that’s not you, then you really need this unique math alarm app (I went ahead and tried this alarm app myself and it wouldn’t be on here if it wasn’t worth mentioning because surprisingly it works).

So the next time you need a little assistance with your 5 AM alarm, give this alarm app a try. You will have to answer math questions for the alarm to turn off but it’s also going to help you wake up if your current alarm system isn’t doing the trick. 


Mathe Alarm Clock App

Mathe Alarm Clock makes you do math questions before you can turn it off and it works pretty effectively!


10. Stop the negative self-talk.

Now we all know that negative self-talk usually talks us out of doing great things — and waking up early is not excluded. 

So if you do fail at waking up early in the morning the first few days, the first few weeks, or maybe the first few months, don’t beat yourself up about it.

There is nothing more unproductive than being negative towards yourself. Chill out, stop the negative self-talk, and know that you’ll get back to it the next morning.


11. Be consistent for that 5 am wake-up call.

Lastly, you have to set yourself up to hit the ground running, literally, especially if you would like to keep the momentum going by waking yourself up early. 

For example, this could mean getting your clothes ready the night before to eliminate decision fatigue OR having an easy breakfast go-to that you run to the fridge and eat straight away, or even filling that kettle with water so all you have to do is give it a flick come morning time. 

Whatever the helpful preparedness task that you have figured out for yourself, keep it simple, make sure that your morning self will thank you for it, and make it a habit. 

Doing little things like these will help you feel more peaceful and less rushed and eventually, you’ll be that morning person in no time at all. 

There you have it. Find out what your drive is and pursue it relentlessly. Just like achieving any goal and waking up at 5 am, if you would like to achieve greatness, remember…

Anything uncomfortable in your life (that pushes you out of your comfort zone) is usually a good thing!


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