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6 Easy To Digest Foods For People With Upset Stomachs

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6 Easy to Digest Foods for People with Upset Stomachs - Everything Abode

What foods are easy to digest? What foods are good for sensitive stomachs?

If you are asking these questions and are looking for some quick and easy to digest foods, well, we all know that healthy digestion is extremely important for our overall well-being.

That having easy to digest foods (at our disposal when we need them) will always aid towards an inner balance and help us feel more at ease.

Now, unfortunately, many people have some serious implications when it comes to their digestion, which comes in the form of constipation, diarrhea, excessive gas, and bloating. 

Or a few others just have a hard time digesting from time-to-time.

Since a lot of people with sensitive stomachs or these conditions will often turn to easy-to-digest foods, it’s good to know what they are, so you can always have them on hand. 

Here are the 6 most recommended easy-to-digest foods for when you can’t stomach too much food. 

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1. Rice.


What foods are the easiest to digest when your stomach can’t handle too much? Rice is definitely one of them!

When your stomach can’t handle too much food, rice should be one of the first foods you turn to. Although white rice isn’t that nutritious since there’s almost no fiber at all, it’ll help your stomach digest much more quickly.

White rice is more processed, but it’s not necessarily bad. Most white rice in the US is enriched with vitamins like folate to improve its nutritional value.

Rice contains mostly starchy carbs with very little fiber, in fact, there are only 0.5 grams of fiber in one cup of cooked rice, which makes it easier to digest.

So when your stomach can’t handle too much food, little fiber means it’s going to be a really easy digestible food that both your body and stomach can cope and handle.

And if you are wondering if brown rice will do the trick since brown rice is considered the healthier version, your body will digest the white variety much faster.

High fiber rice, such as brown rice, can contribute to more digestive issues, including diarrhea, bloating, and gas.

Since white rice is a good source of energy and protein, it’s widely recommended that you aim for a simple steamed bowl of white rice when you’re in need of something extremely easy to digest. 

2. Egg whites.


If you are looking for another simple food that is easy to digest, look no further than your simple egg as it’s how you eat the egg that matters!

Egg whites contain pretty much only protein which makes them a great alternative to aid faster digestion. Since egg yolks contain all the nutrients, they’re also fat, so know that the yolk of an egg can be extremely difficult for some people to process.

Either way, health experts say that eating whole eggs or just whites, you are okay to eat them and they are highly recommended for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which is a disorder characterized by long-term gastrointestinal issues.

Boil some eggs and eat away and see how your nausea and stomach feel shortly after!

3. Lean meat or fish.


When you have an upset stomach, another good thing to know before you go out for your first bite is knowing that simple proteins are the best way to go when it comes to aiding stomach issues. 

Most lean meats like chicken, turkey, and fish are really easy to digest because they are a simple protein, so most health dietitians always recommend that you eat them to help out your digestive tract. 

Lean meats also don’t contain any carbs (just like eggs), and there’s no fiber in them, so lean meats will really help aid your stomach when you need it.

Now when cooking your lean meat, it’s best to cut off the skin of the meat, as the skin does contain fat, which is not as easy to digest as the meat itself.

4. Boiled potatoes.


When it comes to having a sensitive stomach another good food to turn to next is potatoes. Potatoes are rich in carbs and they are mainly composed of carbs, primarily in the form of resistant starch.

Here’s why resistant starch will come to your aid when it comes to helping you and your stomach digest better!

Resistant starch is not only easy to digest (just like rice) but it can also improve your blood sugar control.

That means that eating this simple vegetable also moderates your rise in blood sugar levels during meals.

This is a good thing to know because your blood sugar plays a crucial role when you are feeling sick or needing something easier to digest.

It has been shown that low levels of blood sugar levels can often cause nauseated feelings. Health experts recommend that you aim for skinless boiled potatoes as your cure due to the fact that boiling breaks down the resistant starch. 

Potatoes do have some fiber but not too much and that’s only if you eat the skin. The level of fiber is highest in the skin, which makes up 1–2% of the potato.

Raw potatoes, (or undercooked potatoes), however, won’t break down the resistant starch properly and that will make it much harder for your body to digest.  Always make sure that your potatoes are fully cooked before consuming for better digestion.

5. Over Ripened bananas.


Another great food that’ll aid your digestion when you need it is bananas. As the banana ripens, its starches break down into simple sugars and your body can digest simple sugars really easily.

Now, just as we mentioned that you need to boil down potatoes to break up the starch resistance, the same goes for unripe bananas because they both have a high amount of resistant starch and that could be a problem for digestion. 

So, always make sure to have ripe bananas ready to grab and go, and your stomach can thank you for it!

6. Yogurt.

Last up, and to bring these easy to digest foods to an end is yogurt because yogurt is one of the best things you can have for an upset stomach and your digestive system.

Yogurt is very rich in probiotics, (otherwise known as yogurt cultures) and yogurt cultures are really good for your overall gut health and digestion as they help clear out your system well while providing healthy bacteria. 

Naturally, eating these probiotics will help your gut bacteria remain healthy and aid your digestion when the time comes when you are feeling sick.

This concludes the top foods that are the easiest to digest for when your tummy is not feeling like doing much work.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to keep these foods stocked if you ever happen to have an emergency, or when you can’t make it to the grocery store! 

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