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8 Habits of People Who Keep The Weight Off

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8 Habits Of People Who Always Stay Slim -- Everything Abode - Lose weight tips

Do people who never ever seem to gain weight take some sort of magic pill or are they, actual sorcerers? Not quite!

Almost all of them (other than those actual sorcerers, of course) simply rely on proven tips and tricks, a lot of them not so very secret. 

It’s also good to point out that maintaining a balanced BMI (body mass index) is not only about having this amazing looking fit body; it’s also about feeling younger, stronger, healthier, and fitter.

And the good news — staying at a healthy weight and in incredible shape is very feasible.

Here are just a few examples of some healthy habits of people who never seem to gain and always stay healthy. 


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8 Habits of People Who Keep The Weight Off

8 Habits of People Who Never Gain Weight -- Everything Abode

1. They Always Plan Their Food Out.

Going into the kitchen and opening up the fridge and cupboards, looking around for what you might want to eat can lead to some bad decisions. Sure, you have broccoli and some fish, but that leftover Chinese sure looks good and easy.

Going to the supermarket without a list or meal plan and just seeing what “catches your eye” can also lead to some bad decisions.

You can curtail all this temptation by simply planning. Look ahead in the next few days: how many meals you will have at home, how much time will you have to cook, etc. Knowing that on Monday you will be having a garden salad with grilled chicken instead of just heating up that frozen pizza will do wonders. So will a grocery list!


2. They Make Sure They Get Their Zzzz & Make Sleep a Priority.

Top 8 Habits of People Who Never Gain Weight

We all know how important sleep is for virtually every part of our body, but for some reason, most of us just don’t prioritize it. Well, if you are trying to maintain or lose weight, not getting enough sleep can really get in your way.

In addition to not having enough energy to get any exercise for the day or any motivation to eat healthily, lack of sleep can also trigger false hunger pangs. It has also been linked to increased belly fat, and even the slowing of your metabolism, which is vital in converting food into energy.


3. They Look at the ENTIRE Label when purchasing their food.

Sure, it can help to see how much fat, sugar, or calories a certain food or drink has, but there are other sneaky culprits lurking that can contribute to weight gain, such as salt, which is a known contributor to an assortment of health problems, as well as being responsible for tacking on belly fat.

Another one is added sugar. Many items already have sugar naturally, but don’t be surprised to see that more sugar has been added.


4. They always opt to Take the Stairs.

Top 8 Habits of People Who Never Gain Weight --- Everything Abode

Many people just don’t have enough time in their day or even a full week to get enough exercise. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go sightseeing or you can’t make small adjustments to get active.

When able, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car further away from your destination. Get up from your desk to speak to a fellow coworker instead of intercomming. And always choose to move your body. 

Although these habits may not sound like a lot, they can go a long way, and doing a little something is always better than doing nothing.


5. They know the importance of water for their health.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic drink that would help maintain your overall health? Well, count yourself lucky because there is one that is pretty available: Water of course!

Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, so it makes sense that it desperately needs water to avoid the discomfort and dangers of dehydration.

Often, thirst can even be mistaken for hunger. Why have that cheeseburger when all your body needs is a glass of good old H20? And the fuller you keep yourself with water, the less likely you’ll be to randomly snack.

And remember, water has ZERO calories.


6. They Stick with Just the Firsts.

8 Habits of People Who Never Gain Weight ----- Everything Abode

Beware of buffets. Just because it’s all you can eat, does not mean you actually should. Stick with one plate (or firsts), sit for at least 20 minutes, and then if you still don’t feel full enough, grab that second plate. But know that that second plate might be an obstacle in getting to your desired weight.


7. They Keep Themselves Occupied.

It’s really easy to get bored, especially nowadays. And it’s also really easy to use eating for entertainment.

Whether it’s cooking or just having something for your hand to do with your mouth, eating for fun is risky. You can certainly watch TV without a snack. And there are many things you can put in your hands other than snack foods.

And remember, you can go into your kitchen, or even walk by it, without grabbing something to eat or drink.


8. They Drink Alcohol Carefully.

Not every fit person is sober. However, most, if not all, are careful about what they drink, how much they drink, and even when they drink.

Of course, the best and healthiest alcoholic beverage will differ based on your preference, but just know that no matter what you choose, those calories are empty and virtually nutrition-less, so make sure you are using them wisely.


No matter what you choose to help you in your weight loss journey, just always make sure it is proven to be safe and healthy, and always consult your doctor before making radical changes.


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