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75 Tropical Wallpapers Free For Your Mobile Phone

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Tropical wallpaper or tropical inspired wallpaper for iphone is a great way to add some flare to your mobile phone’s background. If you would like good tropical wallpapers for your phone, then take advantage of these free tropical mobile backgrounds!

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If you’re looking for good aesthetic wallpaper for your iphone, especially with an added tropical feel, then these tropical wallpapers and backgrounds are for you!

These beautiful tropical backgrounds will transport you somewhere relaxing and you’ll love to look at them on your phone every day.

And since there are tons of random wallpapers out there, I’ve selected the BEST tropical wallpapers, that I personally think are really fun and tropical for the mobile background of your phone.

After all, a tropical wallpaper will soothe your soul and make you feel like you are somewhere relaxed just looking at it. 

So check out these 75 tropical wallpapers for you to browse through below because they are FREE for you to download today! 


How to Download Your Free Tropical Wallpaper Background.

  • Step 1. Look below through the 70+ mobile background images until you see which tropical wallpaper makes the cut for your iphone.
  • Step 2. On desktop – Right click the tropical wallpaper of your choice and click ‘save as’ and save the wallpaper to your downloads.
  • On mobile – Press on the tropical wallpaper for 3 seconds until it says ‘add to photos’ and click save.
  • Step 3: Or screenshot it and you’ll have it automatically saved to your phone’s camera reel.
  • Step 4. When you are done downloading the ones you like, just set the tropical wallpaper as your phones background and all you need to do is look at it every time you look at your phone.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!


75 Tropical Wallpapers For Your Mobile Phone

tropical wallpapers, tropical backgrounds, mobile tropical wallpaper, iphone tropical images

Bright tropical fruit blue background wallpaper


tropical wallpapers, tropical backgrounds, mobile tropical wallpaper, iphone tropical images, tropical wallpaper for iphone background,

Green tropical leaf wallpaper


tropical wallpapers, tropical backgrounds, mobile tropical wallpaper, iphone tropical images

Pink tropical flamingo wallpaper


tropical wallpapers, tropical backgrounds, mobile tropical wallpaper, iphone tropical images

Pink tropical flowers background


Green and rose tropical leaves wallpaper


Bright tropical fruit mobile background


Green tropical leaves with yellow background wallpaper


Green cacti with pink background wallpaper


Green leaves tropical wallpapers


Green tropical leaf background

bright and fun tropical wallpapers backgrounds for mobile iphones

Bright pink strawberries on green background wallpaper


Sandy tropical beach mobile background


Bright blue background with pink grapefruits wallpaper


Tropical beach aesthetic mobile background


Pink and blue background with tropical bananas


Bright pineapple on blue background wallpaper


Bright close up of kiwi mobile wallpaper


Bright close up of tropical orange mobile wallpaper


mobile phone backgrounds with tropical aesthetic for wallpaper

Green tall cacti with clear blue sky background


Pink flowers with dark background wallpaper


Tropical parrots on leaves mobile phone wallpaper


Tropical beach aesthetic wallpaper


Green watermelons on white background wallpaper


Red watermelons on pink background tropical wallpaper


Blue and green kiwi aesthetic mobile wallpaper


Blue and white stripes with watermelon background


Bright yellow and green kiwis with polka dot background


Bright yellow lemons with blue background wallpaper


fun tropical iphone wallpapers for mobile background images

Green and gray leaves aesthetic mobile background


A bright blue wave on sandy tropical beach background


Bright tropical notepad mobile background


Pink aesthetic tropical mobile background 


Pink tropical flamingo with pink neon border wallpaper


A dark red tropical abstract mobile wallpaper


Bright tropical abstract mobile background


Tropical aesthetic sketch wallpaper


Green leaf with white background wallpaper


nature tropical wallpapers for fun backgrounds for mobile devices

Pink and green tropical leafs with white background


Green tropical leaf close up background


Yellow tropical leaf close up for mobile wallpaper


Green tropical leaves close up background


Green tropical leaves with light blue sky background


Green tropical leaves with pink background


Gold tropical leaves pink border wallpaper


Green tropical leaves mobile background


Pink tropical leaves wallpaper


Silver and gold tropical leaves wallpaper


aesthetic tropical mobile background images for iphone

Dark tropical wallpaper background


Tropical pink and green leaves with white background wallpaper


Tropical flowers dark wallpaper


Tropical pineapple with white background


Tropical oranges with green leaves wallpaper


Tropical blue water wallpaper


Tropical pink sand wallpaper


Tropical blue ocean wallpaper


Tropical beach wallpaper


Tropical aesthetic leaves wallpaper


There you have it! Aren’t these tropical wallpapers for your iphone great?

If you can’t choose just one, download a few tropical wallpapers and just swap them out every week!

If you would like more wallpaper options for your mobile background?

Check out these 70 dark iphone wallpapers for a moodier look for your iphone or these 60 of the cutest wallpapers for your iphone

For more black wallpaper ideas, check out these 50+ FREE HD Black Wallpaper Downloads For IPhones Here.

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