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14 Self-Care Sunday Ideas To Take Better Care Of Yourself

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Powerful Ways to Create the Perfect Self-Care Sunday - Everything Abode

Do you want to feel more relaxed before your work week begins?

How about restoring your energy and recharging yourself before Monday rolls in?

Well, if you answered “yes”, then this self-care guide is just what you need.  It will also help you plan for the most important day of the week: Sundays! And if you can do this for your body and mind, it’s a very productive thing to do.

Not only that, but it’ll help you manage your Sundays correctly because it’s absolutely necessary that everyone has a practical self-care routine that is designated solely for Sunday.

So if you are currently undervaluing your Sundays because you don’t have an abundance of interesting things to do that’ll have a great impact on the end of your week? Let’s talk all about how you can start your own Self-care Sunday routine.

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14 Self-Care Sunday ideas for a Sunday Well Spent

8 Self Care Tips for a Sunday Well Spent - - Everything Abode

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What is self-care Sunday?

Lots of people believe that self-care is just a clichéd industry buzzword, but it’s not. Self-care Sunday is your opportunity to preserve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

It’s the best day of the week to completely recharge your battery and it’s also a pleasant day to remember your self-love and self-respect.

So if you are in search of some much-needed self-care, there’s no better day than the very last day of the week to do it!

If you slow down, appreciate the end of your weekend, boost your stamina, and do something different you should experience a few of these amazing self-care Sunday benefits: 

  • A better work-life balance.
  • Better able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Enhancement in physical and mental health.
  • Relaxation to restore your body’s natural energy.


Why do you need a self-care Sunday routine?

We all have our day-to-day patterns in which we follow. It can be ordered and full of structure, it can be free-spirited and healthy, and it can be idle without a plan.

So what determines a great routine isn’t going to be about doing every little thing you “think” you need to do, rather, it’s going to be how you integrate it into your lifestyle and how it impacts the meaning of your life overall. 

Routines are all different and they are going to be different for everybody, so the rationale and justification should remain the same — having a routine is supposed to encourage one to get a handle on the madness — while also ensuring you realize what you’re doing and why.

Let’s check out these self-care Sunday ideas below, so you can start making self-care Sunday a thing that sticks!


1. Wake up on your own terms & spend five minutes in bed thinking positive thoughts.

1. Wake up slowly on Sundays to fully allow yourself to enjoy this special day. - Everything Abode

Ah, Sunday mornings, there is nothing like it, so if you do get the chance to wake up slowly and on your own terms, do it!

The reason why waking up on your own terms and thinking positive thoughts is so great is that, during our busiest days from Monday to Friday, our minds don’t get the extra time it needs to focus and restore our goals.

So naturally, Sundays are going to be the best day to wake up slowly, relax, and indulge in listening to the space that is around you while rehearsing a few positive thoughts.

So go ahead and encourage your body to relax, recover and wake up slowly. The more time you allow yourself to get out of bed, the better, just make sure it’s not going to affect your sleep schedule for the week ahead.

For tips to help you wake up slowly on Sundays, try this:

  • Plan your schedule to allow adequate time for sleep.
  • Optimize your bedroom for more efficient sleep by setting the temperature at 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
    This may vary by a few degrees from person to person, but most health practitioners recommend fixing the thermostat to 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s 15.6 to 19.4 degrees in Celsius), for the most comfortable sleep.
  • Try not to wake up too late that it’ll hurt your regular sleep cycle for the week. Most people tend to go to bed 30 minutes later over the weekend, and their wake-up time is over an hour later, and these are not huge gaps that’ll impact your sleep schedule. 


2. Start your day off with your favorite Sunday beverage.

Start your day off with your favorite Sunday beverage. Self care sunday.

During the week our mornings are usually so hurried, and that’s another reason why Sundays are the perfect time to sit, relax and indulge in your favorite morning beverage. Since Sundays are going to be extra leisurely, enjoying your favorite morning beverage, will also really add to your self-care.

Here are a few ways to enjoy your special Sunday beverage:

  • After you wake up, don’t rush out the door before making time to drink something you love. Many people drink coffee first thing in the morning, but it’s not the perfect time. Drinking caffeine right after waking up can interfere with the development of your body’s cortisol. So wait at least an hour to drink caffeine to get the most out of your Sunday morning.
  • Make a delightful smoothie since they are full of healthy ingredients. Smoothies are always going to be a great choice for Sundays since they are loaded with extra energy and nutrients. 
  • Another powerful wake-up drink that is so simple is lemon water; it’s a convenient drink that also helps moisturize the body after a long night’s sleep.
  • Green tea is one of the most popular teas and is the perfect Sunday drink to wake you up. It has a dash of caffeine to wake your body and clear your thoughts.
  • Yerba Mate is another tea nearly as popular as green tea. This tea will make you think you are drinking coffee without the coffee jitters.
  • Hot chocolate will also be the most ideal replacement if caffeine is off the table for you. It’s both warm and pleasant and your Sunday mornings will definitely start off on the right foot if you make it just how you like it!

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3. Enjoy a beautiful breakfast in bed.

Enjoy a beautiful breakfast in bed - Everything Abode - Self Care Sunday

One of the most favorite parts of Sunday self-care will no doubt be devouring a lovely breakfast.

Whether you choose to indulge in a lavish breakfast and stay home or head somewhere else to eat, that is totally up to you, just take care of yourself when you do. 

Either way, this is going to be a perfect time to make your homemade waffles or pancakes. Plus, you will understand how fantastic this is when you finally get to sit in your pajamas (if you choose to stay in) with a nice steaming dish of food on your lap.

For tips to help you enjoy your Sunday breakfast, try this:

  • Take a bite and really appreciate the ease and gratitude for this day by being mindful while you enjoy your favorite Sunday breakfast treat. 
  • Try putting your fork down between mouthfuls and bring all your senses to the meal and savor what you are eating. If you savor what you’re eating while appreciating that you have the time, you’ll benefit from this form of self-care. 
  • Eat your breakfast in bed! There should be no rules on Sundays, so if it’ll bring you both pleasure and joy, go for it and eat wherever you prefer and indulge away. 
  • Be mindful of what you have stocked in your fridge before Sunday. If you are prepared for your Sunday breakfast, you’ll find it so much easier to enjoy both making it and eating it. 
  • Appreciate your food and enjoy making new healthy foods that you’ve never tried before.
  • Take small bites. Chew thoroughly. Eat slowly. Don’t rush yourself and savor the food with gratitude. 


4. Dress to destress.

How To Enjoy A 'Self-Care Sunday' To Recharge Yourself - get cozy and dress comfortable - Everything Abode

Start the day off with a cozy feeling and try to wear something smooth, soft, and comfortable. If you ditch wearing clothes that are uncomfortable and invest in some loungewear (these leggings come in so many cozy options) you’ll feel more relaxed which is exactly what your Sunday needs.

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5. Treat yourself to a spa day at home.

How To Enjoy A 'Self-Care Sunday' - spa day at home - Everything Abode

Since a massage or spa service can be incredibly costly these days, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. 

Load up on your favorite bath bombs, candles, and essential oils to help you relax and unwind because you deserve it!

Since our weekend pursuits are where we get to indulge in the things we enjoy the most, enjoy your day with whatever pampering method you choose.

You can try applying a clay mask, or attempt a home manicure. Whatever you choose to do there are so many ways you can pamper yourself at home on a budget.


6. Or enjoy moisturizing your skin.

How To Enjoy A 'Self-Care Sunday' by moisturizing your skin

This is another extension of a spa treatment at home, but it deserves its own little self-care explanation because when you moisturize your whole body, you moisturize all of your skin.

It doesn’t need all the expensive lotions either, you can use organic olive oil and it can make your skin more radiant than ever, making this a great reason to include as part of your personal self-care ritual on Sundays.

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7. Bathe like the queen you are.

While there’s nothing wrong with vegging out completely (that’s what Sundays are designated for), it’s also pretty crucial to make a concerted effort to take care of your hygiene.

Dry skin and damaged hair is a battle that seems to be nonending and there’s no better day than Sunday than to take a bath on a (hopefully) quiet afternoon. 

For tips to help you bathe like the queen you are on Sundays, try this:

  • Start by setting the mood. Light a couple of your favorite candles and gather all your bathing essentials in one spot.
  • Get your towels extra fluffy.
  • Keep your relaxation tools nearby.
  • Make sure the temperature is right.
  • Treat yourself to a waterproof pillow for extra comfort.
  • Choose the right reading material to enhance your bath-time.
  • Make a bath-time playlist.
  • Try a muscle-relaxing Epsom salt soak.
  • Add essential oils to your bath or have an oil diffuser placed nearby on your bathroom counter for a nice aroma.
  • End on a high note and don’t ruin a great bath with a bad robe. You can snag a comfy bathrobe like this to complete your perfect Sunday bath routine.


8. Do some Sunday Baking.

Sunday baking for self care sunday

If you would like to double down and do something productive, then Sundays are no doubt the best day to bake. 

In fact, according to this study, baking for yourself or others will add to a feeling of well-being, will help relieve inner stress, and will make you feel that you have done something good, which in turn could increase your meaning in life.

So if you have the time consider baking for the week ahead. Sunday baking is both a perfect and thoughtful practice to create something for you (and others) to enjoy all week long.

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9. Soak Up Some much-needed “Me-Time”.

Start your day off with a soothing cup of tea coffee

On Sundays do yourself and your well-being a favor and spend a little extra time by yourself. Taking time out to do something just for yourself by yourself, will renew your well-being and feeling of self-worth.

If your house is too overcrowded, go for an hour to the bookstore or go for a little walk outside to relax your mind, body, and spirit. Taking this little break will no doubt recharge your batteries for the week ahead. 

A few more ideas for things you can do to give yourself a break:

  • Enjoy some nature and get outside.
  • Listen to music.
  • Try and do something creative like writing, drawing, sewing, etc.
  • Do a meditation session for 10 minutes. 
  • Read a book or magazine in your favorite comfy chair.
  • Enjoy your outdoor space with a cup of coffee. 
  • Exercise.


10. Do something that gets you organized for the week like meal planning.

When it comes to staying healthy, there is no doubt that our healthy eating choices affect our emotional well-being. So if you can dedicate a little of it to meal planning for the week on Sunday, you’ll have dinner or lunch packed for the week.

Not only that, but meal planning will also save you money because you won’t be dining out or buying expensive takeout food on the weekdays for being extra prepared.

What to do: Write out some things that you’d like to eat for the week and put them on the refrigerator. Once you’ve listed all these instructions, get ready and take a trip to your local farmers market (they are open on Sundays!), gather up all of your supplies, and prep by following a few of these meal prepping tips.

And as an added bonus, your trip to the farmers market will also double up as “me time” well spent!


11. Have a stretch session to revitalize your body.

Have a stretch session to revitalize your body on self care Sunday - Everything Abode

This is a self-care habit that you’ll particularly fall in love with because whether you’ve been on your phone all day long or just lounging about, if you try to move and stretch your body (every now and then) to recharge your muscles, you’ll invigorate your body in doing so.

This kind of self-care ritual doesn’t need any special practice at all. All you need to do is lay your body out on your yoga mat or in your living room and stretch out those limbs a few times a day.


12. Meditate.

meditate as one of your self care sunday rituals - Everything Abode

Meditation will also benefit the state of the mind. It usually takes around a day or two to discover which meditation fits well for you but once you find one you’re comfortable with, it’ll be a great practice to incorporate into your Sunday routine.

You can create an intention for yourself while you’re meditating or simply unplug your phone and close your eyes. Whatever you decide to do, if you incorporate mediation into your self-care Sunday routine, you’ll feel recharged in no time.


13. Write out how you feel.

It’s time to grab a notepad and pen because writing how you feel is a great way to address what’s truly bothering you.

Since our source of strength lies in our capacity to address the things that really bother us, writing will be the best way to express those feelings in a constructive way.

It’s a great form of venting our emotions and is one of the most therapeutic means of conveying how we feel. Plus, you simply can’t expect to be able to deal with all of your emotions if you don’t take a moment to address them.

Beyond that, writing will also equip you with the right communication and thinking skills so you can foster your ability to explain and refine your ideas to others and yourself.


14. Get to bed extra early.

If you are working more than normal throughout the week, it’ll hands-down put a strain on your mind and your body and this is what burnout looks like. Since burnout is usually the result of ignoring and neglecting your personal needs, good sleep will be the best cure for it.

Sleeping is sacred, so try to stop watching TV shows as it gets late, and get to bed early then you normally would. Your psychological well-being and immune system are greatly impacted by the amount of sleep you get and getting to bed early will give your body and mind a chance to restore itself come Monday morning.

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There you have it. As you have seen, these are just a few Sunday suggestions for some much-needed self-care. And the best part is, you don’t have to wait until Sunday to benefit from them.

Any day is great for self-care really, but if you have to pick a day then it’s best to do these self-care acts before you head into your busy workweek. 

If you do, you’ll feel totally refreshed and ready to conquer another week until your next Sunday rolls in again!


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