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16 Easy Things You Can Do For A Sparkling Clean Home

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16 Easy Things You Can Do For A Sparkling Clean Home - how to clean your home fast

Have you always longed for a clean and organized home?

If you have, then you know it’s not fun to have a messy home. A messy home is just truly terrible to look at, plus it’s unbelievably annoying when everything is everywhere and out of order. 

Luckily, there are certain home cleaning tips that will allow you to maintain a clean home that also keeps it inviting and easier to manage.

So follow a few of these simple cleaning and organizing tips, and your household will look more put together, and most importantly, your home will remain clean for longer!

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16 Easy Things You Can Do For A Sparkling Clean Home

16 Everyday Habits For A Cleaner Home - Everything Abode

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1. Don’t wear your shoes in the house.

16 Everyday Habits for a Sparkling Clean Home - no shoes in the house

You actually already conduct this habit, but I was prompted to add it for its value for your ability to maintain a clean home.

When it comes to maintaining a clean home, germs will likely come into the household if you don’t properly clean your shoes.

In fact, extensive study has produced evidence that shoes serve as a reservoir for pathogens including viruses and bacteria, and it is possible that these germs may be on the outside of your shoes when you enter the home.

So if you’re a person who finds it difficult to stand barefoot, then always keep a separate pair of clean slippers strictly for home-usage only. That way you can keep your home spic and span all month long.


Womens slippers - how to keep a clean home - Everything Abode


2. Place floor mats & area rugs all-around your house.

Place floor mats & area rugs all-around your house.

Putting mats throughout the home is a very sure way that you’ll be keeping your floors free of stains. After all, mats and area rugs are very useful items intended to protect the floors from any dirt and debris.

So it’s best to place them in the areas where you frequently walk such as your home entrances, bathrooms, in the kitchen in front of the sink, and hallways. 

There are also many mats that are wonderfully designed and don’t look poorly made so you don’t need to worry about them impacting the look of your home.


2. Place 'mats' all-around your house. - Everything Abode


3. Create an optimal dusting routine that you can complete in minutes.

16 Everyday Habits for a Sparkling Clean Home - dust your home

A very simple and easy to follow habit that’ll really help you keep your home sparkling clean is dusting your home paired with another task.

This might sound overwhelming, but if you are going to be doing your laundry already, why not dust in between loads? Many people forget to dust their homes and this is a great way to never forget. And try using a microfiber glove, they work wonders as well!


3. Create an optimal dusting routine. - Everything Abode

micro fiber glove for dusting your home! how to keep your home sparkling clean



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4. Use liners for all your drawers & cabinets.


It’s worth buying shelf lining to shield your cabinets and drawers from moisture. Using shelf lining also helps avoid water stains and circles on shelves as well as oil and dye rings from bottles and cans. ​​ These surfaces are important, so a liner will hold it in good shape.

Plus, they’ll be super easy to clean if something happens to spill. After all, they are removable for a reason.

5. Don’t forget to use table coasters.

Habits for a Sparkling Clean Home - use table coaster

Coasters might seem old fashion, but they sure can save you a lot of time from trying to clear everything off the table, and spray and scrub up, if you happen to drink anything cold or spill something.

Furthermore, some stains can damage some surfaces, such as wood, and there is a variety of adorable coasters for the picking. 

6. A small portable vacuum cleaner will let you set it & forget it.

small portable robot vacuum to keep your home clean. how to keep your home clean

A small vacuum cleaner is a great tool for a clean home, but a portable vacuum cleaner is even better. So ditch your ordinary vacuum and make way for a light and portable vacuum instead.

They are quite inexpensive, for how much work they do for you, they are light in weight, and they can quickly clean your home even when you are not home! 

It’ll help remove dust and makes cleaning your rugs, carpets, and hardwood, so much easier. 


7. Follow some sound advice from Marie Kondo and have a designated place for everything.


Many people drop items onto the floor and they always make a mess as they step into their house. When they do this it keeps piling up. 

But if you follow some sound advice from Marie Kondo, after returning home, it is better to easily unpack your bags and carefully stack all of your most used things in their specified locations. Make use of your handbags, keys, shoes, jackets by putting them in these specified places daily. 


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8. Take advantage of storage bins.


Now is the chance for you to render storage bins your new best mate!

By adding some bins in the house, or ideally per room or in each wardrobe, you would be one step closer to achieving the goal of having a tidy and organized home.

The key explanation here is, if you mistakenly locate an out-of-place object, you can simply place it in the bin and then restore it to its proper location later.

This is perfect for cleaning quickly if you have friends coming over and you want to minimize the amount of clutter in a matter of minutes.

9. Have a bottle of cleaning spray in each bathroom.


By having a convenient cleaning spray bottle in your bathroom,  it’ll be so much easier to give your bathroom some quick love after using it. 

You can keep some household cleaner ready or make a really basic homemade cleaner using vinegar and water yourself.

Your sink and any areas that are dirtied will be simple to clean after you execute this one simple cleaning move.

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10. Keep a bathroom squeegee in the shower.

Keep a bathroom squeegee in the shower.

Did you know you can help keep your shower clean just by removing water after your daily shower? 

A bathroom squeegee helps remove more of the water left on your shower doors and walls, than if you were to let it stand. Plus, it whisks away anything you’ve left behind that will one day become soap scum.


11. Place fridge liners in your fridge.


Having liners for your fridge will help you immensely with your cleaning routine, as they help protect the surfaces in your fridge from any accidental spillage or leakage that comes from certain foods.

12. Place garbage bins all throughout the house.

Try placing garbage bins in all of your bedrooms and bathrooms to avoid littering, and so you can have access to a garbage can instead of having garbage just lying around the house. This rule is especially important if you happen to have kids!

13. Collect receipts in an organized fashion.


We all know that paper clutter is among the most irritating messes to contend with, and everybody struggles with this dilemma.

We hold our receipts and guarantee ourselves that we are going to swap or refund these items, and because of this, our mail and paper piles up.

To minimize this, organize where you collect both your receipts and bills. This can be in one of the cubbies in your shoe rack or a kitchen drawer that you can keep a close eye on.

14. Invest in pretty baskets.

We’ve already talked about storage bins and how they are a must for quick cleaning, so now taking it up a level, beautiful baskets can make your place look both organized and stylish at the same time.

They are great for storing little things to keep out of sight like remote controls or extra toys for the kids. And you can find pretty baskets at almost all stores.

15. Keep your cleaning essentials organized.


Sometimes our cleaning tools can clutter up our homes, though they were created to clean our homes, they can be difficult to store.

Cleaning tools can be unsightly if they are dirty, left lying around, or left for a prolonged period of time.

To minimize this issue, try using a hanging hook or a broom gripper to hang all of your cleaning supplies and cleaning tools. This will help you organize your home and help keep it clean.

16. Create your own everlasting organizing system.

Lastly, in order to remain coordinated with your home life, develop a system that focuses on the areas of your household that you are deeply annoyed by.

Start with one room and write out what you wish to accomplish for it. Then set aside some time to finish some of the tasks needed to complete it.

This will allow you to work towards removing certain recurring annoyances, and some pessimistic feelings, that keep you apart from your cleaning goals and having a lasting clean home.

There you have it. If you follow a few of these simple yet tiny cleaning tips (on a daily basis) you can save a lot of time and effort.  And maintain that sparkling clean home that you deserve to live in!

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