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 8 Habits of People With Really Clean Homes (That You Can Copy!)

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 8 Habits of People With Really Clean Houses - Everything Abode

Have you ever gone to visit a neighbor and been surprised by how tidy their home was?

The carpet was pristine, there were no cobwebs, and compared to your own house, it looked like a model home.

You might feel a little discouraged when you go to visit someone who can tidy up better than you; this is the comparison trap.

The truth is that you can also have a tidy home.

You just need to make a few changes in your lifestyle and pick up new cleaning habits.

Here are some of the surest ways to ensure your home is also pristine.

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8 Habits of People With Really Clean Houses

Habits of People With Really Clean Houses

1. Always keep Those Floors Clean & Clear.

A lot of people don’t make it a habit of keeping junk off of their floors. They neglect to vacuum their carpets and allow toys, pillows, or shoes to fall wherever they will.

This is the quickest way to make your home look disorganized. Grab a basket for the toys, and make sure you always put coats and shoes in the closet.

In addition, vacuum under the tables and in corners people aren’t likely to see.


2. Clean As You Cook.

It’s possible to avoid disaster in the kitchen by putting things away while the stew is boiling.

If you opt for minimalism in the kitchen and don’t have too many plates to keep track of, the process is faster and less intimidating.

It saves you time and heightens your sense of accomplishment. Dinner will taste better when you aren’t dreading the cleaning that will come afterward.


3. Organize Seasonally to save your sanity and money.

Store your winter clothes and decorations. When winter is over, you don’t need those heavy throw blankets or mittens anymore. They’re bulky and take up space in the closet or laundry room.

Purchase some storage containers and place your winter or seasonal items inside of them, then store them in the garage or basement.

Bring them back when the summer ends. It’ll save you money, too, because you won’t need to buy more next year.


4. Assign Laundry Day and be strict about it.

Assign Laundry Day and be strict about it.

Establish a day for laundry. Don’t let a single laundry day go by without washing your clothes. It might seem like a small matter to put off one laundry day, but that opens the door to more excuses and procrastinating.

If you don’t want the laundry pile to grow into a mountain, be strict on laundry day and make sure that everything is clean and put away by the end.


5. Clean The Fridge for your health.

Don’t forget to clean your fridge, because the place where you store your food will tell a lot about you.

No more saving leftover take-out; instead of letting food rot on the back shelf, empty the fridge and fill it with food that you know you’ll eat.

Scrub away stains and toss out old vegetables. Remember that this habit is good for your health.


6. Don’t Fear Empty Spaces.

8 Habits of People With Really Clean Houses --- Everything Abode

Many of us have a habit of buying cute trinkets at thrift shops, and while there’s nothing wrong with collecting, there is such a thing as too much.

The same goes for jewelry and used clothes.

If you have shelves on the wall, don’t cover the surface with thrift finds; reserve those spaces for important photos, or remove the shelves altogether.

There’s nothing wrong with a clear wall. It gives the idea of cleanliness.


7. Don’t Keep Old Paper.

Toss out old bills instead of holding onto them for future reference. If you never use coupons, there’s no point keeping them in your drawer.

Paper builds up quickly and you forget about it almost the instant you’ve put it away. Make a habit of tossing mail and forms you do not need instead of holding onto them “just in case.”


8. Learn To Fold Clothes in unique ways.

Many people don’t know how to fold their clothes, but there are ways to do it that help you save space. It’ll make an enormous difference when your drawers are properly organized and your clothes are no longer piled on the floor.


These are but a few of the habits that really organized people use to keep their homes looking clean. If you learn to carry them out, your house will look tidy, too. You’ll be glad you made the difference!


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Tuesday 23rd of February 2021

HI Rebecca,

I really enjoyed this blog post. I often feEl as though i am drowning in the mess i call a home. I guess the burden of depression really took a toll on my house and family. Now thaT things are better i Need to gain the motivatIon to get things back on track. Your blog post gave me some ideas; thanks!


Saturday 27th of February 2021

Thanks so much, Jessica! Glad it was helpful :)