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9 Habits Of People Who Always Have A Clean Home

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9 Habits That People With Clean Homes Do Every Single Day --- Everything Abode

Have you ever visited a friend’s house and found yourself blown away by how clean it was? 

The walls seemed to sparkle, the tables didn’t have a speck of dust, and you know your friend is a lot busier than ever before. 

Even if you’re a tidy person yourself, houses like that friend of yours can make you feel like a slob because it’s hard to keep a clean home when life is going by really fast.

Luckily for you, all you need is some discipline, a few common habits people with clean houses tend to all share, and the willpower to make it happen.

Here are 9 home habits of people who always have a sparkling clean home.

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9 Habits Of People Who Always Have A Clean Home

Habits People With Clean Homes Do Every Single Day

1. They have less.

People with very clean houses don’t tend to buy more than they need. For example, if four people are living in the house, they’ll own four plates, four coffee cups, four bowls–nothing more than they find necessary. This makes the kitchen easier to look after.


2. They clean as they cook to relieve home stress.

Cleaning While Cooking is the best way to relieve extra home stress. - Everything Abode

Clean while you prepare a meal. It might sound overwhelming to take care of cleaning before dinner is finished, but very organized people have learned the art of multitasking.

As the soup is boiling, they’re washing the cutting-board and putting away silverware. It means that cooking time will be a bit busier for us normal people, but the result is very neat.


3. They Embrace Clear Surfaces to have a clear mind.

Embrace Clear Surfaces so you can have a clear mind.

We all love a shelf full of trinkets, but sometimes it feels better to see the surface of your table. Try to avoid splurging on decorations at the thrift shop; limit photo frames to memories that are most important.

It gives the impression that your house is clean, compared to shelves overflowing with knickknacks.

Here are some tips to keep surfaces clean:

    • Use soap and water to clean surfaces and then use the disinfectant. Soap and water washing decreases the number of surface germs, dirt, and impurities. Disinfecting on clear surfaces often destroys germs.
    • Keep all surfaces cleaned and sanitized after you cook.
    • As a rule of thumb, any area of your home with high traffic and surfaces that get used a lot are the first areas you should keep clear and clean. 


4. They Clean Out their Fridge when they see something out of order.

Clean Out Your Fridge when you see something out of order - Everything Abode

Fridges are notorious for the challenge they present when it comes to cleanliness. We all like to put away our leftovers to eat tomorrow, then eat something else the next day, pushing those leftovers to the back of the fridge where they will likely rot. If your fridge is embarrassing for visitors to see, then it’s time to clean it.

Here are some tips to keep your fridge clean:

    • Use a Lazy Susan. This nifty Lazy Susan makes getting to items in the back of the fridge a whole lot easier!
    • Wipe down sticky bottles or jars. This will reduce the number of spills that usually get left behind and unnoticed. 
    • Store leftovers at eye level for easy grabbing and consuming.
    • Hit your local dollar shop or Amazon for some cheap, colorful bins. Small plastic baskets can complement small items very well. 
    • Line your crisper for fresh vegetables with towels or newspapers. There are two explanations. First of all, they drink some juices from fruit and veggies and they make cleaning the drawers a breeze. You can throw the liner out and insert a new one into it (with ease) when you need it again.


5. Set Aside a Tidying day.  

9 Habits People With Clean Homes Do Every Single Day --- Everything Abode

A simple way to keep your home really tidy is to set aside ten or fifteen minutes at the end of the day and devote them to returning things to their rightful place. Leave no books or toys on the carpet before you go to bed, tidy up your bedroom and make your bed; the more often you practice this, the easier it becomes until you find yourself doing it automatically.


6. They Toss Things Out immediately.

You might have saved a number of things, from kitchenware to clothing, thinking that eventually, you would need them. The truth is, you’ve forgotten you had them, and they only take up space. Throw these objects into boxes and leave them at the thrift shop. You will notice the difference in your house, and so will visitors.


7. They Keep Things Organized.

Keep Things Organized by doing small daily purges of daily receipts, lists, and office items. - Everything Abode

If you struggle to find the things you need in your office because of the clutter, then it’s time to purge. Dig out old receipts, advertisements, and anything else that you no longer need.

Don’t hold onto cardboard postage boxes; they tempt you to throw junk inside. Deep clean your drawers and leave only the essentials–paper clips, pencils, tape.

Having a clean office will make work easier to do and the room easier to look at.


8. They always Put things Away and make this a home rule that sticks.

9 Habits People With Clean Homes Do Every Single Day --- Everything Abode

Right when you walk through the front door, do you get home from work exhausted and leave your shoes at the door? That’s a habit that can quickly lead to more serious clutter. Coat closets exist for a reason; take the time to put your shoes and coats inside before you pass out on the couch.


9. They Set aside a Laundry day to stay on schedule.

Lastly, try to set aside a laundry day, and make sure your clothes are dried and put away by the end of it. People who keep this habit never need to worry about sweaty shirts or mismatched socks.

And you can make it a family project so it isn’t so overwhelming to wash the clothes of multiple people. Just make sure you stay on schedule with this tip, and you’ll be bound to be one of those people who always can maintain a clean looking home. 


See, your friend with the clean house doesn’t work magic; she knows what to do and when in order to have a certain effect.

Cleanliness pays off, and you can brag about your house without feeling ashamed to show it to neighbors. Learning these habits will help you get there. If you can’t get enough, try these 100 organizing tips, too.

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Saturday 28th of August 2021

This is an extremely helpful article, especially to prevent overwhelm for us busy moms. Thanks


Monday 30th of August 2021

That's so great to hear Renee, thank you!