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10 Things You Should Know When Starting The Minimalist Lifestyle

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10 Ways to Start Living Like a True Minimalist Now - Everything Abode

Are you having trouble reducing clutter in your life?

 If so, minimalism could be your next best solution.

We all know that having an ample amount of things can be really bothersome…

So what better way to start tackling all that stuff than to start following some basic ground rules when it comes to minimalism and leading out the minimalist lifestyle. 

When talking about becoming a minimalist we can address subjects like reducing unnecessary things, tackling things like the accumulation of too much clutter, and in return, we can reduce the stress and anxiety that is the result of having all that unnecessary stuff.

See the thing is… Our society is very materialistic. So if you are determined to change your ways, then pat yourself on the back for being here.

Or if you’ve already been on this journey for a little while and you’re now looking for some continued inspiration, you’re in the right place!

Minimalism is not about letting go of everything, but more so, it’s about letting go of the things and habits that bring too much clutter into your life.

This beginner’s guide should lead you in the right direction.

Here are 10 simple ways to insert the minimalist lifestyle into your home life with ease!

10 Things You Should Know When Starting The Minimalist Lifestyle

Beginner's Guide to Starting the Minimalist Lifestyle

1. Soak in as much minimalism knowledge as you can before you take action.

Beginner's Guide to Starting the Minimalist Lifestyle

When it comes to leading a life filled with less, the first step you should take is to do your research and soak in as much knowledge as you can about minimalism.

There are loads of hacks and ways online that focus on leading a more minimal lifestyle, and devouring as much as you can get will make you more aware of what you can do when it comes to your own personal living circumstances.

Once you start becoming aware of the things that you don’t need, it’ll catch on in all the other areas of your life like wildfire and before you know it, you are leading a minimal lifestyle all on your own. 

2. Discover if you really can be minimal.

The next step to leading a more minimalistic lifestyle is to discover if, in fact, you really can be minimal.

You may have done your research and have soaked in loads of tips but are you inspired to take action?

Why do you want to pursue a minimalist lifestyle? Why do you want to adopt this lifestyle, if at all?

Is it to save more money? Is it to rid yourself of a lot of clutter? Or are you starting to get less joy from buying too many unnecessary items?

Once you figure out your why and discover if you really can live with less, keep your reasons in your mind’s eye and thoroughly investigate it.

Write it down if possible (why you are wanting to live with less) and keep it visible. It will remind you on a daily basis why you are pursuing this way of life.

3. Focus on your lifestyle first before you try to change others. 

The minimalistic lifestyle is a chosen lifestyle — one that is filled with a lot less and very much a personal journey.

So if the people in your life are ultra consumers, that doesn’t mean it should derail you or make you become their minimalist coach either. 

It simply means you must focus on yourself, your consuming habits, and only start with your personal things first.

Try to find contentment in the things that you can control and not what others are doing around you. 

By doing this alone you may become a good influence on the people around you and if you focus on yourself first before focusing on what everyone else is doing, you’ll have a great mindset going into minimalism.

4. Prepare to be uncomfortable.

Beginner's Guide to Starting the Minimalist Lifestyle

When it comes to purging out the old and preparing for a new way of life, there will be hard times during your transition to minimalism.

Sometimes letting go of things seems unjustified because you spent so much money on them or it can feel pretty uncomfortable when you make a mistake like buying something you didn’t really need. 

So when these feelings arise, prepare to be uncomfortable while slowly scaling down. It’s just part of the process that minimalism takes you through. 

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5. Focus on the smaller areas in your home first.

When transitioning into minimalism, it’s best to focus on one area of your home first before you focus on another.

For instance, the kitchen might be a good place to start but only if you aren’t connected to your cookware sets and/or cutlery (most people aren’t so the kitchen really is the best place to begin the decluttering process). 

Or are you less attached to your wardrobe? Then start with your closet first. All in all, it’s best to start with the areas that you have less attachment to, so you can start the purging process off right. 

6. Give yourself months NOT days.

Beginner's Guide to Starting the Minimalist Lifestyle

A lot of people think that they can become a minimalist in a day or two or a week, but when it comes to changing out old habits and inserting a new way of consuming, you really have to give yourself months.

It takes a lot of time and self-awareness to figure out what you need to keep, stop doing, stop buying, stop wasting, and what you can live with and without.

7. Resist temptations to buy more stuff.

Resisting triggers/temptations is an absolute must if you are wanting to become a minimalist for the long run.

Resisting temptations will be a huge battle that you will have to overcome, but the more you do, the more you’ll feel you have control over your life. 

Triggers can come in the form of certain shopping areas, certain moods, and even certain relationships that trigger you to do certain things.

So gather as much evidence as you can when it comes to your triggers and become aware of them — becoming aware is the first step to resisting them!

8. Find inspiration so you can emulate them.

All you need to do to increase your desire for living the minimalist lifestyle is to find inspiration from others that are already doing it. 

When it comes to leading a new way of living, you have to see how the pros are doing it so you can get inspired (on a daily basis). 

Besides getting inspired makes it feel more pleasurable and less like a chore and if you see someone else living that way, then why can’t you?

Minimalism is all around you (if you look for it), so look around on Instagram and Pinterest and soak in that much-needed inspiration. 

9. Keep what is already working.

Beginner's Guide to Starting the Minimalist Lifestyle

Here’s the thing about minimalism, that a lot of people tend to forget…

If you really love it? And if you are doing things in a certain way that works for you? Then you don’t need to get rid of it or stop doing it.

You don’t need to get rid of the things that bring you joy either.

Minimalism is not about letting go of everything it’s about letting go of the things that bring you too much stress and that no longer serve you on a personal level.

To help you out, take a peek at these 25 items that are very simple to declutter to help you get started.

10. Practice gratitude for what you already have.

Lastly, here’s another little tidbit that people seem to forget when it comes to leading a minimalist lifestyle.

By being grateful for what we have, we tend to want less! 

Some people choose to write a list of gratitude every morning or evening and that is a great practice to get into, so however you want to go about giving thanks, know that by practicing gratitude you will feel more positive about the things that you do have, instead of focusing on the things that you don’t have.

Thus helping you on your path to becoming a true minimalist.

As long as you’re pursuing the goal of being more minimal and having a less is more mentality, you’re heading in the right direction.

Don’t rush into minimalism and take your time, and remember to show appreciation for what you have, it’ll bring you joy for the simple things in life which is what the minimalist lifestyle is all about.

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Jessalynn Jones

Monday 10th of May 2021

Great article rebecca! I APPRECIATE Your patient and reasonAble attut towArd minimalism. I think that it can be hard to push to fast Towards minimalism but if you take your Time you naturally fiNd yourself wanting less. I tHink its very important for anyone who wants to simplify their life to Appreciate what they have, take time leTting go, and Regularly notice the benefits of having less. When you aRe doing that it is something that becomes a lifestyle not a diet from stuff.


Friday 14th of May 2021

I agree! Thanks so much, Jessalynn! :)