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12 Healthy Daily Habits You Shouldn’t Ignore

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If you would like to live a healthy long life, consider incorporating these twelve healthy daily habits every day.  These easy daily habits will keep you healthy and happy!

healthy daily habits

Are you looking for simple lifestyle changes that are quick and easy?

If so, you must realize that our future is dependent on the small actions we take every day.

The repetitive acts we perform on a daily basis are what make up our reality and they take us in a direction whether bad or good to live the lives we lead.

However, you may not realize it, but many of our habits are driven by “autopilot”. This means that when we do these behaviors, we don’t think about them.

Yet, to make positive changes it is important that the things we do have a purpose for our higher good. 

Moreover, the daily, consistent habits we do every single day should be easy to follow, nor should they require any money.

So without further ado, here are twelve daily habits everyone should follow on a daily and consistent basis, in order to lead a more healthy, positive life.


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12 Positive Daily Habits That’ll Make Your Day Complete

daily healthy habits to do every single day

1.   Drink Lots of Water as a daily habit.

drink water as a healthy daily habit

When it comes to having healthy habits on a daily basis, definitely try to get your hands on as much as you can throughout the day.

Drinking water has many health benefits, including maximizing your physical performance and significantly affecting energy levels and brain function. It can also help to prevent headaches and hangovers and aid in weight loss.

The recommended daily intake of water is eight glasses of water with eight ounces in every glass.

However, if you dislike the taste of plain water, simply add fruit. Adding fruit will make drinking water more tolerable and it should improve your overall energy, especially if you wake up and drink lots of water first thing in the morning. 


2.   Incorporate a healthy skincare routine — morning and night. 

Incorporate a healthy skincare routine as a healthy daily habit

Another daily habit that a lot of people tend to skip over is having a daily skincare regimen.

Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, a healthy skincare routine is a must! 

Moreover, you won’t see your skin regain its fullest potential if you don’t wash your face each morning and night with a good skin toner, moisturizer, and gentle soaps.

Not only that but a daily skincare routine encourages the skin to breathe at night as you retire to bed.

So if you are not yet making time daily to take care of your skin, learn how to incorporate healthy skincare activities into your daily routine today!

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3.  Do one thing a day to increase blood flow.

increase bloodflow as a healthy daily habit to do each day

Although getting actively fit every day can be one of the harder habits to do, particularly if you are very busy and work a full-time job, however getting in shape doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t try to do what you can.

For instance, a little bit of stretching and walking can be more effective than you’d expect!

For instance, walking can help you control your weight, reduce the risk of heart diseases, and help the body manage blood sugar and insulin levels both helping to stabilize a positive mood!

Stretching allows the body to improve its performance in physical activities, decreases the risk of injuries, helps the joints move through their full range of motion, and increases muscle blood flow to enable muscles to work most effectively.

So it goes without saying that doing something remotely active every day benefits the whole body and is a great daily habit to incorporate into your lifestyle on a daily basis.


4.  Floss your teeth. 

floss every day to stay healthy

In addition to maintaining good health, it is also crucial that you not hesitate to floss your teeth at least once a day.

American Dental Association recommends that you clean between your teeth every day with an interdental cleaner (like floss). Cleaning between your teeth can help to prevent cavities and gum disease. Plaque, a sticky film between teeth, can be easily removed by flossing.

Moreover, flossing helps avoid high dental bills, adds years to your life, and only takes about 1-2 minutes of your day.


5. Try an Ayurvedic method & drink hot lemon water with dinner.

try the Ayurvedic diet method and drink hot lemon water every day to stay healthy

Did you know that just one cup of hot water with dinner has so many healthy side effects such as flushing away contaminants by helping digestion, enhancing nutrition and sleep, and balancing the immune system?

Moreover, hot lemon water assists in the absorption of more nutrients from your food.

Additionally, you’ll also get added vitamin C via the lemon and it’s quite the tasty drink once you start getting used to drinking it. 

To incorporate this healthy daily habit with ease, grab hold of your favorite mug and make sure to put the kettle on right before dinner time. 

As part of the Ayurvedic method which is a treatment that starts with an internal purification process, followed by a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation, starting with drinking hot lemon water with dinner is an easy and powerful daily habit you can start implementing today!

Try hot lemon water with dinner.


6. Meditate to maintain a calm and restful mind.

Meditate to keep a calm mind every single day for your mental health

Since we are concentrating on getting through the day as healthy as we can, we must keep our mental well-being in mind as well.

Because incorporating a little bit of daily zen is probably not a bad idea if you would like to be more stress-free and calmer during the day. 

The benefits of meditation include gaining a new perspective on stressful situations, building skills to manage stress better, increasing self-awareness, reducing negative emotions, and increasing imagination and creativity, while increasing patience and tolerance.

To achieve this all you need to do is light up some candles, put some comfortable clothes on (that also keep you warm), and either sit or lay down whilst concentrating only on your breathing for five minutes.

Additionally, creating a calmer home will also help develop a better meditation practice, so don’t forget to check out these 7 ways to create a calmer home here.

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7.   Include a little bit of music to uplift your spirit. 

listen to music as a healthy daily habit for your mental health

Did you know that having a little dance party for a minute or two is a really enjoyable and restorative way to feel better?

Not only that but music alone is considered a form of therapy in and of itself so if you can aim to integrate a little bit of music into your everyday lifestyle, you’ll be all the healthier and happier.

To easily achieve this, consider creating your own Spotify playlist or saving your favorite songs on your phone to create your own ultimate personal soundtrack when you need it.

You’ll also have music to listen to, especially if it is a bad day.


8.  Take pictures to savor your precious memories. 

take pictures to remember your days as a healthy habit

Another great positive habit to consider doing every day is capturing the moments you do not want to forget. 

Images have a splendid way of transporting us to all the great things that have happened in our lives, however sadly, oftentimes those moments go unnoticed or unrecalled because we simply were too tired (or maybe embarrassed) to take out our phones to snap the photo that we wanted to catch.

However, you have to remember that, in life, we must all acknowledge the wonderful moments we have because life is short, and having photos of such memorable moments will make us remember them all the better.

So to help you incorporate this into your daily routine, make sure to take the photos you want to remember.  And don’t be bothered about what others have to say about them or what they think when they see you taking your photo. 

If you do this every day, you’ll have plenty to look back on and maybe even see some personal and physical growth, too!


9.  Eat at least one healthy meal every single day.

eat a healthy meal per day to stay healthy

Of course, eating healthy is always going to be one of the best and most healthy daily habits you can incorporate into your everyday routine. 

And the exciting thing about balanced eating is that you don’t have to follow a restrictive diet to incorporate it.

All you have to do is make sure that at least one meal that you consume each day provides the nutrition you need.

Moreover, there are so many ways to eat healthily, you can incorporate lots of greens and vegetables, and eat simple lean proteins and fresh fruits, as these are all great ways to stay healthy.


10.  Leave someone a nice comment & make someone feel good.

spread positivity as a healthy daily habit

This optimistic daily habit is all about bringing something positive into the world. 

Because you must do at least one thing a day that does good for humanity!

For instance, you can leave positive feedback for someone you know (or don’t know) on social media or make someone else feel good by flashing them a big smile to brighten their day.

Of course, these are just a few ways you can incorporate this positive daily habit into your lifestyle but if you can make this a daily and recurring habit, you’ll feel amazing for uplifting someone else and it’s also a perfect way to stay connected and build healthy relationships.


11. Set an intention to actively create the life you want. 

set a daily intention as a great daily habit to improve mental health

Another great and healthy daily habit to start practicing every day is setting an intention for the day.

When you actively create a meaningful intention, one where the intention can be your guiding light for the day, it will help you create the life you want.

Daily intentions are a unique way to direct and guide people on the right path to achieving what they want in life.

Moreover, as the old adage saying says, “where focus goes, energy flows.”

So the next time you need a bit of uplifting in your day, create a daily intention, and be sure to put your intention up somewhere where you’ll see it most often or in your favorite journal.

It is also a good idea to create your intention in the morning and meditate on it before you leave your house.

This simple yet powerful habit will help to make your life more fulfilling.

And if you need more help with creating a daily intention that actually works, check out these 10 easy ways to set a daily intention here


12.   Stay up to date with current events.

stay up to date with current events as a healthy daily habit

Lastly, regardless of your political leanings, keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world or in your community is also something to consider doing as a daily habit. 

The reason this is an important daily habit to consider doing is that everything that occurs on the globe or in your community affects you, affects everybody else, and affects our future.

Moreover, ‘staying in the know’ is something you can briefly do during a simple ten-minute break at the office or while standing in line at a coffee shop. 

Plus, you’ll also have the chance to join conversations and add input to those discussions being had, all because you took the time to learn something new and stay up to date with current events. 


Healthy daily habits final thoughts. 

There’s no doubt that doing a few of these healthy daily habits can be utilized by almost everyone.

You don’t need extra money to do them, they are all available by choice and the only thing that will be hard is committing to doing them each and every day.

However, if you do incorporate a few of these healthy daily habits, you just might see some great results in how you spend your overall days! 


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