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50+ Cloud Aesthetic Wallpapers For iPhone (2023 List)

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Today it’s all about clouds! Cloud wallpapers for a beautiful aesthetic for your iPhone. You can download and save as many aesthetic cloud wallpapers as you desire for free!

cloud wallpapers aesthetic

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a cloud lover.

Nephophilia definition: a person who loves cloud; fondness or obsession of clouds, love of clouds and cloud formations”

So if you are a self-proclaimed Nephophilia, you’ll love these cloud wallpapers we found.

Cloud and sky wallpapers are an excellent choice when you want to create a dreamlike state.

These stunning cloud wallpapers feature a variety of picturesque scenes, from billowing white clouds in the summer to blazing sunsets and twinkling clouds at night.

The curated collection of these stunning cloud wallpapers can be a nice feature on your iphone to create an illuminist and dream-like focal point.

They are also great to gaze at when you feel like you are being whisked away on cloud nine.

Wallpapers are an easy way to spread the cloud love, and you won’t have to spend a dime to get a beautiful new wallpaper for your phone.


Cool cloud Wallpaper for iPhones.

To download cloud wallpaper:

iPhone: Take a screenshot of the image, crop it, or hold down the image to save

Desktop: Right-click and Save Image. Then, crop the image to your desired size.


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Here are some of our favorite cloud wallpapers to download for free.


Cloud Aesthetic Wallpapers for your iPhone background


1. Sunset clouds wallpaper.

Combining these different sunset hues creates a unique design for a cloud wallpaper.


2. Bright blue clouds.

Bright blue clouds

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3. Bright sunny clouds.

Bright sunny clouds


4. Blue sunset clouds.

blue sunset cloud wallpaper

Blue sunset clouds

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5. Rainbow clouds in the night sky.

Rainbow clouds in the night sky

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6. Cloud nostalgia.

Cloud nostalgia


7. Hopeful skies.

Choosing this gorgeous cloud wallpaper for your phone is an easy way to improve your mood.


8. Pink clouds with birds in flight.

pink clouds and birds wallpaper

Pink clouds with birds in flight

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9. Dreamy yellow moon clouds.

vintage cloud wallpaper

Dreamy yellow moon clouds


10. Dark orange and black haze.

dark clouds wallpaper

Dark orange and black haze


11. Clouds on fire.

This beautiful wallpaper can be used on your smartphone, or tablet, and will help raise your energy level and attract positive energies.


12. Sunset clouds from above.

This sunset cloud wallpaper can also give you an extra boost of energy during the day.


13. Butterfly clouds.

Dreamy butterfly clouds


14. Dramatic scenic clouds.

You can download these free wallpapers and share them with your friends to spread positive energy around.


15. Dark clouds with sun specs.

Featuring dots of color in white, beige, and grey, this cloud wallpaper is a stunning choice.


16. Soft blue clouds.

This wallpaper is an excellent choice for a dreamy and cloudy mobile background.


17. Pink clouds in the starry night sky.

Pink clouds in the starry night sky


18. Sparkly anime clouds.

Anime clouds in the night sky with stars and moon.


19. fluffy white clouds.

Fluffy clouds on a blue night


20. One large white fluffy cloud.

One large white fluffy cloud


21. Pastel Cloud Formation.

Pink night sky


22. Whimsical night clouds.

Whimsical night sky with half-lit moon


23. Sunny Idyllic Skies.

Sunny day clouds


24. Magical sparkly rainbow clouds.

Magical sparkly rainbow clouds


25. Full moon pink clouds.

Full moon pink clouds


26. Soft cotton candy clouds.

Soft cotton candy clouds


27. Soft peaches and cream clouds.

Soft peaches and cream clouds


28. Stunning sunrise clouds.

stunning sunrise clouds

Stunning sunrise clouds


29. Stunning sunrise from above.

Stunning scenery clouds from above


30. Trippy aesthetic clouds.

Trippy aesthetic clouds with heart


31. Sunflower clouds.

Sunflower clouds on a bright summer day


32. Sunny rainbow clouds.

“You deserve to be happy” cloud wallpaper.


33. Trippy aesthetic clouds.

Trippy aesthetic cloud wallpaper


34. Stary night with fluffy clouds.

Stary night fluffy clouds


35. Pink sunset clouds.

Dreamy pink sunset clouds


36. dreamy cloud formation.

dreamy clouds


37. Dark sparkle clouds.

Dark sparkly clouds from above


38. Sparkly mermaid clouds.

Sparkly mermaid clouds


39. Heavenly clouds from above.

Heavenly clouds from above


40. Beautiful clouds from up high.

Clouds from above


41. Dreamy clouds up high.

Dreamy clouds up high


42. Summer clouds.

Summer clouds on a hot day


43. Hot pink clouds from above.

Hot pink clouds from above


44. Shooting rainbow.

Shooting rainbow cloud wallpaper


45. Shooting rainbow above water.

Shooting rainbow above water


46. Sparkly unicorn clouds.

Sparkly unicorn clouds


47. Blue sparkly clouds.

Blue sparkly clouds


48. Dark purple clouds.

Dark purple clouds


49. Sunset sparkles clouds.

Sunset sparkles clouds


50. Purple and pink haze.

Purple and pink haze


51. Fantasy clouds.

Fantasy clouds


52. Heavenly clouds.

Heavenly clouds


53. Dark and dreamy clouds.

Dark and dreamy clouds


If you feel like floating on cloud nine, these cloudy iPhone wallpapers will allow you to feel like you’re up in the sky dreaming all day long.

Clouds are amazing to look at and I love looking up at them and watching them drift by.

If you love them too, you now have a few fluffy aesthetic clouds that you can set as the background wallpaper for your iphone.

Just tap and hold the image to make it your wallpaper.

And don’t forget to follow Everything Abode on Pinterest to stay up to date with the latest iPhone Wallpapers.


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dessing cheval

Saturday 9th of September 2023

Absolutely mesmerizing collection of cloud aesthetic wallpapers! Each image is like a glimpse into a dreamy, serene world. These wallpapers have truly elevated the ambiance of my space. Thank you for curating such a beautiful selection. - Tristian