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How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Life & Home

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How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Life & Home - Everything Abode

Are you feeling overwhelming negative energy in your home or life right now?

Since there’s energy everywhere, and you can’t officially see it — there is no doubt that you sure can feel it!

Negative energy, like positive energy, is all around us; however, if we don’t protect ourselves from the negative energy, it can attach to us at any time and stick. 

This means getting rid of the negative energy that you feel is crucial because any sort of negativity will be toxic to your overall health and well-being. 

So to better help you out with perhaps releasing some negative energy, here are eight effective ways to clear negative energy away from yourself, your home, and your life — for good!


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8 Ways to Clear Negative Energy from Your Life & Home

Eight Ways to Clear Negative Energy from Your Life

Warning signs when it comes to negative energy.

If you want to learn how to eliminate the negative energy that may be negatively affecting your life, it’s good to know some recognizable signs and symptoms first.

Signs and symptoms of negative energy include:

  • You may be feeling constant pain, and that pain may be making you feel low in energy.
  • You may have nervous energy paired with anxiety or depression.
  • You may have trouble falling asleep at night.
  • You feel restless more than usual and are irritable and impatient with other people. 
  • Your mind may be constantly in negative mode, thinking negative thoughts and fearing the past and future.
  • You might suffer from constant headaches and digestive issues.
  • You’re quick to react and are very impulsive.
  • You may suffer from mood swings and be unable to control your emotions.

If you can relate to any of these signs above or if these signs and symptoms are playing a dominant role in your life right now, it may be due to having too much negative energy in your home or your surroundings.

Don’t worry; you can turn it all around; here are eight strategies to help you combat negative energy in your life and home below!


1.  Deep breathing will help you synchronize your heart rate to release negative energy.

When it comes to releasing negative energy from your life, deep breathing is essential if you want to fight the toxic energy that may be attached to you or surrounding you. 

Energy experts state that our heart rate plays a vital role in how we clear out internal energy. Since our nervous system holds onto many unnecessary emotions, it needs a little moment to relax from time to time. 

When we do deep breathing and breathe mindfully, such as taking repeated deep breaths, it will synchronize our heart rate, thus causing our brain to produce healthy endorphins that are naturally relaxing and detoxifying.

Negative energy won’t even have a chance to attach to your nervous system if you breathe calmly because you’ve taken the time to relax, reset, and learned how to recenter yourself in times of crisis and toxicity. And that is something everyone should learn to harness as a positive life skill!


2.  Use salt for your home.

Use salt for your home

If you feel your home is full of negative vibes, then your next best bet is to use salt. After all, salt is the best-known negative absorber there is!

Experts over at the Energy Muse recommend pouring salt into the four corners of each room in your home if you would like to absorb all the negative energy of the previous owners you feel is still stuck there.

When you do this, the toxic energy will be attracted to salt and can be absorbed quite easily.

Once you’ve finished pouring the salt out, let it sit for roughly two full days to soak up that rotten energy you feel.

Then you can either vacuum or sweep up the salt (after the 48-hour window), throw it into the trash, and be done with that negative energy you previously had in your home. 


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3.  Remove negative people from your life.

The time is now to clean up your relationships if you feel they give your life too much negative energy!

Because when it comes to feeling negative, even people can leave you feeling in the slumps.

Did you know that a toxic relationship can drain your physical and emotional energy, and it shouldn’t be worth those two things just knowing someone?

Moreover, you can have these negative relationships with anyone, be it your relatives, loved ones, partner, boss, coworkers, or friend.

So think about how you’re doing in your relationships, make a concerted effort to meet more positive people (if you feel that you are absorbing negative energy from the people you are already associating with), and don’t be afraid to fly solo

Remember, constant negativity, criticism, and co-dependence tendencies will make you feel less independent and bring on that negative vibe you are feeling.

And feeling independent is key if you want to live a healthy and, more importantly, positive life. 

To find out more, check out how to remove a toxic relationship from your life here


4.  Expect Good Fortune — because your expectations do mean something.

A little delusion can be a good thing, especially if you want to combat negative energy in your life. 

Moreover, if you want to release your old negative expectations, now is the best time to start thinking like an optimist! 

A positive expectation is usually portrayed simply by having faith or believing something positive will happen as the outcome. 

And if you push yourself to do bigger and better things and take action while being optimistic, you’ll have a better chance of harnessing more of that positive energy you strive to have for your life. 

Know that nothing positive will happen if you constantly sit around without a plan or feel negative about yourself or your life. 

Like attracts like, so expect good things in unexpected ways because your expectations matter when cultivating a positive life. 


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5.  Practice Mindfulness & be aware of your negative thoughts.

Negative energy takes us out of the moment to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, especially if we are not aware that we are just letting our negative thoughts run rampant. 

That being said, most energy experts suggest that being mindful will help combat those negative thoughts, but here’s the catch, only if you retrain your thinking consistently and daily. 

Practicing mindfulness includes meditation, guided visualization, and other exercises like deep breathing.

These techniques are used to calm the body and mind, which will help reduce any stress and anxiety you feel when feeling negative.

Another thing to note is that being mindful is about being deeply conscious of what you hear and feel in the moment, without meaning or judgment towards oneself.

Let’s face it; our negative thoughts can be overwhelming if they spiral out of control. This will inevitably interfere with our overall well-being if we don’t pay close attention. 

To practice being more mindful at home, check out these six ways to practice mindfulness in your day-to-day home life here! 


6. Restore order in your life and Clean up.

The vibe of a clean home is fantastic, so when you are feeling negative vibes, get to cleaning up!

Not only are your home and workplace energy concentrations, but they also reflect your inner state.

We also all know how good it feels to have a clean home, so restore order in your home and get rid of any clutter, dirt, dust, or disorganization within your belongings that are causing you negativity when you are around it. 

Remember, hanging onto unnecessary items may also be harboring bad energy.

To help you release some more things that could be dragging you down, check out these 25 items that are okay to declutter from your home, OR you can organize your whole home with these 100+ home organizing tips!


7. Invest in healthy plants.

Even though plants are most commonly used to decorate a home or office, most people don’t know that plants can also clear up certain regions of negative energy that are still lingering in your home.

Indoor houseplants enhance positive vibrations throughout your space by actively increasing the energy movement wherever you put them.

They purify the air, enhance the sense of well-being in your home, and can relieve you of stress by just being in their presence!

There are also lucky houseplants that’ll bring you even more good fortune; you can read all about them here


8. When all else fails, cleanse your body with salt.

Salt crystals have built up an incredible name and natural ability to absorb negative energy through the ages of time.

Moreover, cleansing your body with salt is also one of the best ways to clear up any negativity you feel deep inside that you merely want to wash away and forget about. 

Another way to call this ritual is by having a spiritual bath. A spiritual bath is a form of purification that helps restore and jumpstart the right energy to manifest your intentions and has been used since Roman times.

To cleanse your negative energy away, try soaking in Epsom salt on days when you feel emotionally and physically drained. 

Before you run your bath, throw anywhere from a couple of normal-sized handfuls to a cup of salt into the bottom of the tub, then let the salt work its magic. 


There you have it.

Removing negative energy from your home and life is about becoming more aware of your life’s energies and where they are coming from to feel more positive.

Once you have the awareness, you can put some of these tips into action, and you should start seeing the negative vibes disappear!

Thanks for reading!


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