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6 Strange Ways A Full Moon Is Affecting Your Health & Mood

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6 Strange Ways The Moon Could Be Affecting Your Health & Mood -- Everything Abode

When it’s full, the moon can look so pleasant to the eye.

And humans have long had a deep relationship with the moon, especially women. 

After all, the moon is considered female in astrology; ruling over our reproduction, our emotions, and as you’ll soon discover — our menstrual cycles.

However, people have often looked to the moon and attributed their changes in social mood and behaviors for what seems to be centuries now. 

And no matter what your zodiac sign is, the full moon highlights both the highs and lows inside us all.

So to help you answer some of your deep questions regarding the full moon and its effects on your day-to-day life and to give you some much-needed clarity, here are 6 signs a full moon is affecting your health and mood.

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6 Ways the Moon May Be Affecting Your Health & Mood

6 Ways the Moon May Be Affecting Your Health & Mood -- Everything Abode

1. A full moon could be making you feel out of sorts.

While according to science the moon’s electromagnetic influence does not produce a ‘visible’ movement or motion of water in our bodies, it could still bring unpleasant sensations to the surface.

These unpleasant feelings could make you feel out of sorts, not your usual self, and make you a bit crankier than you normally are.

Astrology experts say that this is the result of there being more brightness to the evening sky, which is most usually present during a full moon, and may make you feel more worried or emotionally distressed and thus feeling out of sorts.

2. Your menstrual cycle may be affected by the presence of a full moon.

Your menstrual cycle may be affected by the moon. - Everything Abode

There’s no coincidence that the typical menstrual cycle is 28 days, the very same time it takes for the moon to pass around the planet in a single lunar cycle.

And since it was also believed in prehistoric times that women all started their menstrual cycle together, around the dark moon, and ovulated on the full moon as the moon’s gravitational field also influences our organs…

Your menstrual cycle could be linked, just as we can observe with the tides being affected every 28 days. 

3. Your sleep could also be Affected by the Lunar Cycle.

Your sleep could also be Affected by the Lunar Cycle. - Everything Abode

The common belief is said that the full moon disrupts rest, which makes people more prone to insomnia. And while the full moon can’t turn us into werewolves, some people are accusing it of disrupting our sleep.

And a recent study found that people get much less sleep around the full moon and that their deep sleep during the lunar moon isn’t as heavy as it is during normal times. 

A key influence in this though is how well — or how badly — your sleep is directly related to your light exposure.

Since the full moon is bright and that communicates to many parts of the brain, the parts that determine your core temperature, regulating your hormones and emotions, and in general, influences how we feel before bed… 

It is strongly believed that sleeping is disturbed for a few days before and after a full moon.

4. Violent Behavior has been associated with full moons.

6 Ways the Moon May Be Affecting Your Health & Mood --- Everything Abode

Violent behavior during a full moon, really? A spiritual advisor thinks so!

Davida Rappaport goes on to explain that; “there seems to be a rise in homicide and aggravated assault reports during a full moon but it all is depending on the temperament of the individual, and the moon itself”.

Moreover, it is assumed that somebody with anger issues may not be entirely able to monitor their actions throughout a full moon cycle since violent behavior has been associated with full moons.

Either way, you or someone you know could be prone to more unusual behavior than if a full moon wasn’t present. 

5. A New Moon Can Make You Feel More Introspective.

A New Moon Can Make You Feel More Introspective. Everything Abode

If you’re hoping for a new fresh start in life, Astrologer Kristen Fletcher says that a new moon is a perfect time to reflect on what you’re doing in your life, so you can set tangible goals and intentions to see them through.

She goes on to explain that, “Particularly during a New Moon the moon is not visible in the sky, there is no light which means the strength we have is minimal making us look more inwards to question our own reality”.

Whether you are seeking a new outlook on life, a new moon can make you feel more introspective thus people begin to feel more self-reflective during these illuminating hours. 

6. A full moon can magnify your emotions — the good or the bad.

Everyone has both dark and angelic emotions within them and you are not human if you debate that. 

But if you are not prone to violent behavior when it comes to the moon, a full moon still may either affect your positive or negative side  — and it’s either one or the other.

It’s said that a full moon has a way to bring our most inner dominant feelings out into the open for whoever to see and magnifies them.

That the mere presence of a full moon takes on and enhances our strongest qualities, which could potentially be really good or really bad depending on your outlook for the day. 

The good news is, a full moon can magnify and illuminate the good if you pay close attention to how you feel. 

Although there are a few ties connected to how we feel when a full moon is present, the topic of the matter still requires more research to conclude the moon is responsible for all these weird behaviors.

None the less, it is still very fascinating! Which one resonated with you? comment below!

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