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33 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery (Focused 2021 Goal Setting Challenge)

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33 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery (A Focused 2021 Goal Setting Challenge) - Everything Abode

For real self-discovery, we all need a bit of self-reflection…

And certain journal prompts for self-discovery is exactly how to do it!

Self-reflection can access, analyze, and direct us on what we are currently doing right so that we can be the awesome co-creators we want to be in our future lives!

After all, that is all in the name of personal self-improvement and development.

To really see what we’re doing well, what works right now, and to see what isn’t serving our highest good.

This way, in the future we will produce better outcomes to create a life that we can be most proud of.

So in order to find the best way to analyze and dig a little deeper, let’s see how the past year has gone for you (in this case, 2020, the most questionable year to date), and where you’re headed in 2021.

You’ll soon discover that what needs to change in order for you to accomplish your wildest dreams and goals — the answers are all within.

Here are 33 journal prompts for self-discovery paired with a goal-setting challenge for 2021 that’ll help you think about where you are headed so you can make 2021 the best it can possibly be.

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33 Journal Prompts For Self-Reflection For The New Year

33 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery In The New Year

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Two things you should consider before you start journaling:

1. Be extremely detailed.

The more you know what you’re looking for, the easier it is to get it.

Here’s an example of this; It’s awesome to want to travel more, but where would you choose to go? And when?

When you break it down like that (by choosing a destination rather than having a wish), it creates a narrower vision for your life, that turns into a tangible goal that you can bring to life. 

Also, when thinking of your goals like this, your goals and dreams will become more realistic and you’ll be better able to strive to have the goals that you desire all because you made an actionable plan. 


2. Go with the rhythm but don’t force things!

Now being totally honest here, some of these prompts might not strike a chord with you. If that happens, feel free to leave or skip them.

You may also find that your mind takes you in an entirely different direction as you respond to one of these ideas below.

If that happens, let your mind wander, because you may be onto something so profound that you’ve never thought of before. 


Reflecting on the past year Journal Prompts (2020).

Reflecting on the past year Journal Prompts - Everything Abode

1.  My most happiest and favorite moment was __________.

2.  My biggest hurdle and challenge was __________.

3.  The biggest surprise and aha moment for me was __________.

4.  I learned an incredible lesson this year, it was __________.

5.  Regrets are lessons, and my biggest regret this year was __________.

6.  Accomplishing this milestone, made me feel __________.

7.  I feel happy about __________.

8.  My self care activities this year were __________.

9.  I wasted time/energy on __________.

10.  I liked ____________ in 2020 and would like to do more of it in 2021 by __________.

11.  The biggest lesson I learned was __________.

12.  I was most grateful for __________.


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Looking ahead to the new you in the New Year Journal Prompts (2021).

Looking ahead to the new you in the New Year Journal Prompts - Everything Abode

13.  I’m most excited about this for 2021 __________.

14.  I envision and plan to __________.

15.  Some things that worry me about the new year, that I would like to change are __________.

16.  My emergency back p plan when things don’t work out will be __________.

17.  My main wish for 2021 is __________.

18.  My whole intention and the main goal for this year will be __________.

19.  My self care for 2021 will look like __________.

20.  Every day I plan to create a habit that sticks like __________.

21.  This year I want to do more things such as __________.

22.  I will give and help others this year by __________.

23.  I will learn more of this skill by  __________.


Journal Prompts to Help You turn your big dreams into tangible goals (2021).

Journal Prompts to Help You turn your big dreams into tangible goals - Everything Abode

Now it’s time to take all of your ambitions from the previous prompts above and make them something you can immediately start preparing for.

If you have a clear picture of the kind of life you want in your mind’s eye and the kind of year that will help you get there, you’re in the right headspace to turn those ideas into practice.


24.  What will I need to do in 2021 to get me closer to my ideal future?

25.  How do I see myself next year in December?

26.  What does 2021 look like and how can I begin to live this life right now?

27.  What have I accomplished, and if I had it my way, what would I accomplish in 2021?

28.  What makes me the happiest?

29.  What genuinely brings me joy?

30.  How can I do more things that bring me joy in the New Year?

31.  What passions of mine make time just go by so quickly?

32.  If I wasn’t worried about time or money, what would I do, be, or have?

33.  What kind of person am I and what does my ideal life look like?


Would you like more journal prompts like this?

If so, I invite you to look at The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discovery if you would like to get additional journaling inspiration.

Through writing quickly for every day of the year you can reimagine journaling with journal prompts and use your everyday time to discover and unload the most important areas of life and being.

Every month, the emphasis will go to an important area of your life, including your own roles, connections, and relationships, money, career, and more. You can get it on Amazon in both eBooks and Paperback to physically write in. 

Also, the paperback edition is a great gift to a loved one or for yourself!


The Year of You 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self Discovery -- Everything Abode

The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discovery


Another great journal that comes with attentive journaling and lasting and unforgettable benefits, so that journaling can become simple, pleasant, and efficient is this one-year self-help journal for everyday use called, The 365 Self-Discovery Journal.

The day-to-day guided questions will enable you to safely explore your next best form in connection, income, independence, health, career, and personal development. This well-designed guided journal is the perfect purchase for those who seek an uplifting book for everyday use with quotes to inspire you.


the 365 self discovery journal - Everything Abode

The 365 Self-Discovery Journal.


 One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book could also be another great alternative to house all of your prompts on self-discovery (for the next 5 years) if you would like to write out something small on a daily basis, to start getting used to what journaling is all about. 


19 Journal Prompts to finding your purpose - Everything Abode

One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book 

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There you have it! These prompts above will help you narrow your wants and desires into more realistic and tangible goals. 

Also, by doing this regularly, you can actively create the life of your dreams and manifest your intentions just that much more in the coming year. You got this!


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