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5 Healing Crystals That’ll Turn Your Office Into A Positive Space

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5 Healing Crystals That'll Turn Your Office Into A Positive Space -- Everything Abode

Do you need a little healing crystal magic for your workspace?

Regardless of whether you are a business person, work from home blogging, or have been continually successful, having precious stones and crystals in your work and life can ensure that both your mindset and the day’s plan ahead are both mentally and vibrationally clear.

Plus, a large number of us know that valuable precious stones and crystals can help cleanse one’s contemplations.

And truth be told, precious stones are solid players that help a variety of work difficulties resulting from self-questioning, feelings of frustration, lack of motivation and even combatting those difficult colleagues.

Yes, mostly all can be solved with a little crystal guidance!

Let’s see what crystals will help improve your productivity, your mood, and enhance your overall workspace. 

Here are 5 precious stones for your best work-life so you can have good vibes day in and day out — at work!

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5 Mind Clearing Crystals to Keep at Your Workspace

5 Healing Crystals That Can Turn Your Office into a Positive Space

1. Smoky Quartz Point.

At the stage when you’re feeling stressed from work, it’s time to flip it back directly with the Smoky Quartz.

This ground-breaking healing stone provides equally elusive qualities to help aid you in your concentration. 

So if your concentration seems to be all out of sorts, the smoky quartz will help you better focus your attention on each task at hand, giving you that added boost that your work-life needs.

How to use it: Hold your smoky quartz when you feel frustrated, shut your eyes, and take a deep breath until you feel sorted again.


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2. Shungite Mineral.

Shungite Mineral httpswww.energymuse.comshungite-pyramid.html Everything Abode
Energy Muse Shungite Pyramid

Shungite is known for helping in healing the lower chakras of the mind and body. You may hear it called the ‘ miracle stone ‘ or ‘ rock of life ‘ as it is a true source for transformation, growth, and meaningful change.

Shungite minerals can absorb EMFs (Electromotive force) while increasing levels of energy throughout your workspace.

How to use it: The best way to enjoy Shungite is through jewelry because you want it to touch your body. But if wearing it is not an option for you.   Placing it close to your doorway will be the most beneficial with this crystal to create a more positive workspace. 


Did you know that you can get Shungnite in powder form?

By making a paste with water you will be able to treat several skin conditions including acne, rashes, and skin and muscle inflammation. You can also add Shungite powder to your existing cosmetics such as shampoos and hand creams.


SHUNGITE PASTE - Everything Abode

 Shungite Powder


3. Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline - Everything Abode

Under the safety of Black Tourmaline, even the worst downer at your office might not even burst your bubble.

Known as one of the prime reactive crystals, Black Tourmaline helps set an energetic dividing line between you and someone else so you don’t pick up or collect their unwanted energies.

How to use it: Since Black tourmaline transmutes angry and hatred energy and helps you stay grounded and positive, it’s best to keep this gem in arms reach in your office. Simply hold Black Tourmaline in the palm of your left hand when you need it to come to your rescue. 


4. Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s eye, the stone that helps to keep things open and concentrated.

It’s extremely effective in eliminating the fragmented mind, due to the fact that the Tiger’s Eye helps us to decide on several choices at once.

Actually, it operates from the center of your power, called the Solar Pudendal nerve (or third chakra of spiritual energy), and this is the seat where confidence and certainty are made to bring out your best work.

How to use it: It should be worn on your right hand on your index finger in the form of a ring. But you can also leave it on your desk to add radiance and to aid a calm mind.  


5. Citrine Stone.

5 Healing Crystals To Turn Your Office into a Positive Space - Citrine Stone - Everything Abode

Last but not least is Citron, the stone of achievement.

The Citrine crystal will help you bring your wildest dreams to life in creative and harmonious ways. So if you happen to have a creative job it’ll help in seeking the actual reason for that creative idea and bring it to life. 

This crystal specifically unlocks the “Vertebral Lifeforce”, our second chakra – which is the seat of inventiveness and imagination. 

Thus, allowing you to pose your ideas and visions more clearly to help you bring them out into the real physical world.

How to use it: Hold the citrine crystal in your dominant hand, for energy, inspiration, and to increase creative flow at work. 


Whether you are looking to bring your workspace a little more positive energy, or just add some more beautiful things to your life — these crystals will be a helping hand in helping you achieve just that. 

As an added note, do some research on the stones you already have, and you will most probably find that they offer advantages similar to the above list.

Do any of these crystals sound enticing for you to try out?! I’d love to hear your thoughts about them!


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