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61+ Free Black Aesthetic Wallpaper Options for iPhone

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Black aesthetic wallpapers are the best way to see icons on your phone! Grab your free download of dark aesthetic wallpaper for 2023.

black aesthetic wallpapers for iphone 2023

Using a Black Aesthetic Wallpaper on your iPhone can bring a sense of elegance and calm.

You can also use them for your lock screen or as a screensaver. Choosing an aesthetic wallpaper can be a great way to change the look of your phone without spending a ton of money on a new phone.

Occasionally, feeling a little darker or moodier might also call for a black aesthetic.

Black can be calming and soothing and can make you feel grounded. 

And if you are not in the mood for a light and Rosey Wallpaper, sometimes an iPhone wallpaper in the black color scheme does the trick.

These black aesthetic wallpapers look so simple and elegant.

These wallpapers are also great for any season!

Continue scrolling to see the wallpaper options we hand-picked for you. 


What makes the perfect black aesthetic wallpaper for an iPhone?

An iPhone’s perfect black aesthetic wallpaper should be simple, minimalist, and muted. It should have a dark yet calming vibe and texture.

The image should be high-resolution and free of advertisements or branding. And it should be easy to look at and not distract from the icons already on the home screen.



 How to save the wallpaper on your phone:

Hold and press down on the photo you wish to save and click to save to iPhone. It should also work for Androids! After saving the image to your camera roll, you can access your camera’s settings to change your wallpaper.

How to save the black wallpaper to your computer:

Right-click and click Save to Desktop (or any other folder). After the photo has been saved to your computer, you can access settings to change your wallpaper or email the wallpaper to your iphone.

Notice: Each phone’s sizing may be slightly different; however, you can easily crop the photos to fit your phone. You won’t lose much of your image if they are close enough!

Here are 60+ of the top black aesthetic wallpaper choices for 2023!


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There you have it! We hope you found an amazing black aesthetic wallpaper for your iPhone!


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