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6 Habits You Really Should Avoid Doing Early In The Morning

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6 Habits You Really Should Avoid Doing In The Morning, bad morning habits to stop

It’s morning, and you’re feeling groggy.

You can’t remember the last time your alarm went off without a fight but here we are again… But sometimes it feels like there’s not enough air in our lungs to get out of bed!

It’s hard enough getting up as is–now we have to put on this happy face? Well kind of.

There are some habits that’ll actually do you a disservice if you do them straight after you first wake up.

In fact, you don’t want to be the one who wakes up grumpy and does these morning habits.

So it’s time to shake off your loss of momentum and resume your day on a positive note in order to enhance your day-to-day functioning.

Here are six must-avoid morning habits to break as soon as you wake up in order to perform optimally during the day!

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6 Habits You Really Should Avoid Doing Early In The Morning

Avoid skipping breakfast in the morning - Everything Abode

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1. Stop pressing the Snooze Button — it’s actually bad for your health.

Stop hitting the Snooze Button in the morning - Everything Abode

We’re all doing it, yet we don’t recognize the awful side effects of how snoozing and sleeping in can hinder our health.

According to sleep experts, this sleep study has found some disturbing reasons why the snooze button is really bad for you. That if you battle your alarm on a regular basis it will make you feel more exhausted and even worse, sleep horribly at night.

Poor sleep will mess with hundreds of cells in your body which can lead to increased tension, weakened immunity, and increased inflammatory swelling in your joints. 

So if you already sleep terribly at night or if you find your mornings feeling a little off or fatigued, the snooze button could be the culprit. 

2. Not planning for the day.

If you don’t have any plans for the day, it’s easy to get lazy and put off starting anything. You know what needs to be completed (or at least any of those minor tasks), but you can’t decide which one should come first!

What I find so irritating about not having a plan is that my mornings are often squandered while I’m always trying to figure out what needs to be done before getting started on either of them. It becomes a tug-of-war between procrastination and decision-making…and both paths will make me less effective in the end.

However, if we take the time ahead of time—either right after waking up or right before leaving the house—to plan out our days and prioritize, planning your day in advance will make you more productive.


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3. Avoid scrolling through social media first thing.

Scrolling social media first thing. morning habits to avoid - Everything Abode

Since we are always inundated with information at all different angles and hours.

Social media scrolling is something that you might want to reconsider doing after you first wake up! 

In fact, whatever caught your eye first thing after you awoke, according to this study, they say it’s best to leave this little habit for your lunch break and/or in the early evening hours when you’re home from work.

If you don’t avoid this morning habit you could be damaging your mental health. 

Instead try spending 10, 20, or 30 plus minutes doing something that feeds your mind, body, and soul, rather than endlessly scrolling before your busy day.  

You can easily swap out scrolling for some meditation or yoga, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while listening to some calming music.  

This will set your day off to a great start if you swap out social media for something useful and nourishing. 


4. Avoid drinking coffee within the first hour, especially if you still feel sleepy.

Avoid drinking coffee early enough when you still feel sleepy.

When it comes to making grave errors in the morning, try not to mess with Mother Nature by drinking coffee, especially just after you first wake up.

Because if you are drinking caffeine right after your feet hit the floor, you will actually slow down the natural production of cortisol — the hormone that helps wake you up faster and more organically. 

According to this research study, the perfect time to drink caffeine is after 9:30 a.m or a half-hour after they first wake up.


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5. Breakfast is still one of the most important meals of the day — don’t skip it or forget it.

Skipping breakfast. morning habits to stop doing - Everything Abode

If you would like to have an optimal morning routine — one that you can rely on — breakfast is still going to be one of the most important meals of the day.

In fact, the nutritional side effects of skipping breakfast include increased risk of heart disease, susceptibility to weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. 

It’s pretty obvious that a healthy morning breakfast plan — that never involves leaving the house hungry — is one of the best things you can implement within your morning routine. 

Try creating simple meal plans, having your favorite go-to essentials ready for each morning, or keep your fridge stocked and ready to go for healthy snacking on the go. 


6.  Stop stressing over your clothes in the morning and prepare them the night before.

top stressing over your clothes. - morning habits to stop doing - Everything Abode

If you’d like to regain some of your time back, one of the biggest time wasters this planet has ever witnessed is changing in and out of clothes whilst figuring out what to wear in the morning.

Figuring out what to wear can be completely avoided by easily selecting what to wear the evening before. 

So say goodbye to those busy mornings which include throwing clothes everywhere, because preparing your clothes will help your mornings run more smoothly to have more bliss and organization from the moment you wake up to the moment you leave the house 


BONUS. Don’t take those extra-long hot showers you enjoy.

Don't take long hot showers in the morning - Everything Abode

One last thing before you go, because even though it’s very comforting to take those long hot showers you enjoy in the morning, according to these sleep doctors, you might have to leave those hot showers for your evening rituals instead. 

A long hot shower (although very relaxing), will reduce your heart rate. When it does this it’ll make you feel much more inclined for a rest shortly after and bring on more feelings of fatigue and tiredness. 

Plus, when it comes to making our mornings count we all know how important it is for us to diminish any little fatigue we feel in the mornings. 

Instead, opt to take a slightly cooler shower. Doing so will help wake your body up faster and help you have a better start to your day feeling totally alert and revitalized. 

There you have it. Isn’t it great to know that you can change out these small and totally avoidable morning habits to start your day off right?

Plus, a shift in bad habits really does lead to more positive changes in your life. Start replacing a few of these little morning culprits and see if you notice a difference in how your mornings are spent! 


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