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12 Winter Wellness Tips Every Woman Needs This Year

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Need some extra winter wellness tips this year? Here are 12 winter wellness tips every girl should have in her self-care arsenal!

12 Winter Wellness To Stay Healthy this Season - Everything Abode

Whether you like it or not, winter comes every year, and it leaves on its own schedule.

You’ll have to deal with this chilly season no matter what, so you may as well do it healthily.

Your quality of life depends on the amount of effort that you’re willing to contribute.

If you put a lot of work into having a healthy and enjoyable winter, then you’re going to have a wonderful season. If you don’t, then things may not be so rosy.

If you want to thrive, stay safe, and become a better version of yourself this season, then take a look at these 12 winter wellness tips for healthy during the colder months.

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12 Winter Wellness Tips Every Girl Needs This Year

12 Winter Wellness Tips Every Girl Needs This Year - Everything Abode


1. Get Enough Vitamin D.

You need vitamin D to function, and the sun helps your body process it, but you may not be exposed to as much sunlight in the winter.

Without vitamin D, your body cannot adequately maintain your bones, muscles, and organs, and that could lead to serious long-term health consequences.

On top of that, a scientific study at found that a vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression.

To prevent depression and physical deterioration, you should install vitamin D lights, or you can spend an extra hour in the sun every week to get enough vitamin D for your mind and body’s needs.


Get Enough Vitamin D. - Winter wellness ideas - Everything Abode


2. Moisturize and Hydrate.

Since you’re probably not baking in the hot sun all day as you would in the summer, you may not feel parched as often, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not thirsty.

Your body needs at least 64 ounces of water per day to function, so you must remember to drink at least that much.

Indoor heaters will dry out the air, making your skin, eyes, nose, and mouth feel dry and uncomfortable.

Adequate hydration can prevent this, but if your skin is still feeling a little dry, then make sure to apply a gentle moisturizer.

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3. Think About Plants, Oxygen, and Carbon Monoxide.

During the winter, you may be stuck inside for long periods.

With that in mind, you should do whatever you can to optimize your home’s air quality.

Plants are a great way to filter the air of toxins and pump your home full of rich oxygen.

You’ll probably be spending more time indoors, so beware of carbon monoxide.

According to the CDC at, over 400 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning every year, and many of those deaths occur in the winter.

Since you’ll likely be running a heater, it’s extremely important to test your carbon monoxide alarm.


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4. Sanitation and Vaccinations.

Cold weather may compromise your immune system, and seasonal flu outbreaks and viral infections are common in the winter, so unless you want to get sick, you must remember to get your shots, wash your hands, and regularly clean everyday surfaces.

If someone is sick, then do your best to keep your safe distance this winter.

It may sound cold, but viral infections as of 2020 and beyond could put you in the hospital, so it’s better to play it safe.


5. See a Professional if You’re Feeling Down.

The medical experts at note that many people deal with seasonal depression during the winter.

If you constantly feel lethargic, suffer from an unstable mood, notice changes in appetite, or experience insomnia, then you may have seasonal affective disorder.

Like other forms of depression, seasonal affective disorder should be taken seriously, and you should see a medical professional to deal with it.

A doctor will guide you towards an effective course of treatment so that you don’t have to suffer, and it’s a good idea to seek treatment as soon as symptoms become apparent.

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6. Charge up, Fill up, and Notify.

You don’t want to be stuck outside in the cold, so don’t forget to charge your phone and fill your gas tank whenever you go for a ride.

If you expect a long drive, then let someone know when you plan to leave and when you expect to arrive at your destination.

This way, you won’t be in a precarious situation if your car breaks down or your phone breaks.

To also reduce the likelihood of car troubles this winter, remember to regularly have your oil changed, inflate and rotate your tires, and check your vehicle’s fluids before the cold ventures through. 


7. Don’t Forget to Exercise & stay active.

Depending on your local climate, some of your favorite outdoor activities may not be feasible during the winter, but that doesn’t mean that you stop exercising altogether!

Health professionals at note that exercise releases endorphins, your body’s natural feel-good chemicals, so if you suddenly stop working out and staying active, then you won’t feel as good as you did in other seasons. 

If getting a gym membership doesn’t sound too exciting, then you should, at least, follow some at-home cardio or plyometric routines.


Don’t Forget to Exercise. Rope. Everything Abode


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8. Maintain an Active Social Life.

Although it may be a little chilly outside, that doesn’t mean that you should cease contact with friends and family.

It’s important to maintain an active social life, even during these social distancing times to help stave off depression and negative thoughts.

You don’t need to go to every get-together, but you should, at least, try to maintain a similar level of social interaction as you have in the other three seasons.

If it’s not convenient to meet up, then you should at least call or message your friends once and a while.

Reaching out to friends takes little effort, but it can seriously boost your mood and stave off loneliness.


9. Winterize and Stock Up.

At, the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that you have enough supplies in your home to last you three days.

If there’s a winter storm, then you don’t want to be stuck without food or water.

Furthermore, you should have warm blankets and fuel for your heating systems.

Even if your area is not usually hit by winter weather phenomena, it’s still a good idea to have some provisions on hand to be safe.

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10. Don’t Stress Out About the Holidays.

It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of planning, purchasing gifts, and keeping up appearances, but the holidays aren’t and shouldn’t be about that.

The winter holidays are meant to bring people together, so if you find yourself feeling pressured by the expectations of the big day, then it’s time to step back and take a breather.

Your health matters more than anything, so don’t sacrifice your wellbeing to try to satisfy everyone else.

If someone is miffed that you didn’t meet their expectations for the holidays, then that’s their problem. Don’t let them bring you down!

And make sure to check out these five ways to combat holiday stress if the holiday season is really stressing you out!


11. Focus on Your Personal Growth and Enrichment.

If you have some extra time on your hands, then why not focus on a new skill, hobby, or interest?

Winter is the perfect time to broaden your horizons. Whether you want to explore a new author, test a different workout routine, or practice an interesting craft, you should just go for it!

Even spending a couple of hours per week on your new interest can have a great effect on your mental health, and at the end of the day, you may develop a deep passion for something new and interesting.


12. Don’t forget to Meditate.

Lastly, you may be stuck inside for longer stretches than normal, so you should get used to spending time with yourself.

Learning how to meditate is a great way to calm your mind and promote upbeat and positive vibes.

Meditation isn’t difficult, and it’s not a competition, so don’t feel like you need to meditate for hours to see some benefits.

Simply sit in a comfortable pose, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for ten or more minutes.

Thoughts will come and go, and you just need to let them flow. Don’t focus on one thought for too long.

You feel like you’re not doing it right, and that’s normal.

Everyone feels like that; you just need to let your insecure thoughts come and go as well.

Several free guided meditation videos are available online, so check them out if you feel like you could use a little help getting started.

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