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How to Use Pinterest – The Do’s and Don’ts of Group Boards

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How to Use Pinterest - the Do's and Don’ts of Group Boards - Everything Abode

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Are you constantly trying to get more blog traffic by optimizing your Pinterest Profile?

One of the biggest things that new bloggers forget to focus on is not knowing that their pinning strategy will either make or break their blog traffics performance.

Let’s face it, Pinterest is the literally the best and only chance you have at getting your brand new blog seen by thousands of pairs of eyes at the start. 

So it is crucial that you know the dos and don’ts of pinning within your group boards so that you can get the best performance from your pins and have a fighting chance to make money with an ad network.

Here are 40+ Tips for Your Pinterest Group Board Strategy to gain more traffic for your blog!

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How to Use Pinterest – The Do’s and Don’ts of Group Boards

How to Use Pinterest - The Do's and Don’ts of Group Boards --- Everything Abode

The reason I thought this would be a great article to write is that my page views haven’t dropped since I’ve been using Pinterest. In fact, it is only growing each month. 

So you need to make sure that your Pinterest Profile not only pins well but most importantly, you need to learn how to use Pinterest Group boards more effectively if you want to see great results that I’ve personally seen.

And if you are wondering if Pinterest is too much of a fuss and that blogging and posting the old SEO and Google way will get you to good traffic numbers from the start without having a pinning strategy?

The answers all depend on how you are pinning and what your articles are about. Because the truth of the matter is, is you can get a viral pin for any category and any article.

It just depends and all comes down to your strategy. 

Through time you’ll see what works and what doesn’t so here are the top things to know when it comes to Pinterest and Group Boards. 


This is why it’s Vital to Use Group Boards

So what makes group boards on Pinterest so great?

Well, you need the traffic to have a successful blog because traffic is KING and there’s no getting around that. 

And with saying that, Pinterest will really be your helping hand with getting that traffic (especially in the beginning). 

Group boards are a simple way to get your pins noticed, they are a great way to get other contributors to pin your pins, and your Pinterest profile will gain the momentum it deserves the more you pin and use this strategy.


How do Group Boards Work?

A group board is just like a regular board, except that the owner can invite collaborators to pin on their specific group board.

Pinterest sends thousands of bloggers millions of page views per month so having collaborators on any given group board, will give you better exposure for your pins.

The reason for this is, your pins will be seen by those collaborators and chances are that some of those collaborators have a strong Pinterest following.

So if they end up repinning one of your pins they saw within the group? You bet you your pin will stand a fighting chance at being pushed to the top of the Pinterest feed.  

That means, your pins will no longer just be visible to your followers, but they will also be visible to any followers of that specific board.


What’s the Optimum Amount of Pins You Should Pin to a Group Board?

It seems as though some pinners see pinning 100 times a day as the best way to stay active and this is SO wrong.

I’ve tried this strategy and when I did, my Pinterest views dropped 200k in engagements in a matter of two weeks!

After that drop, I researched to see why and I’ve read on several different blog posts that pinning over 60 times a day actually reduces your results.

Plus not only that but your amount of repins will drop too. Yikes!

There’s a limit on how many pins you can ever add to Pinterest and that limit is 200,000 pins. It seems that that limit is standard but you may be able to surpass it if Pinterest allows you.

I have seen some account that is far beyond that number but with going with that, and if you do the math those pins do add up. If you pin heavy, you could reach that max in less than 5 years.

This is how group boards come into play so you don’t have to keep repinning your pins to Pinterest, which I’ll do my best to explain why below. 

Does More Group Boards = More Exposure = More Traffic?

The general answer to this question is yes! Yes, group boards have the potential to get your pins seen by thousands if not millions of readers…

BUT just as group boards can help your blog, they can also tell Pinterest many other things.

Some group boards (which allow any kind of pins) perform very poorly. And most bloggers are pinning their pins and leaving the boards high and dry, resulting in very few repins for your pins.

This tells Pinterest that your pin is of low quality if it doesn’t get pinned straight away and that is NOT what you want out of the group boards you join.

So to get around this you will want to focus on the boards that have strict rules (to a degree), where the owner of the board is passionate about the pinning habits of the collaborators of that board. Take me for example, I delete users who pin duplicate pins and are heavy in pinning more than 3 times a day.

You really need to pay attention to how you are using those boards just as much as you are researching the right boards. 

Also, as an added note, having keyword dense niche-specific content, where the board is only accepting vertical pins and has great pin styles, is vital for a really good group board to take off for lots of repins for your pins.

So without further ado, here’s the best way to join a high traffic board on Pinterest. 

Here Are Some Do’s that your Pinterest Group Board Strategy Should follow…

Here Are Some Do's that your Pinterest Group Board Strategy Should follow... -- Everything Abode

Join Group boards that don’t have too many contributors!

Boards with 1000+ contributors are hard to moderate and more likely to be full of un-optimized pins. So you want to do a couple of these things first…

    1. Join fewer boards, of better quality, and actively engage in them.
    2. Craft a polite email to join relevant niche related boards.
    3. Include the email address that you use for Pinterest in the emails. This makes it super quick and easy for board owners to invite you, as they can enter your email and voila, your in!
    4. Join group boards that have a keyword-optimized title and board description.
    5. If a board has specific instructions, follow them!

For example, to get invited to my group boards I ask that you contact me through my contact form on my site. Honestly though, people STILL go around this and message me through Pinterest.

It is just so annoying. If you can’t follow simple instructions? Why should you get the invite?

Now that you have the general idea of what group boards entail for Pinterest, here are the general rules that are totally OKAY when it comes to joining and collaborating on one…


• Always pin high-quality content to quality boards.

Follow the rules of any given group board.

Utilize the Pinterest search bar by typing your topic of interest or niche to find out what keywords to compete for. Then select the ‘boards’ filter and see which boards you want to be a part of.

Search Pin Groupie. This is the best and fastest way to find and join group boards on Google. I actually get a lot of requests through Pin Groupie to join my group boards.

Join blogging groups on Facebook. These members are your bread and butter to finding the highest engaging group boards that quality pinners are pinning too and sometimes they are only found through Facebook groups.

Pin tall pins (vertical is the way to go on Pinterest!). The perfect size is 564 pixels wide and 1102 pixels high OR 600 wide by 900 tall which is the standard Pinterest pin size.

Get a business account and enable Rich Pins. It’s FREE and super easy to do here

Use a spreadsheet to track your boards and board rules if you want to be very organized when you pin.

Use Tailwind to create your schedule so you can create weeks or even months worth of pins to spread out to your personal boards as well as your group boards. 

Manually repin your own pins on a daily basis. Try to do this daily, that means repin your high ranking pins to relevant group boards. 

Join Group boards that don’t have too many contributors! - Everything Abode

 When you receive notifications that your pins are being repined, manually repin those pins to your relevant keyword-rich group boards too.

• Pin your most popular posts on a consistent basis. Again if you are detail-oriented then create an excel sheet to keep things really organized.

Check your group boards every few days to ensure that you aren’t flooding the tribe. Sometimes it looks tacky if the board is all you and you don’t want this. Plus it’s a good way to see why no one else is pinning to that particular board. 

• Also if you see your pins flooding the group boards but you are still spreading them out? Then that is a key indicator that the board is not being pinned too by its contributors. You should ditch or archive the board if that’s the case.

Pin from your high engaging group boards – this makes the group board more visible within the Pinterest Platform. If it’s a high performing group keep repining from it.

Delete your underperforming pins. Tailwind analytics is best for this so you can see the pins that keep failing and you can then decide if you want to delete them and repin them for a later date.

Make sure you are adding keywords to your pin descriptions. I personally use the titles for my pins now and I have not really seen a difference in engagement. But you can certainly use all of the 500 characters that are given to you. Test it out!

Always use High-quality photos. The less busy they are, tends to be the best ones for me!

Craft a clear and catchy title for your pins. Titles are key to going viral! Honestly, sometimes it’s the way you word things that trigger Pinterest feeds to go viral. 

Use the Pinterest search bar again for MORE relevant keywords if your pins aren’t getting any engagement for a particular article. This way you have crossed your T’s and your pins have a standing chance in the group boards to stand out in if all you had to do was find another way of explaining it better, so Pinterest picks it up. 

Use Tailwind: I can’t stress this one enough so it’s really worth saying again. Simply use Tailwind to schedule your pins to your selected group boards and your own personal boards. It will honestly save you time, and of course, increase your traffic growth.

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Here are Some Don’ts that your Pinterest Group Board Strategy Should follow…

Here are Some Don'ts that your Pinterest Group Board Strategy Should follow... -- Everything Abode

Don’t stay with a Pinterest board that is not serving you.

When a group board is giving you considerably less repins that you’d like, that is the time to reevaluate what’s going on and what to do about it.

In my experience, when this happens, I usually stop pinning to it with my scheduler and then go back to it a month later and test it out again manually. 

If the board is super spammy and I see little to no repins after two months, I’m out!

But I don’t delete the board… I just archive it!

Honestly, you never know when some boards will take off down the road, and when Pinterest does updates again, you may just want and need those specific boards in case they fly high on Pinterest again.

So archiving your boards is the best standing chance you have to get back in the game when you see fit.

As an added note, if you see boards that are being abused, then it’s best that you archive those too and see if you need them down the road as well.


Don’t steer away from being niche-specific per article.

Finding and creating boards that relate to your particular niche will always give your Pinterest profile a boost as time goes on.

Successful niche-focused group boards are what you will want to always look for.

So before you consider group boards, it is important to find boards that relate to your particular niche that you write about. This is crucial because it lets Pinterest know what your niche is and what content you publish.

Plus your odds of reaching your desired audience will grow if those boards are full of high-quality pins and pinners of the same niche, with similar content that you are already pinning to it. 

Don’t be afraid to take part in blog + biz group boards if you blog about blogging. Take part in recipe/food boards if you curate or do roundup posts about food…

And know that it is totally OKAY to have multiple niches as I do, just as long as the pins in that board are all relevant to the keyword title the board has and the board’s description matches your pins descriptions, you’ll be just fine.



Don’t flood your group boards by pinning too much, especially with the same content! It’s a sting that can be easily avoided.

• Don’t pin your pins with broken links. Sounds silly right? But honestly, it can happen. 

Avoid pinning from your preview screen in your WordPress Blog. You can easily get tricked and confused thinking that your URL site link is normal when in actuality it’s in the preview screen mode and that will result in a broken link for you. 

Avoid too many images. It can get overwhelming to the eye, plus it’s a larger file to compress for your site that is really not needed if you happen to upload your pins to your own blog.

Don’t use the same photo over and over again. Change things up! Pinterest is always looking for new pins that they’ve never seen before, so if that means taking photos from your home to upload for your pins, do that!

This is all my opinion that is purely based on my experience and the statistics I see in my analytics using Tailwind.

Plus I haven’t stopped experimenting.

I’m doing this because my page views haven’t dropped and I am eager to get my pins to go viral each and every month so this really is the best way to go about it. 

But I do think if you are new to Pinterest and blogging and you don’t have a Pinterest strategy set in place?

Then in the beginning you will WANT to play hardball and experiment as much as you can so you can eventually find your perfect swing, in terms of growing more Pinterest traffic and engagement growth.

None the less, give these Pinterest tips a try and do let me know how they’ve worked for you!

Here are a few of my favorite blogging articles that you can always check out for more inspiration:



Now I want to hear from you!

What’s Your Group Board Pinning Strategy? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below!

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