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15 Ways to Mentally Prepare for the Week Ahead

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Find out how you can mentally prepare yourself to get through your week! These easy tips will help you stay on track and accomplish more!

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Are you mentally prepared for the week ahead?

It’s not always easy to be calm and collected each week, but taking a moment to prepare oneself can go a long way. Hint, it’s not that hard to accomplish either!

Because even though these steps may seem small in comparison, they will make all of your weeks so much better.  Before you know it, you’ll be mentally prepared for life in general, if you start incorporating these easy tips to stay ahead of the game!

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How to mentally prepare for the week

How to mentally prepare for the week

There are always going to be stressful weeks that seem hard at the time, but don’t fret. Follow these weekly steps for staying mentally prepared:


1. Take a moment to look at the bigger picture.

If you think starting each week is difficult, take a step back. It’s not so hard when we’re looking at the big picture! There are three benefits to looking at the whole picture:

  • It allows you to see the potential for improvement.
  • It allows you to communicate the big picture to the rest of your team, family, or friends.
  • It reinforces the true reason you engage in your daily activities.

Take a moment to scan your body for any pains, aches, or other sensations. Do you feel energetic or tired right now? What are your feelings right now? Are your thoughts racing or calm? 

Chances are when you start asking yourself questions like these, you’ll get the answers you seek to remedy how you feel, so you can feel more mentally prepared for the week. 


2. Don’t Visualize the worst-case scenario.

Sometimes we can imagine ourselves failing to attend an important event. Or sometimes we can imagine ourselves in the worst possible situation.

When times like these happen we put ourselves in a “mind humiliation” trap, which can ultimately lead to our ultimate failure.

Know that it’s not helpful to dwell on the negative outcomes in the hours, minutes, and days leading up to something important. Doing so can be detrimental to your overall performance.


3. Maintain a consistent sleeping schedule.

mentally prepare for the week

It may seem easy to stay up at 3 AM every weekend and then sleep in till noon, but that will not work for a healthy lifestyle or for being mentally prepared for the coming week.

So what is the importance of a sleep schedule?

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule even on weekends can maintain the timing of your internal clock and help you fall asleep faster.

You will be more productive when you get up in the morning and even if life is difficult, you can still achieve a productive week if you have your sleep under control. 


4. Make a list of “new week resolutions.”

No matter your age, there’s always something to improve upon each week. Start recalling your last week to see what you could have done differently.

You could start small by introducing yourself to a new habit. Or you might want to focus on improving your mental mindset, work goals, and fears that are holding you back.

Whatever you choose, set a goal for what you want out of the week so you are ready to go.


5. A positive attitude is key.

mentally prepare

It can be frustrating to get up early on Monday morning and take on yet another week cycle – this is the reality of life.

For times like these, you should have a positive outlook on your first day of the week to have a positive impact for the next 7 days.

Negative thoughts will only make things worse for you and even the most difficult situations can be made to turn out better if you have a positive outlook.


6. Reassess your weekly calendar.

If you are feeling stressed about the upcoming week, looking at your calendar may feel like too much to handle.

But a weekly calendar isn’t just a list of your activities and tasks; a calendar will help you keep track of what you have to do, where you have to go, and it can also help you see how much time is available for each day. 

In addition, weekly schedules are also helpful because they make sure that nothing gets missed or forgotten about!


7. Visualize your week.

Visualize your week to be mentally prepared for the week

Take a moment to visualize your week. What kind of week would you like to live? Do not just accept the easy answers such as “a good one!”.

Challenge yourself and see how you can move through these coming seven days.

Imagine what it takes to have an engaging, well-lived life in contrast to someone who lives out their mundane existence each day without thinking about why they’re doing what they do or where they are going next.

Don’t let fear get in your way when you face all possibilities while visualizing. You have the power to control your destiny. 


8. Plan self-care.

Another way to get mentally prepared for any day out of the week is to take care of your mental health by planning self-care.

It’s so important to make time for yourself and the things you enjoy because self-care is all about making time for you.

Even if that means taking a quick break from friends, family, or coworkers, to make it happen.

Get plenty of sleep, take time for yourself to do things you enjoy, and pamper yourself. Self-care is vital for your mental health and being mentally prepared for almost anything!


9. Create a food plan.

How to mentally prepare for the week - create a food plan

What are your food plans for the week? You’ll be amazed at how much better you will feel when you know exactly what is on the menu.

For each day of the week, ask yourself these questions:

  • Where will I be eating my meal and who do I cook with?
  • What ingredients can or should I buy pre-made to save time cooking them myself later?
  • Which restaurants should/can I budget for depending on my personal tastes and if it’s too expensive where else could I eat that would make me happy?!
  • Do I need snacks prepared beforehand so they’re ready as soon as my hunger strikes after closing hours of work?

There’s no need to be fancy, just create a plan and get on with your week!


10. Ask for what you require/need.

You will also notice potential problems as you go through your week.

Things like carpool issues, opportunities to clarify, rescheduling, or negotiating responsibilities you can’t meet.

Don’t let yourself be compelled to do it all. Instead, ask for the help you need so you can make your week run so much more smoothly.


11. Have something you look forward to.

Some weeks are like rollercoasters. Some days are great and others are messy, but one thing that can always make your week better is finding something exciting to look forward to!

Whether it’s an upcoming event or date with someone you like (or even just catching up on some TV) find ways to keep the good times rolling so when life gets tough, at least you’ll have this bright spot waiting for you mid-week.


12. Take a break.

You know what they say: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, neither are your weeks!

Take time to plan for a much-needed break where you can afford yourself some leisurely moments where all that stress just melts away.


13. Do a brain dump.

Do a brain dump to be mentally prepared for the week

Ever feel like you have a hundred things on your mind and nothing to show for it?

It’s time to get organized by releasing it all! Start by taking five minutes after each workday, before bedtime, or any other down moment that you have.

Write everything that has been going through your head in one place so there are no more loose thoughts flying around anymore. You’ll thank yourself later when you wake up feeling refreshed from last night’s good sleep- even if the list is long!


14. Consider your health.

What are some things to consider when it comes to health? First, you should consider your lifestyle.

Are you living an active one, or not so much? Do other aspects of your life factor into your stress levels at work? How is the quality of sleep you get every night?

Consider all these factors while assessing how healthy they may be for yourself as well as those around you.

And the start of your week is as good as any to take stock of where you stand on these different aspects and see if there are areas that need improvement!


15. Keep your feet on solid ground.

Unexpected events can happen, including family emergencies, illness, or injuries. Even the best-written weekly plans can be ruined by these unexpected circumstances.

And since people are so busy they often overlook the most obvious advice, just in case you didn’t catch it: Keep those feet on solid ground by knowing that things will get better. They always do!


There you have it! There will always be busy weeks that are going to be stressful.

But don’t fret, if you follow these weekly steps to get mentally prepared for the week, you are way ahead of the game than most!


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