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5 Guaranteed Rules That’ll Make Your Self-Care Routine Stick

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5 Guaranteed Rules That'll Make Your Self-Care Routine Stick - Everything Abode

We all know the importance of self-care.

That it’s mandatory if we want to lead a happy and fulfilled life!

And with saying that, the topic and discussion of personal self-care can have so many connotations depending on how you look at it.

So, here’s a pragmatic approach to consider with self-care and why it’s so darn important. 

Self-care would mean that you are insisting that you are important and worthy enough to care for yourself on a consistent and daily basis — meaning that self-care is a statement of self-love towards yourself.

And when you are practicing self-care by utilizing a self-care routine (doing loving things for yourself), you are doing it for you — no matter who thinks otherwise!

That’s great, right?!

But, compared to what so many of us have been taught to believe, this may seem illogical because this can be notably difficult for women who find it hard to incorporate a good self-care routine (one that can help them feel full and nourished in the times that they need it most) because life and beliefs can get in the way.

That it can feel extremely hard to even think to put ourselves first.

But if you would like to implement a long-lasting self-care routine that means self-care goes above anyone and anything else!

So if you currently find it difficult to cultivate a self-care routine in your day to day life or have no clue on where to begin?

Here are 5 helpful self-care rules that will help you easily cement a self-care routine (within your own specific lifestyle) and help you stick with it!

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How to Make Your Self-Care Routine Stick

5 Solid Rules For Creating a Self-Care Routine That Actually Sticks - Everything Abode

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Before we start the rules, here is another reason why self-care is so important…

Did you know that a person who is lively, happy in life, enthusiastic for each day, and caring for others — most usually means that they are lovingly managing their own priorities in loving acts for themselves first?!

And when they do that, that most usually comes in form of having their very own self-care routine. 

These people who have a self-care routine that sticks, are essentially filling up their cup first, thus letting it overflow to the other people in their lives because that’s the benefit of what having a self-care routine is all about– having self-love

So to help you get there, here are five solid rules to remember when implementing a self-care routine all of your own. 

You too can form a healthy self-care routine that you can easily stick with, if you follow some of these key self-care rules!

1. Incorporate the things you enjoy doing the most & Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Guaranteed Rules That'll Make Your Self-Care Routine Stick -- Everything Abode

You can totally think of doing yoga, making fruit smoothies with added adaptogens, and meditating when you think of self-care.

However, if doing those things is not your idea of a good time or even fun?

Then these self-care activities basically can’t last.

You’ll quit way before you even start if you’re trying to do the things you think will bring you joy but won’t.

That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate all the trends and gizmos to make life easier! 

What it means is that having a lasting self-care routine (one that you thoroughly enjoy) takes concentrating your efforts on doing the things that bring you a great sense of relief.

Self-care is all about releasing the tension, letting go of the past and future, while filling yourself up with great positive energy. 

So if you are in limbo with trying to figure out what self-care ideas to try out? Get your journal out and try writing out what brings you the most joy. It can be as little as having a bath as your Sunday ritual or doing your nails. It can be singing your favorite tune as loud as you can, all the way to preparing dinner for friends if making things for people really lifts up your spirits.

Make a plan to purposely incorporate a little bit of the activities that you just love to do each day and if you haven’t tried something, how do you know you won’t like it?

You never know what’s waiting for you around the corner if you break free from your comfort zone and take a leap of faith with some self-care ideas. Don’t be afraid to try something new.


Try writing out what brings you joy - Everything Abode

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration


2. Stop doing the things that you know aren’t good for you.

5 Guaranteed Rules That'll Make Your Self-Care Routine Stick -- Everything Abode

When it comes to implementing a self-care routine, this really needs to be said but in a different way, and with some added science!

Have you ever found yourself doing something you didn’t really want to do but still did it anyway?

Maybe you were working late on your own time (again) when you really wanted to be at home just cuddling with your pet. Or maybe you’ve been pulling your weight with cooking all the home meals and you think to yourself, “it’s just not fair”. Or maybe you are sleeping in when you really know that waking up earlier would make you feel happier.

According to this study, when we feel a pull within our daily behaviors that’s when we are likely to experience tremendous inner conflict. When this inner conflict happens it has the ability to drain our energy completely, leaving us rendering helpless and not allowing a safe space for true self-care to take its place.

No wonder we feel burned out and anxious when we keep doing the things that we don’t want to do! 

So if you would really like to sustain a long-lasting self-care routine?  You need to respect your desires and intentions and break bad habits so that you can experience a space where new loving acts and behaviors can take their space. 

Know that still doing those things that you don’t like to do will really chip away at your well-being and your self-care over time. 

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3. Be consistent, especially with healthy food.

Be consistent (especially with healthy food) - Everything Abode

We all know that maintaining consistent habits are what makes a well rounded and happy life. 

So another important self-care rule (that will make the biggest impact in your life) is by having a consistent meal routine. 

When we starve, forget to eat, eat late really late at night, overeat, or eat too little… All of this can throw our sleep off, deplete us of our energy, and take a high toll on our bodies’ overall well being.

So to better help you stick with a consistent eating schedule, make sure that you eat every day approximately at the same time.  Start with realistic expectations and think about what really motivates you when it comes to eating healthy.

And if you keep unhealthy foods out of the house, you are already one step further.  

4. Squeeze in five extra minutes to sit down and practice self-love.

Squeeze in 5 minutes to sit down and practice self-love. Self care ideas and rules - Everything Abode

When it comes to staying motivated with your other self-care practices, the best way to show yourself that you care about yourself is to set aside some me-time that is solely designated for you!

You can choose to write in a journal. You can sing. You can chant your favorite positive affirmation out loud over and over again. Or you can just do nothing and focus on your breathing.

Remember that these 5 minutes will really help you relax, unwind, check out, calm down, and relieve your brain.

Also by focusing your heart on yourself you can decrease your stress and demonstrate to you that you are the MPV (most valuable person) of your life and that you should be on your checklist of things to prioritize and get done — first!


Squeeze 5 minutes in a day to just sit down and practice self love - Positive affirmation- Everything Abode

How to Love Yourself Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations


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5. Implement motion and stay active at least five days out of the week.

Implement motion and stay active at least 5 days out of the week - Everything Abode

Love it or despise it, exercising is vital to release those feel-good dopamines we all crave on a daily basis.

Getting those cells moving also aids your body in removing pollutants and extra toxins from your system that’ll lead to a complete-body well-being overhaul. It’ll help make you feel healthier, sleep better, and feel less depressed as well.

Motion is so important if you want to maintain a great self-care routine, so whatever you can do to get out and move, do it!

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Sweatcoin has a marketplace that counts all your outdoor steps and activity so you can redeem those Sweatcoins for REAL products too. Don’t miss out on your invite here!

Having an active self-care routine will noticeably change your life. Partnerships will thrive, your wellbeing will be enhanced, your sense of belonging becomes perfectly clear, and life just keeps getting better and better.

Now go and create that self-care routine that you know you can stick with!

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