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Ten Best New Year’s Resolutions for 2024 and Beyond

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Are you looking for new year goals for 2024 to create lasting change?  If so, look at these new year goals that are realistic and something you can carry out with ease!

new year goals for 2024

The New Year is just around the corner…

And thank goodness, because there is no better time to decide on a few personal goals for 2024 than before the new year strikes.

Plus, isn’t the new year the best time to decide on which personal goals to change for the year ahead? We think so!

January is the perfect time to officially say goodbye to the past year, and all about starting reinvigorated with a new fresh perspective.

Additionally, having a personal goal set in mind allows for lasting change to actually take place so that you can start the new year off with a bang!

So if you want to find a New Year’s goal that you can stick with? 

Here are ten personal goals to help you make a lasting positive change in 2024 and beyond!


Ten Exciting New Year Goals for 2024


1. Goals for 2024: Kick Coffee.

If coffee and you have a bad relationship, Kick coffee this new year for good. -- Everything Abode

Are you tired of coffee and want to reduce your caffeine intake next year?

If so, did you know that there’s an alternative to your morning coffee that will still make you feel energized?

They are called adaptogens. And you need adaptogens if you would like the same rush that coffee gives you but with less of the caffeine jitters

Adaptogens are a much healthier alternative to coffee and are the ideal New Year’s Resolution to kick coffee with.

Put an end to those coffee jitters for good and read why adaptogens are such a great alternative to caffeine here!


2. Goals for 2024: Wake up early!

Goals for 2022, wake up early goals

Have you been dreaming about becoming a true morning person but just need some extra motivation when January rolls in?

If so, then waking up early is a great New Year’s goal!

Once you begin waking up early, it will start to feel normalized.

And all you have to do is make a decision to wake up early on January 1st and train yourself like a drill sergeant for every day thereafter.

So set yourself up for success by following this guide on how to easily wake yourself up early as your goal for 2024.

You can also use these tips for any desired wake-up time!

You can read the full article on how to be a morning peron for your new years resolution here!


3. Goals for 2024: Become a BossLady

Adopt Girl Boss qualities this new year to meet your goals at record speed - new year resolution - Everything Abode

Let’s face the fact, that the more productive we are at setting goals, the better we will be able to call ourselves a true GIRL BOSS.

But what makes a girl boss or boss lady so darn impressive?

Achieving her goals and increasing her chances of success in WHATEVER she endeavors or has set out for herself is what being a girl boss is all about!

Discovering that you, too, can be a girl boss, is the best way to be the best version of yourself.

And you really can be yourself and achieve all your goals if you adopt a boss lady mindset.

So, for this powerful New Year’s goal, grab a few girl boss rules here or boss lady habits here and once the clock strikes midnight, take charge!

You can read the full article on how to be a productive girl boss here!


4. Goals for 2024: Stop snacking at night.

Make 2021 the year you stop snacking late at night. new years resolution - Everything Abode

The New Year is all about scaling back existing bad habits, especially when it comes to releasing the old and making way for the new,

So, whether you want to lose weight, maintain a healthy sleep routine, or stop snacking at night?

When it comes to the new year, you can’t do it all!

That’s why scaling back on one bad habit as a New Year goal is what you should do.

Also, when it comes to snacking late, we all know that eating before bed is never a good idea, no matter what we consume.

Snacking leads to needless weight gain and sleeping problems and can cause a vicious cycle that can be hard to get out of.

So make this New Year, the year when you kick those nightly cravings goodbye, for your goal for 2024.

You can read the full article on how to stop late-night snacking here!


5. Goals for 2024: Start A BLOG!

Give yourself a chance to finally start making money online in 2021 & start a blog. New years resolution - Everything Abode

If there was ever a perfect time to start a new career venture, then the New Year is the open door that you’ve been waiting for.

For instance, starting a profitable blog may seem daunting at first, but I encourage you to push past the discomfort if blogging is something you want to do.

Blogging has changed my life, and I want that for you!

So if you think you have what it takes to start a profitable blog of your own, then you have to read how to create a blog in minutes here.

After you take the free guide and start your New Year’s resolution as a blogger, don’t forget to check out these 50-plus blogging tips so you can get an early lead on what the whole process of blogging truly entails.

You can read both of my blogging guides here and here. Good luck!


6. Goals for 2024: Become a Vegan.

Become a vegan or scale back consuming animal products. - new years resolution - Everything Abode

There’s no doubt going vegan is a versatile healthy way to live, eat, and consume.

So if you do decide to start the vegan lifestyle as your goal for 2024, then it’s best that you know what you are getting yourself into. 

That way, you can attain your goal of becoming a vegan just that much faster.

Read the benefits of becoming a vegan here.


7. Goals for 2024: Start a New Instagram Venture.

ideas for new year resolutions, Start a new Instagram venture and bring inspiring content to the world. -- Everything Abode

For something that’s both unique and adventurous as a goal for 2024, you could become Instagram famous (if you stick with it every day).

Go ahead and create an Instagram account and post frequently on a topic or industry you love the most when January comes around.

Chances are, if your hard work is paired with what you like doing, you may see plenty of benefits from it in the New Year.

However, the key to making your new Instagram venture really stick is that you should first enjoy uploading the content that you are providing.

Moreover, if you create content as much as you can, like anything, you will see faster growth.

And you never know, you could get sent free products for your consistent and heard-earned efforts later in the year!

Read the full article on how to become Instagram famous here!


8. Goals for 2024: Be that tidy person you know you have in you.

ideas for new year resolutions, Change your home life and finally be that tidy person you know you have in you for the new year. New years resolution - Everything Abode

For this particular New Year’s goal, the choice is up to you…

You can decide once and for all to stop being messy if, in fact, being messy has been something that has been disabling your joy at home.

OR you can dream about being tidy and not make any changes. 

Again, the choice is up to you, but you can easily apply a few of these easy and tidy home habits if you would like to make becoming a clean person your goal for 2024. 

Plus, if you stick with this New Year’s goal, you’ll be amazed at how your home life will drastically improve!

You can read the full article on how to turn ANY mess around here!


9. Goals for 2024: Amp up your fitness goals.

Amp up your fitness goals as a new years resolution - Everything Abode

Regarding the new year and fitness goals, fitness as a new year’s goal always goes hand in hand.

Usually, though, getting into shape or losing weight can seem like a tall feat. Fortunately for you, there are a few simple things that you can do to implement a healthy fitness regimen seamlessly into your existing one.

All you have to do is take a look at this essential guide on how to start an active lifestyle.

Once you do, you’ll be well on your way toward attaining your fitness goals much sooner after the clock strikes midnight!


10. Goals for 2024: Get Happier!

Act happy - The best of several happiness traits. New years resolution - Everything Abode

Here’s one of the secrets to attaining true happiness…

The difference between happy and miserable people is that happy people have different habits and act on those habits differently every single day.

That means that they have already secured their habits in the past (habits that make them pleased people), and now it’s your turn to make this your goal for yourself this coming new year. 

To help you out, make sure you read how to develop these happiness traits here, or you always try this happiness challenge here.

All in all, happy people most ususally do these extraordinary things that make them happy people, and your goal to be a happier person is attainable too!  

You can read the full article on how to finally stop being miserable as your new year goal here!


Bonus! Goals for 2024: Adopt minimalism.

Change your lifestyle and start living like a true minimalist at home. new years resolutions - Everything Abode

Since our society is very materialistic and not minimalistic (especially during the holidays), what better way to start the New Year with the goal to become a minimalist!

Changing your home lifestyle is a great goal. As long as you’re pursuing the pursuit of being more minimal by maintaining your focus on having a less is more mentality, you’re bound to be heading in the right direction of starting a lifestyle that is something to be incredibly proud of.

Read how to become a true minimalist here and how to create a minimalist kitchen here if that’s something that’ll make you proud to accomplish in the new year. 


For additional tips to help you stick to your New Year’s goals, try this:

    1. Look for ways to improve your health. Ask yourself, Can I drink more water? Stop eating fast food? Become a vegetarian if vegan is too hard? Or exercise more? Asking yourself questions like these will help you form a better New Year goal than if you were to just pick something that you know might be too difficult. 
    2.  Consider your relationships with others. Are there ways that you can be a better friend, spouse, or family member? Enhancing our personal relationships or even being a better co-worker can really enhance our overall joy in life. Make sure to consider your relationships with others as an additional New Year’s goal. 
    3. Are there ways to make a difference? Are there ways you could make a difference in the world? Raise awareness or a cause in the new year? Or volunteer or find a way to serve your community? Not all New Years’ goals have to be personal. They can simply be something that you can do to help others that makes you feel good as the end result. 

Conclusion for New Year’s Goals for 2024

Many people are eager to kick old habits and start fresh when a new year begins.

For example, if you’re a person who spends too much time on the phone, you may want to limit your phone use and instead spend more quality time with those you love.

You may also consider reading more books to broaden your mind and gain new knowledge.

These are just a few more helpful goals to start the New Year off to a good start. 

Just do yourself a favor and pick a goal today so you at least have a plan moving forward. 

Bonus points if you pick a goal that you are intimidated to do!  

We hope you have a healthy and happy holiday and a GREAT NEW YEAR AHEAD!


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