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How To Stop Feeling Miserable – 5 Habits That Work

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How To Stop Being Miserable - 5 Habits That Extremely Happy People Do - Everything Abode

What’s the difference between happy people and miserable people?

Well, the best way to answer that is that they just have different habits and act and think about them differently.

It’s so simple, really. People who are unhappy have habits that make them feel less joy. And people who are happy have habits that make them feel more joy. 

So, if you’re not as happy as you would like to be?  You have to look at your own habits and see if you can make some small little changes so you can start seeing your happiness levels rise. 

To help you, here are 5 small habits that’ll help you become that really happy person (that you know is in you) and feel less miserable all the time. 

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5 habitual habits that Extremely Happy People All Do

Write 3 Things That You Are Grateful For

1.   They practice gratitude every single day.

First, we are going to start off with gratitude because gratitude will be the first step to feeling less miserable and down all the time. 

And you have to recognize that everything that you are, is a result of everything that you have thought of and experienced up to this point. 

Do you like where you are at this point in your life? If not, then gratitude will really help you turn things around. 

Gratitude is all about focusing on what you have and appreciating and giving thanks for it.

If you realize how many great things (and people) that you already have in your life (to be grateful for), you’ll have a better frame of mind to maintain focus on all the little things that bring you the most joy that you already have. 

But what a lot of people don’t understand is that just by experiencing gratitude, it’ll help you create more of those good feelings to attract more things and people to be happy about. 

And the best way to start feeling grateful is by jotting down three small things that you are grateful for in your life each day. So get a notepad that is solely for this and start today even if you’re hesitant.

You’ll start seeing the misery melt away if you can make this a habitual daily habit that you stick with.   


2.   They create excitement and not hope for it.

create excitement to be happy

We all know, just by witnessing it, that the happiest people alive live in excitement on a daily basis.

It’s almost annoying to see, (especially when you don’t have anything to be excited about) but maximum happiness requires that you have something to look forward to daily — even if you think it’s small and minute. 

So how do you create long-lasting excitement in your life? The key here is to create excitement and not merely hope or pray to be excited about something or someday in the future.

We all need something to look forward to, something that you know will bring you joy and that you know will benefit you in the long run.

So, whether that’s graduating from college, having a baby, starting a blog, or creating excitement for that little innocent coffee date you have planned this week? 

Excitement will give you a sense of purpose, meaning, a sense of enthusiasm, and a reason to get up every day with the right energy.


Speaking of excitement… My excitement came from starting this blog!  If you would like to start a blog as I did? Then you really should check out this blogging guide for beginners here!


3.   They are really good at focusing on things that they’re good at.

Do Things That You’re Good At

When it comes to feeling happier, what do most happy people have in common?

The simple but complex answer is that they most usually have a passion project that allows for their strengths and abilities to shine forth.  

Not only that, but it just feels good to be really great at something. 

So, if you know what that is? Then try to start doing it and more often. And if you don’t know what talents or gifts that you like doing the most?

Start by making a list of the things that you’re really good at and try to spend some time doing those things. 

Even if it’s something that you feel is not important for your happiness growth, like painting or sewing. As long as it’s something that will boost your self-esteem, and that is a healthy space for you to relax in, the better!

Plus if you spend your time doing the things that you’re good at, you’ll just feel great knowing that you have a gift and that you are actively using it to present to the world. 

You can write poetry, dance, cook, or even play with your dog!

Just as long as you carve out a little time each day to accomplish one of those fun things on a daily basis, you’ll really start to notice that you’ll have more meaning in your life and that in turn, will bring you more joy and happiness.

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4.   They see the glass half full.

Be Optimistic

To be genuinely happy and to get out of your miserable rut, it’s all about not letting your negative situations DEFINE YOU! 

You must learn to see your problems and circumstances as challenges and opportunities, instead of pondering over what has happened and letting it steal your daily joy. 

So to turn your happiness up a notch? Start finding the silver lining in every situation that you find yourself in. If you do this you’ll be better equipped to face them head-on, and you’ll start feeling much happier.

Another note to add is to try not to let your past mistakes define you.  Don’t hurt yourself with negative self-criticism either. 

If you really want to lead a happy and fulfilled life, know that optimism may sound hard at the beginning, but it’s just a habit of seeing your problems as potential opportunities, just like most optimists already do. 


5.   They practice Self-Acceptance daily.

Practice Self-Acceptance

Lastly, comparing yourself to others or focusing on your own flaws, will only bring you bouts and bouts of more misery. 

That’s because when we try to hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves or compare what others have to what we are lacking, it just makes us literally feel miserable.

So how do you stop feeling miserable and start living a happier life?

Know that self-acceptance will take you to a happier place in life. 

Self-acceptance is the opposite of comparison and to feel more joy in life, you have to accept yourself and all the flaws that you think you may have. 

One great way to do this is to think of something that you did in the past (even if it’s something really painful) and tell yourself that you did the best that you could at that time in your life. 

Accept the mistakes that you have made and start the perpetual change that you desire with more self-acceptance and more self-love. Happy people practice self-acceptance daily so it’ll be wise to follow suit.  

And if you would like some outsider’s viewpoints on the importance of self-love and self-acceptance? Then check out these powerful self-worth quotes for more inspiration


Know that happiness lies in your own hands and if you want to truly be a happier person — you must act on it!

And oftentimes, the same formula may not work for everyone but these tried true happiness habits are a great starting point to start feeling less down and start feeling more joy. 


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