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How to Look More Attractive: 10 Secrets For True ‘Attractiveness’

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Are you asking yourself “am I attractive?”. If so, you are about to find out the secrets to how to look more attractive so you can look good to feel better!

am i attractive, how to look more attractive, look good feel better, 10 True Secrets to Looking and Feeling More Attractive - Everything Abode

Looking and feeling attractive is a key component of overall health and life satisfaction.

But some of the traits that make an attractive woman reach far beyond a beautiful face and body.

Understanding the unique qualities that make a woman irresistible and attractive is key if that’s what you wish to do to live a fulfilling life.

So if you have ever wondered how to look and feel attractive? The true secrets to looking and feeling attractive are revealed below!

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How to Look and Feel Attractive

am i attractive, how to look more attractive, look good feel better, How to Look and Feel Attractive - Everything Abode


What is beauty?

For some, beauty is a subjective quality. What one person may think of as “beautiful” another might not.

However, we all have our perception and definition of what constitutes attractiveness.

It doesn’t matter whether or not people agree because both views are valid, and ultimately, neither can be proven right over the other without outside corroboration from someone else.

So with attractiveness being the backbone of this article, and if you are asking yourself “am I attractive?”, what you need is…

A Shift in Perspective.

Since many people admit they don’t feel 100% all the time about their looks. You might need to shift your perspective if you are feeling negative about yourself or unhappy with your looks as well. 

Because it may not be the case that your outer appearance makes you more attractive or desirable, contrary to common belief!

You may just need to shift your perspective that goes against what the media and magazines are telling you about beauty and what “attractiveness” truly entails. 

So, to help you appear more attractive to others, but mainly for yourself, these secrets should help you see yourself in a positive light! 


True Beauty Starts from Within


While having an attractive face is definitely a plus, the key to real attractiveness is what is happening on the inside. Let’s take a look at the true secrets to looking and feeling attractive!

Confidence: It is scientifically proven that confident people smile more. They carry themselves with the kind of grace that comes along with knowing their self-worth. When you know that you are worthy of good treatment and a fulfilling life, it will make you attractive to others and you’ll naturally smile more because of it. 

Kindness: People love warmth and kindness. Whether this means showing empathy when needed or helping out an elderly neighbor, simply put, being kind makes you more attractive. Practice genuine kindness and watch your level of attraction grow!

Humor: Making others laugh is like medicine. A good laugh can lift someone’s spirits and make their entire day better. Women who are funny are often considered attractive, and they draw people to them. Use your humor to uplift others and people will naturally flock to you.

Personality: A woman’s personality often stands out and makes her more attractive to both men and women. Women who are interesting, who have hobbies, and who can speak with authority on interesting topics are often rated as highly attractive. Because people find them interesting, they often have high levels of confidence which only adds to their allure.


Now that we went over the true secrets that make women feel and look attractive, here are six habits to incorporate into your lifestyle, so you can uplift your self-worth and shine like the beautiful person you already are!


6 Daily Habits of To Feel More Attractive

6 Daily Habits of Attractive Women - Everything Abode

1. Be a Priority.

To be a priority, you need to understand that your needs are important, and you should make those needs come first.

This can mean taking time in the morning to go for a run, getting adequate rest, saying no to projects that would overwhelm you, and making self-care a necessity.

Always remember, that the women who make themselves a priority often enjoy greater health, self-fulfillment, overall happiness and obviously, look attractive for it. 


2. Exercise.

Physical activity does wonders for the body, and attractive women, big or small, make exercise a priority.

It doesn’t matter your dress size or what the scale is telling you, either; exercise is for everyone and does not discriminate because of beauty’s sake. 

Whether you choose to be a marathon runner or simply stretch and do yoga at home, know that the women who radiate and shine attractiveness understand that keeping the body moving is critical for overall health and happiness. 

So, make exercise a priority and consider it part of your self-care.


3. Don’t Seek Validation.

Research has also shown that women who feel good about themselves don’t need to rely on others for validation or the feeling of love and approval from other people; because they know their worth and value as strong individuals.

These types of women also don’t find any issue with expressing what they want or how they look, either.

This may mean wearing makeup daily (or not); it may also mean maintaining a simple skincare regimen that does the trick (or not), you get the point.

The key takeaway is that attractive women know what things make them attractive, and they play up these qualities while downplaying the ones that don’t.

They do this all for the sole purpose of what makes them happy and they don’t need anyone else’s approval or validation to feel attractive, because they already are in their own right!


4. Eat Healthily.

Enjoying a diet that is well-balanced and rich in nutrients is key to maintaining a youthful appearance. In fact, you can get flawless skin from specific foods that will work on your complexion from the inside out. 

So, think of food as fuel for the body! Don’t overindulge in harmful foods that will cause you health problems down the line.

Also, if you tend to focus on whole foods like leafy greens, multi-grains, protein, and fruit while staying well-hydrated? These conscious choices will help you radiate from the inside out!


5. Emphasize Personal Growth.

Never stop growing and developing yourself.

Work on personal fulfillment through advancing your education, pursuing your hobbies, and building strong relationships.

Engage in your hobbies regularly and immerse yourself in activities that bring you joy.

For some women, this means world travel, for others it may mean taking college courses or learning photography.

There is a world of possibilities when it comes to personal growth and these elements of your personality will make you more attractive to the world.


6. Think Positively.

Are you an optimistic thinker? Well, if you think positive thoughts about yourself (and others), surely that will win you some attractiveness points.

To feel good about life, you have to feel good about yourself, and your thought processes can make it easier or harder.

So, it’s best to enjoy the benefits of a well-lived life and not let the stresses of daily life weigh you down.

Surround yourself with positive people and engage in your hobbies and activities that make you happy.

Thinking positive thoughts is the BEST way attractive people make themselves beautiful from the inside before displaying it on the outside.


When it comes to the habits of attractive women, being confident, positive, and fun to be around are the main ways that they maintain both their inner and outer beauty.

They eat healthily, exercise, and dress well, but their true beauty comes from the spirit that they share with the world.

So if you have ever wondered how to look and feel attractive, remember that true beauty always comes from within!


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